Taken from the Chronicle vol. 13

How are you? It's Tak the travelling Rock seller. Having also started the second period of D.D., how's everyone doing? Well this time I should probably tell you about what I do these days, apart from the music. Nevertheless, taking the music away from myself i am almost a worthless cripple, i cannot tell much (laughs). So, speaking of hobbies apart from the bands... eating, sleeping and playing (laughs).

I like games and also toys. The games are mostly of the Horror genre, and for the toys, i collected retro toys and the likes. Having only little room to store bothered me though, so i had to sell almost all of my beloved retro Toys (cries).

Also, for about 20 years i'm collecting stickers that come as extras. Since they don't take so much room (laughs). It was a sticker-boom at those days thanks to Bikkuri-man (Surprise-man), however, most of all i myself liked the extra-stickers that went with Gamura-twist and Ramen-bar candys, whatever, even now i am collecting those. If you own them, go, report (laughs).

I am also obsessed with zubari 'okra'! I would eat it almost every day. I loved sticky foodstuff from the start, however, okra with yam and natto or otherwise turnip, mixed with soy sauce, small pieces of sliced bonito and white sesame, eating that is fantastic! Try that!

Oh~ now i used up all the space only with my stories (wry smile)
See you!

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