Fascination of scent

Taken from the Chronicle vol. 13

I know it's sudden, but I have a fixation on smells. When something delicious-looking comes in sight, I can't help but get close with the nose. I sniff at everything.

When meeting someone for the first time, it's not easy to remember name and face, but color and scent of that person's image are unforgettable. The smell connected to a person's clothes, the scent of the shampoo that lingers in the hair, the odour of the cigarette smoke, the peculiar scent of the nailpolish... but, doesn't the scent of the perfume create the biggest impression?

When passing each other by and the wind blows the scent of the perfume close, I often spontaneously turn around and look back. Wondering who that scent belongs to, I want to find out what kind of person that is, searching around. To me, a smell of good quality is the faint and sweet scent of the body temperature rising. The smell of too much perfume that mingles in the sales floor for cosmetics in a department store is a nightmare, but after some time the body temperature rises and before you know, the scent mixed with the smell of sweat is most sexy.

Here's a fine difference though. Too much perfume is tasteless and the stench of only sweat in the gym isn't arousing either. For me, there is a line, though delicate, that can't be crossed.

It's difficult to express scent in words and also impossible to grasp it with the eyes but it seems that, of all five senses, the sense of smelling remains in the brain's memory for the longest time.

I dare say that the livehouse smells very good after a performance. The elegant scent all the stylish people brought to the hall mixes with the animal like smell of the sweat when the live gets hot and the evaporation quickly thickens the air, we all are in the same place breathing this same air, a scent of fine quality with all extras removed, the scent of extraordinarily excited feelings. When you come to the next live, try to consciously sniff at that. Since, if you know the presence of this smell, it's a fairly good sensation.

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