Petty obsessions

Taken from the Chronicle vol. 12

Each have their own "obsession" I think.
Obsessions with what you wear, what you eat, the place you live in, the environment. Looking at someone's obsession, this person's depth comes into sight which is very interesting. Especially the invisible.
I like people who are obsessed with things that usually aren't seen.
Because obsession = belief. That's usually something that can't be influenced by someone else's opinion.

When talking about things you wear, I personally am quite obsessive about the underwear I like.
They're already being advertised for many years, still fingersocks don't become widespread at all. Though they kinda make you draw away with their appearance of "Uh, gonsoku?", nowadays the stylish patterns and the length types are to be recommended. Though cool in the summer they are warm in the winter, walking is easy, the fingersocks do their best, why don't they come into fashion? Well, fine. I take my walks in one of those treasured items.
The nicely cut and gathered clothes you wear are spoiled as well if you walk with a slouch. For walking with a straight back in a good rhythm, the motion of the lower half of body, the ankles and the toes is important. As much as I'd like to say this out loud, in the end everyone has their own opinion so I won't press it.

Another piece of underwear. The chances to show it are few and the self-satisfaction factor is big, but I'm obsessed.
For a young man in particular there is no top and bottom but only one spot.
I'm obsessed to no ends. I basically like bikinis or boxers. Because it's easy to move and also sexy when taking the clothes off.
When you wear trunks you crumple the line of your precious pants, don't you. They also won't let you put your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. That's for me, personally.

I like people who have an obsession, who are passionate about such parts that are usually not to be seen. If you can have self-confidence in parts you haven't shown yet, you lift your chin a little higher than usual and you straighten your back too, naturally. It might be a little thing but polishing up your individuality is an important self-expression. What's are all of you "obsessed" with?

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