5/23 Lalaport Spiky Show
We (me, FaithfulModer, Bratsey, and Tavestry) started off our day with a trek out to Minami-Funabashi (which is in Chiba, close to Disneyland, actually) in order to see a free Spiky show at the Lalaport Shopping Mall there. After frantically running around trying to find the ACTUAL stage (every SINGLE Japanese person we asked told us a different way to go -_-) we met up with Lindsey, Kasey, Fenris_Sara and KatrinaStrife and got to see a short, 5-song set (along with the like 40 other people there. Heh. Poor Masa... (The second set had more people, maybe 70 or so.) He wasn’t feeling very good though and was a bit hoarse so he missed a few high-notes, thus the change in the second set of songs. But he seemed a bit surprised to see so many of us foreigners there! I’d brought in the regular Foreigner Brigade this time!

First set: (2pm)

1. Joy
2. Day After Day
3. -MC- (complete w/ my heckling... heh heh)
4. Usual Life
5. Average
6. Cage In

Second Set: (4pm)
1. Joy
2. Confidence
3. Average
4. -MC-
5. Usual Life
6. Cage In

After the show, FaithfulModer bought two CDs (so I could get a postcard and meet Masa! ^_____^) and we got in line to say hi and get his autograph. In Japanese, I told him his English was pretty good (hehe) and I asked him if he’d lived in America before and he said (in English), “Yes, I lived in New York about 10 years ago.” So I said, “Oh, how long?” and he answered, “I went to school there for about 4 – 5 years.” Then I reached out to get the postcard from him and he saw my sleeve (that said Gackt on it, because it was the concert shirt) and I saw him looking at it so I laughed and pulled my arm away and held out my other hand instead and he grinned really big and chuckled. Then I said, “Thank you,” and he said, “You’re welcome.”

It was funny how good his English was when he was speaking, no hesitation and hardly any accent at all, so then why are his songs so Engrish-y? Our theory is that he knows no one here understands what the fuck he’s saying anyway, so he just tries to make it fit into the melody as best as he can. LOL.

Then we ran like hell to catch the trains because Xty and I went to Tamaly Bar for the b-day dinner (and waaaaaaay too many drinks). ~_^ And we got a cool, very tasty birthday cake and Gackt sang Happy Birthday to us (well, it was recorded, but still no less cool)! YAY! ^____^
(Report done by Sabrina)

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