Spiky Fanclub Event (5/30)
The Spiky show was almost exactly the same as the mall shows but even more fab.

Set list:
1. Joy
2. Day After Day
3. No Longer Alone
4. Confidence
-MC- (he and KG talked about liking and being influenced by American rock, rather than Japanese music, and they said they liked Bon Jovi, so I heckled and asked them to play some, and KG pretended to, hehehe)
5. Cage In
6. Usual Life
7. Baby Doll
-MC- (show of Masa’s designs that he’s working on in design school)
-photo op-
-janken (“rock, scissors, paper”) for presents- (Masa was giving away stuff he and the band had worn -- like their black and white Spiky shirts, Cyberdog pants, and a red “rock” shirt from A Little Village; stuff he had designed -- a necklace, and hand bags; and stuff he liked -- Givenchy perfume, and his favorite book “Amile”) Everyone had to janken against Masa to get up on stage to play the games. The first game was the “violent” version of janken battle: two people played janken against each other and the ‘loser’ had to grab a bowl to put over their head to protect them before the ‘winner’ grabbed a stick and smacked them. The second game was the “inspiration” game (Masa asked ME how to say ‘inspiration’ in Japanese, because no one understood ^___^. I had NO idea, but I understood what he was trying to explain about the rules of the game, so I offered up “ESP Game” and he took that! ^____^): KG said a topic and everyone had to write the first word they thought of that was associated with that topic, then they compared their answers to Masa’s answer to win (so, kind of trying to ‘read his mind’). One of the topics was ‘Roppongi’, and I said ‘gaijin’ and everyone laughed. The third game was the “how fast can you drink” game: you had to be the fastest person to drink two glasses of orange juice and coke through a tiny straw. Good thing I didn’t have to do THAT one. *huuuuurk!*

Then they played “Confidence” again and that was that. ^___^

And my fucking piece of ass MD recorder cut off after only 27 goddamn seconds, so I got NOTHING. Which fuckin BLOWS, cuz I really wanted to be more certain of the things he was saying, and he sang REALLY well. Ahhh... at LEAST the goddamn pictures came out nicely. ^__^ Masa is soooooooooooooo cute!
(Report done by Sabrina)

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