The amazing ROCK LIFE

Taken from the Chronicle vol. 12

While there's still more intense heat to come, how's everyone doing so far? It's Tak the naughty spokesman of DIZZY DRIVE. Now in my second personal corner, you'll hear about my musical roots, alright?

Well, the motive to start playing the guitar in the first place has been Rock and Metal and such, but among my own roots there surely are the 80's Japanese Indies and the early British scene. There are genres like Positive Pink, Progressive Rock, New Wave, Noize system.... but everyone knows that, right (wry smile). Among those who gave me the impact to change my life as a musician, I was particularly influenced by AUTO-MOD, David Bowie and BAUHAUS.

If you like my own guitar play and don't know those, I want you to have a look for their CDs and stuff and make sure to have a listen! Well... it's not easy to make a cut between the sound and the personal preference I think (wry smile). Yet, lately I'm interested in Movie Soundtracks, Game music and the likes. How to properly insert the sound so it links to some particular image must be terribly difficult, yet still I'm totally interested! Especially the sound and music of Ghibli work and the latest booming horror can really stir up fear and emotional uplift, it's amazing I think.
It's just such places that my musical studies come from.

Yeah, all in all I'm playing devil's advocate maybe (laugh).
What kind of music life are you all living?
I want hear the contrary... so let me know!
So long, see you ☆

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