Spiky live, Arrows vol.2 (11/27 Tokyo Live Hall Crossroad)
Tonight's show was awesome, Masa's voice was in top form -- he actually hit ALL the high notes! Yay! It was an Arrows show, so of course the entire set was acoustic, and some of the songs were re-arranged in a jazz style. It was amazing! Plus, they were all wearing suits, and at one point in the MC Masa mentioned that he wanted to look like a Chicago gangster, like Al Caopne (except he said he needed the hat to complete the image), and struck alot of poses (SEXY SEXY SEXY!). I told him he was sexy and he said, "Thank you!". ^__^ Also, there will be a TV show on Fuji TV in January that Spiky will be performing at (with Masa)! Yay! Can't wait to go! (More info to come as I find out.) It was Takuya's (the guitarist) birthday, so they brought out a small cake, and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him. KG had to walk very slowly across the stage with the cake, because all the dry ice would put out the candles if he walked too fast, and they decided to set it down on top of one of the speaker stacks after he blew out the candles. But they forgot about the cake after the show, so they tried to sneak back out and get it, but then everyone wanted them to stay for another encore, so they stayed and played "Flower" again (this time with the sax player improving) because it was Takuya's favorite song. Double YAY! ^___^

The set list:

1. intro instrumental
2. Confidence
3. Don't Say No Yet
4. Wishes
5. MC (suits, jazz arrangements)
6. Scream In The Sky
7. Flower
8. Joy
9. short MC (making fun of Masa's Japanese, intro sax player "Take-chan")
10. No Longer Alone
11. Day After Day
12. MC (live schedule, talking about introducing the new singer at the next tour, being a Chicago gangster, TV appearance in January, tour goods)
13. Cage In (jazz)
14. Sequence
15. Horizon
16. Little By Little
17. MC (Takuya's birthday (everyone sang Happy Birthday and they brought him a cake))
18. Usual Life (jazz)
19. Baby Doll (jazz)
20. MC (member intro, come back to get the cake)
21. Flower (with sax)
(Report done by Sabrina)

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