Spiky live, Memory One. (9/29 Y2K Roppongi)
No, not as gross as that sounds, provided that you understand that Spiky is a band and not a description of any part of my anatomy (at least not THAT part).

Tonight was my first Spiky live!! It was at club Y2K in Roppongi, and the place was LITERALLY the size of two of my apartments put together. I swear there couldn’t have been more than 100 people in there. It was AMAZING. I am ABSOLUTELY gonna go to as many of his concerts as I can! Masa was SUCH a good singer and performer, which shocked the shit out of me, cuz frankly his recordings aren’t quite up to my expectations all the time. Plus, he’s really fucking sexy, and seeing as how I was in the like THIRD ROW with Homasse, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him! (And, incidentally, he couldn’t keep his eyes offa me!) ~_^

God I was getting SO HOT in there… I swear the man made eyes at me no less than 20 SUSTAINED times throughout the show, maybe more!! Damn… he was so fine!

LOL… the only time it seemed he WASN’T looking at me was when he was singing in English, he only did it once then, during “Baby Doll” and he smiled because I was singing along. I hope he wasn’t nervous about singing in English because we were there! Hehehe… ~_^ Well, anyway, I just mailed off my first fan letter to him, and I asked him for advice on starting a band and asked him out for drinks too… wish me luck. Heh.

Plus I got a chance to catch up with a lot of Hawaii Gackt peeps too. YAY!

And I got SOOOOO busted by one of the sound guys for recording the show. He took my MiniDisc and went off to listen to it and told me to stay there. So I was all depressed thinking, “he’s gonna blank it” and he comes back and GIVES IT BACK TO ME. So I’m REALLY thinking he blanked it now. But then, later in the train station, I put it in just to see, and he hadn’t touched a thing!!! The whole show was there in full, and might I add, beautifully mastered sound! And he even set the tab on it so that it couldn’t be recorded over!! ^_____^ I don’t know if it was because he only heard the part where we were all talking for like 20 minutes before the show, or he heard me say to the person next to me that “I like to record it so I can translate Masa’s MC later, because I can’t understand it.” But for whatever reason he was such a SUPER nice dude!!! I can’t believe he GAVE IT BACK TO ME!!


Well, I’ll have to put up the set list when I have more time, cuz I gotta go to work tomorrow… blech. Oh yeah, and some fuck face stole my bike AGAIN… but I’m too happy about the concert and the guy giving me my MD back that I can’t bring myself to get too pissed. ^_^
(Report done by Sabrina)

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