Spiky live, Spiky Do The Best For The Next Tour Final + Masa's New Band Name (12/26 Roppongi Y2K)
Tonight was one of the best Spiky shows to date, right up there with the last Arrows show with the jazz arrangements. Too bad it was the last show with Masa. T_T Anyway, he wore a red, silk, button down shirt for the first set and a white one for the second set, and he looked great with his typically shaggy hair. His voice was in top form again, and the MCs were hilarious. (Tonight's member line up was Matchy, Takuya, Toshi, Masa and KG; the Xmas show last night had Dai, Matchy, Hiji, Masa KG.) It was pretty sad, being Masa's last Spiky show and all, and he cried too during the last encore, but this show had the best energy of any Spiky show I've ever been to.

In the MC they talked about the show from the night before, and how badly they all fucked up playing "Moonbeam Story" / "No Longer Alone". Apparently, KG started playing one song, Hiji started drumming another, which made Matchy start playing the second song, all while Masa started singing the first. It was pretty much a royal fuck up, and funny as hell.

The band also talked about what they did for Xmas: Takuya went to see "My Bodyguard" (Not sure if that's the same name for the movie as in the US; its the Denzel Washington plays the same role he always plays starring cute little girl to guilt trip you into seeing the movie). Masa, Dai, KG and Matchy went to DisneyLand and DisneySea. They talked about how, no matter what Mickey feels like, he's always smiling and talking like he's never been happier. Masa went through a series of hilarious scenarios in which he pretended to be Mickey (ie: with a stomach ache, tired, pissed off, etc...). Also, Masa said that people there were wearing the Disney character costumes (Mickey, Pooh, etc...), and the band was making fun of them, but then after one hour their hands were cold, so they bought the mitts. After two hours, their legs were cold, so they got the fuzzy pants bottoms. Finally, after three or four hours their faces were cold, so they broke down and got the whole costume. Heh. Then he introduced "Flower" but they screwed up the timing again, and he laughed and said "Oh my God, ohmyGodohmyGod!" like he couldn't believe they just all screwed up again. ~_^ All in all he was his usual sexy, cute, adorable, funny, man-kitten self.

Pre-show music:
New Order & Joy Division (fuckin' sweet)

The Set List was:

1. intro instrumental (jungle, like really in a jungle/techno badassness)
2. "Final Disgusted" (slower arrangement)
3. "Now The Time"
4. "Don't Say No Yet"
5. MC (Matchy's bass went out, so they had to fix it, and while they did that, we all sang "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" and Masa forgot the words, hehe, then he talked about Matchy looking like Santa with his sort-of-afro hair)
6. "Scream In The Sky"
7. "Silver"
8. "Sequence"
9. short MC - last live, precious people song dedication
10. "Moonbeam Story" (Masa changed shirts at the end)
11. "No Longer Alone"
12. MC - last night's show, member introduction & talk, Xmas activities, fucking up the song intro, Mickey mouse impressions
13. "Flower"
14. "Joy"
15. "Cage In"
16. "Horizon"
-Encore 1-
17. MC - Masa takes requests (and picks OURS! YAY!)
18. "Usual Life" (with audience clap and sing participation contest)
19. "Baby Doll"
-Encore 2-
20. MC - Masa says goodbye (and cries! T_T), Masa takes a last request (and picks OURS AGAIN! Double YAY! He's always lovin' on the foreigners! ^___^)
21. "Little By Little"

Apparently, there will be a show on 1/8 with two other bands: Amaterasu, Spiky, and someone else I don't know, but it hasn't been announced yet. I'll try to go, because I really want to see Amaterasu, too, but I might be living it up in Sendai then.

Masa's new band will be called Dizzy Drive, and they will play their first show together with Spiky on 2/12 at Roppongi Y2K. And I will be there to give you the report! ^_^
(Report done by Sabrina)

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