Good sensations

Taken from the Chronicle vol. 14

In succession of the smells, this is part two of the sensation series. I'm getting addicted to a good sense of touch too.

A nice feeling I can picture right away would be soft feathers of pure white that I want to touch over and over with the back of my hand. Sinuous velvet that I want to rub my cheek against. Clean cotton that I want to sleep all wrapped up in, and much more. This time though, my recommendation is valuing the sensations that are good to the fingertips.

With the fingertips always being out in the air while doing all kinds of work by hand on a regular base, the sense of touch in the fingertips becomes both dull and sharp I think. Especially when you strike the keyboard of the PC for a long time, you'll want to escape from the the cold, hard sensation of the plastic and the constant tack-tack noise being the only sound. Then, my advice would be gardening. The earth is wonderful! is not something only I should shout out.
If you don't find the ground nearby, borrow it from under the feet of a potted plant. Try thrusting your fingers in the soil for a test. Putting your hands in the soil is not really something you can do just like that in everyday life I guess.
Though my fingers got numb then, at that moment I connected with the world, or got healed for that matter. The extra stress got washed away. Please try it out once. Also, when the level is rising, you'll find yourself really searching for the soil's soft humus.
Try to recall the instinctive sensations, playing with the feeling of being a seed that's raised in this very nutritious soil and looking at the soil that gets under your nails.

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