AKITO's nice little story Vol.3

Taken from the Chronicle vol. 13

Hello! I'm AKITO.This time the chapter is about the process until the music of DIZZY DRIVE is completed.Let's examine the process until the tunes are completed which is the destiny of the band.

First of all, masa and Tak do the demo.

Pattern 1: Gathering at masa's place. In this case Tak and myself roll around on the floor in the room, getting too relaxed and before we notice we get sleepy. And since it is 'no smoking' in the room, i go outside to have a smoke.
[Important note] It's hot because the air-conditioner isn't connected in the summer!!
Pattern 2: It's done at my place. Of course, masa and Tak roll around on the floor. Or a game is started.
[Important note] In the end we still get sleepy.
Pattern 3: First i get the sound source of masa and Tak for the demo, then i will do a rough programming. Based on that everyone will contribute their opinions in the studio, i will take the sound source of them performing back home to fix some details. Occasionally great parts have to be fixed (laughs).
[Important note] I noticed that i smoke too much.

All members adding their part is the epitome of a band, therefore a gathering of everybody is never futile, however, only looking at the speed the tunes are finished in, it seems that pattern 3 is a shortcut (laughs). When new tunes come out one after another, there is the ability to try out new patterns, therfore i am very happy after this!!
This is all, it was AKITO!

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