Spiky live, Memory Two + Bad News (9/29 Y2K ROPPONGI)
As always, I'll add the tracklist later, but I have to say that this live was great! Not as good, energy-wise, as the Yokohama Sound Hall live last month, but Masa still sounded great. Unfortunately, during the MC, Masa said that he will be leaving Spiky at the end of this year (after the next three lives). He said that the band members ideas are all changing about what direction to take, and they will be getting a new vocalist, and he talked a bit about his difficulties singing some of the songs these days, so maybe that has something to do with it. He said that he will be joining a new band next year. :(

But in good news (?) You (GacktJOB) was there, standing pretty much right behind me (I was in the very back this time)... he made me reek of smoke by the time I left... lol.

Also there will be a Masa photo book that will be released through the fan club soon, to commemorate his work with Spiky.
(Report done by Sabrina)

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