Description of masa

Taken from the Gacktbook 'For Dears'

Masa has been mistaken for a girl a lot from his childhood on. He got especially angry when being called 'cute, cute', in contrast to the neutral looks he was the owner of a wild temperament.
Masa abandoned this way of life (there is a comparison i don't understand _) and went away from home to go to the USA.
He dreamed of getting successful in business every day of his life, the work he chose for the sake of that was the work as an employee of the CIA.
To put it simple, a spy.
Working with the death and danger in the back, most suitable for masa.
Masa became firm in all kinds of hand to hand fights and also weapons. However, he did not abandon the guitar. Then after a long time masa decided to return to japan because of a certain mission.
It was on the plane, in the middle of the pacific, when he happened to look out of the window, there was a dark shadow flying!! He was meeting gackt!!
The dark shadow talked to masa directly in his brain.
'Come here with me'
1999 masa joined gackt job.

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