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Taken from the Chronicle vol. 11

When working at irregular times with virtually no time to eat, you think "I only have time to eat now" and end up consuming large amounts of what you can quickly get together. However, even in the limited time, I want to eat well, balanced and regularly.

So, I introduce my favourite soups.
Since soup is "food" and no "drink", you can even lose weight with it, if you have it properly. When you drink the soup before the meal, the appetite is in control and it prevents you from eating too much. It's cheap to buy, so if you get a little hungry even though it's not eating time yet, try have some. It warms up.

Harusame noodle soup Best 3

1)Harusame Vegetable White Soup / Myojo
Taking the hot soup into the chewy corn full of vegetables is more than splendid! I could eat it everyday.

2)Soup Harusame Hot-Spicy Chige / ACECOOK
The genuine Chige pot is too hot to eat, but if it comes to this, the taste is just right and it warms up the body too.

3)Chicken Stock Sesame Soup Harusame / KNORR
It's delicious how the sesame goes with the harusame noodles. Koala?'s sparkle is a landmark.

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