02.09.2012 It's been a while...

Apart from the fact that there are no news I also lost all the info of my account (/).^;) ahem.
However, some stuff I took down is back for the time being and you might enjoy that.
Will take it down at demand though.
Apart from that, nothing new, I'll keep me eyes open~☆

08.04.2012 Happy Easter!

Well I hope you all have a nice day!

I wish there were more to report but there isn't, maybe sometime!

17.03.2012 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true.

With this Irish blessing I wish you all a very happy St. Patrick's day ♥!

I hope you can all enjoy this day (^_^)

14.03.2012 Update... of the not so happy kind.

I had to take a whole bunch of things off the site for now since you know how as of late things get very serious about sharing material. This is actually it for now, so until further notice it will stay like that. I have yet to figure out, what exactly is and is not possible and where. So yeah, that is it actually. If you have questions, please contact me under and I will reply as soon as possible (^_^;)>
Well, the whole site as such will be updated anyway once I have the time to re-write all those codes hehe. It's a little old fashioned style-wise methinks...
Otherwise there's nothing new!

26.02.2012 Update~☆!

Oh well, oh well, oh well.
So, after a while the site is finally back, new address again, and I hope it will stay there now for good (yeah if I'd get a cent for everytime I said that I would probably have... 10€ by now? Ok let's forget about that one.)
However, I hope you can still enjoy it like before! Won't disappear, har!

26.01.2012 Another update... which, again, I have nothing else to post but another drawing, gets old I know. The hair btw. is a free interpretation of the original mess on the photo xD; well if I want an exact copy I scan it in and print it out, hmph.
Anyway, there you go, it's also in the fan arts:

↑ Clicky to embiggen (^_^)v
Many many black watercolour pencils lost their lives for the biggerrr missionnnn! :D No really, I hope that -if- he'd ever decide on a come-back, he won't do it before his hair turned grey. Or he'll just leave it all natural on the photos (i.e. flat and thin :P). Both options are cheaper and easier for me, pencil wise.
Nah, just joking (almost) ♥♥♥♥
... of course I could always just draw postcard size. Ahaha.
Ok, keeping my eyes open as always, much love.

09.01.2012 Off into the new year!

So, a Happy New Year again *..*`*.**..*`*.
I hope everyone got over well~ I am back home so this is nice haha.
I did another drawing while being bored in the hospital:

Nothing spectacular really, I put it in the fan arts anyway. No news otherwise. Same procedure as every year :P

30.12.2011 ☆★ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ★☆

Ok, here a late Merry Christmas from me and an early Happy New Year too! I can only post now because I am in hospital AGAIN (^_^;) sorry, should really just move in already... be it as it may, I am at home for today and here the obligatory picture :D

I hope you all could enjoy your holidays and will get over into the new year healthy and happy!
Have a great party (but don't overdo it ~_^;)!
As for news, I've quickly searched through everything I could find, but nothing new!

12.11.2011 Fan arts~☆

Yeah I am STILL a fan. Hopeless case.
However, while in hospital, I had endless time to draw and so I did (ω`) I am still trying out new things every now and then and did some drawings based on the photos, didn't do anything like that in ages. And that is what it looks like actually (^_^;)
Be it as it may, I put the stuff into my fan art section where the drawings done by me are (duh). Those are at the bottom of that page since I am modest. LOL.
Some preview, clickclick to embiggen:

Not content, need to practise more (>_<) so out of it, oh well. But I am never content ahahaha..
And, as always there is nothing new, wasn't and won't be. I think. But who knows. I obviously don't :P

31:10.2011 †~Happy Halloween~†

I hope you all have a nice and spooky Halloween, but with more treats than tricks haha.
I will be only here in the weekends for a while (I am in hospital, have no laptop and the internet cafe there is under construction *rolls eyes* my luck) but I will keep up to date (that's easy enough since there is nothing to keep up to date to, at least atm, hope dies last huh =B)
So, I hope you all have a good time and take care to stay healthy (over here it is freezing cold)~!
Here's another old one for you to make this entry more colourful ;D
(Yeah I know it has NOTHING to do with Halloween but I couldn't do anything else since I dun have much time)

Do you remember? Good old days heh ☆


A happy birthday to you and many happy returns of the day, love! Haha. Hope he has a good one. I really wonder how he is and stuff actually... hopefully all fine. So, a very happy birthday dear masa, all the love to you ♥.

14.09.2011 Not really an update either :D

"Fan-art" errrrrm:

You can click on the picture to embiggen!
I'm in some EDV course done by the unemployment office and we have a ton of free time in between Excel, Word and Power Point so since there are no graphic programs on the computers at that place, I play around with Microsofts Paint xD; omg. But yeah, it IS possible to draw with that thing if you just try long enough ahahah!
So here, fan-art done in Paint, thought I might as well put it up here for your amusement 8D!
Nothing else to report~!

17.08.2011 Not really an update~

~but while searching through some old stuff I also found that one:

That seems so long ago right? (´ω`) oh nostalgia. Well, you can click on the picture to embiggen!
It was from the old flash website with the endless loop on the starting page, harhar.
That curly hair on masa *snorfle* well, he's lovely there anyway ♥
I hope everyone has a lovely summer (mine here is pretty rainy lol)~!

22.07.2011 Server Update!

Tonight from aprox. 2am~4am CEST my site will be down for a server update~!
Just thought I'd warn you all. After that all should be back up and running (^_^)b

07.07.2011 Happy Tanabata ☆★!

I hope you all had a nice day!
I played around with slow shutter speed on my camera and thought I might put this here, lol:

So, enjoy~ and a Happy Tanabata ♥!

11.06.2011 ☆~And even moar :D~☆

Well, I decided to dedicate a little more time in the appearance of the site and I added some more information to masa's profile, so check it out if you're interested~!
Nothing more to report (^_^)v

25.05.2011 ☆~And one more~☆

The new domain is activated, it is
I already moved the site over but will leave running until it gets canceled. If you bookmarked my site, use the new domain now!
My e-mail has changed too, it will now be if you have any questions or complaints!
All for now.

25.05.2011 ☆~Site renewal~☆

Oki doki! So, I finally found the time to do what I wanted to do in a long time, I renewed the layout and sorted out the content of my site. It's all still there but since this isn't really a マァマァサ☆ムゥ fan site anymore but rather a collection of all the stuff masa's done over the years, it needed to be a rearranged a little.
In the profile there is masa's profile, the concert biographies of Spiky, DD and マァムゥ are all in the biography and the releases of the before mentioned are also all in the release section. A bit more info on the three bands is to be found in the projects section. There is also a bit info on the GacktJOB times and the links to various projects of other band members.
I -think- that was all *ponders*
Well, just look around, you'll sure find everything somewhere (^_^)v! That is it for now, I'll still work on this some more but right now this is what I have here.
There is also a change of domain coming up, this will be the final change so far (I hope o_o;) I will tell you when it happens!
The new layout is quite simple but I hope you like it anyway. I do lol. And, it's the content what counts, right? Right.
Until then, much love ♥!

08.05.2011 To all the Mothers in the world


All those wonderful people who wouldn't exist if it weren't for their mothers...
We wouldn't exist either!
Let's be grateful (o^_^o)♥

24.04.2011 Happy Easter

Do you remember the egg-man? He amazingly survived my move to the new flat, coming out of the box a little crumpled but in one piece.
So here he is again for this year's Easter greeting. I hope everyone can have a peaceful time now, whether or not you celebrate Easter holiday ♥!
Yours truly, always keeping the eyes and ears open, hoping for some good news (~_^)v

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