Taken from the Chronicle vol. 10

Name: masa
Part: Vocal, Guitar
Blood type: A maybe...
Birthday: 30.09
Constellation: Libra
①Hobbies: A long bath
②Special Skills: Often getting depressed and then bouncing right back.
③Strong point: Smiling often.
④Weak point: Can't take blows well
⑤Favourite food: Things with amino acid, citric acid and hyaluronic acid in them
⑥Least favourite food: Foodstuff with a strong taste.
⑦Cigarette brand: None.
⑧Favourite drinks: Scotch (Single Malt), red wine
⑨Favourite sweets: Calory mate, cocoa flavour.
⑩Favourite comedian: Probably none. Tell me.
⑪Secret idol: Bono, Zidane (footballer)
⑫Favourite phrase: Daijoubu!
⑬My Boom: Yoga, blue juice.
⑭Strong subject: Extracurricular lessons
⑮Weak subject: Maths
⑯What's often been written on the report card: Restless
⑰First impression of each member: AKITO→ Cheerful positive foreseeing eyes. masanori→ Direct and simple, soft-hearted. Tak→ Both sharp and fragile beauty.
⑱About DIZZY DRIVE: Part of the body, life itself.
⑲Impression of the live of 29.01: We finally made it here. Now the game is on.
⑳A word to the fans: With the drive of full recovery let's be faster than the wind!

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