17.03.2010 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Everyone's Irish today~
Have fun everyone!

11.03.2010 Update~☆ (no news though, sorry)

Just some more Spiky stuff I've been digging out for you.
First are the performances of Wishes and Confidence on some event. It reminds me of my holiday videos from the north sea, unsteady, blurry and the most prominent sound is the wind blowing into the speaker, haha. Nah it's not that bad.
The second is another part of the Spiky be born Tour 2002, Confidence again. The "thank you"s in the end are cute. Seems sound and image are not quite synchronous partly though. Yeah you get it, I have been digging deep for those two treasures (^_^;)...
※Wishes, Confidence:

Watch it here.

Watch it here.
I have that T-shirt, just in black 8D!
As always, if something is wrong with the uploads tell me.
If I already uploaded one of those, do NOT tell me, I already know that I'm getting old. Two are better than one anyway.
PS:I finally fixed my guestbook! For how long will it last this time? Ha.

18.02.2010 Short notice

My guestbook is currently taken offline, you can still read it but make no entries, I will have to fix it since I get too much spam in there lately (Like 300+ spam entries per day?... quite a lot of deletions I have to make there...). I hope I can get that fixed over the weekend.
If you want to say something or have a question, just use my contact form!

As for masa, nothing new I heard about right now, but who knows what will happen, I'll keep my eyes open, as always.

And, so this won't be an all boring post, remember that one fan art I made quite a while ago? He has hair now, thanks to my friend in Japan. I couldn't find anything like that over here at all.

Awww (^ω^)b
I should give all my guys own names, no? Instead of calling them masa1, masa2, masa3... roflmao!
Also, I still have some Spiky stuff to upload to YouTube I think, so just keep checking back!
So, that's all I wanted to say, have a nice time and let's hope masa is doing fine too ☆!

14.02.2010 Have a nice Valentine!

A very merry Valentine's Day to all of you!

Whether or not you have a special someone to share it with, I hope you all have a nice day. Over here it's also carnival today, lol. Fits, kinda.
No other news yet, unfortunately.

01.01.2010 Happy New Year #2

And here we are! I wish you all a happy 2010!

Prosit Neujahr!

31.12.2009 Happy New Year!

Get well into 2010 everyone!

24.12.2009 Season's greetings~☆

...with some more of my fanart, lol.
Maybe a bit early but we start to celebrate today in Germany (^_^)

Have a lovely holiday everyone, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Don't forget, this time of year is not just about the presents, think of your family, think of your friends, think of those who can't have a nice time right now, even if you're not a Christian.
I hope you all have a joyful and peaceful time, doing whatever kind of celebration you do in this time of the year!
メリークリスマス!(o^_-)ー☆ *smooch*

21.12.2009 Update~☆★!

I know it's not Christmas yet, but almost. Lol. So I uploaded some more Spiky to my YouToube, I think I didn't upload them yet, if I did and forgot, well, blame it on me getting old hahaha.
※Little by little.

You can view it here: Little by little
※Rainbow above.

You can view it here: Rainbow above
I hope you enjoy those and sorry about the pixel performance in little by little, I somehow couldn't get it any better (´・ω・`) I really tried. Ahem. Rainbow above is not that bad. I don't know why.

As always, if anything is wrong with uploading those, let me know, blablabla, etc, etc pp.

30.11.2009 Stuff!

I made more fanart, it's masa and his friend, Mr.G! (Who comes with a shovel since I use him as a garden gnome for my bonsai tree. Shoosh.)

Ok lads, Christmas is coming up!

Rocking it XD!

So, everyone, I hope you all have a nice start into the holiday season ♥!

22.11.2009 News quickie~☆

A friend of mine just told me, she saw masa last week in a BUCK-TICK cover event around Takadanobaba, in the Sanctuary, at the "Night in Problem" on the 14th I guess? She said he was on the bass there in one of the bands, yes, the bass. No guitar? Well, seems he's still around making music (^_^)b

14.11.2009 Stuffs!

I coloured one of the fan arts I made earlier (^_^)v

I think it turned out quite nice. Click on it if you want to see the big version.

31.10.2009 Happy Halloween~☆★

Little masa has a disguise lol. He is catman.
Yeah. I hope you all have a nice party, carve a pumpkin, watch some spooky movies, have some nice food and hot drinks, or go out and party, but keep the evil ghosts away (^__^)v
It's freezing cold over here and rainy, just the right weather to snuggle up for some scary story.

03.10.2009 Birthday post from Tak~☆★

Tak's Blog (30.09.2009)
Happy Birthday (はぴば!)!

The picture's from two years ago (laugh)
Today the prince, second from left, the member I used to share joys and sorrows with, masa, has his birthday
Every year I send mail right away at midnight for some reason (laugh)
We met being introduced by a mutual acquaintance, but he's probably the most stunning encounter I ever had so far (laugh)
I did hear stories from the time when he was backing up Gackt and from Spiky period, but from the first time we met he was like sparkling from behind, flashing front teeth, and until now I haven't seen a moment when his tension was low.
Now we can talk, but there were quite a few painful experiences and there were often times when we couldn't understand each other. However, the times when we shared joys and sorrows are still a cherished memory and an important experience
You're one of my dear important best friends
Congrats masa
Haha I am a bit rusty. I hope I got the point. That was sweet ♥
The source is Tak's Blog here
Thanks to moonshadow_87 for pointing me to this blog entry!
Sorry for the rather late post, but I am still not really back at home lol.

30.09.2009 Birthday Update~☆

It's that time of the year again (^_^)
Happy Birthday masa and many happy returns of the day!

Have a nice day and Champagne and lots of love and all mister! Hehe.
I hope he will stay healthy and have his wishes come true *throws confetti and roses*
I drew a picture too (^_^;) a silly one.

That's all for now, I will keep my eyes open for news of course :D!

09.09.2009 Update!

Another small update on fanarts.
One drawing (hoh yes so worth an update, I know, I know XD):

Click on the small one to get to the larger version.
It does not make much sense or such but when did I ever make sense huh, hehe. Just keeping things alive here.

29.08.2009 Update... sorta.

I have some time at hands at the moment (^_^;) so I made some drawings.

Clicking on them brings you to larger versions. While putting them into my fanart section, I noticed that I haven't put the other stuff in yet lol. Oh my. I will give the site a make-over sometime soon. Whatever, it'll stay open and active as long as I can dig out some stuff for you guys (^_^)b
PS: I fixed my guestbook! I didn't even notice that it wasn't working anymore, so thanks to Elizabeth for telling me! A typo in the script, stupid me heh. Woopsie.

10.08.2009 Update~☆

Yeah. Well, the event at the MYSTERE is over and there you can see the blogpost about it:
Kazz Blog from 10.08.2009
It's about the reopening event of the MYSTERE store in Hamamatsu on the 08.08. and 09.08.2009. Seems there was quite a crowd on the main floor since masa and Ren were both there, how nice, I hope everyone who went there enjoyed seeing them (and did buy stuff of course, lol).
Some images from the post:

I will keep on having an eye on what goes on as good as I can (I'm in hospital atm ^~^;)
So, enjoy!

22.07.2009 Sorry....

I know it appeared like my site was gone for a while for those who access it under the domain-name ( but yeah, it wasn't actually gone. It's just that I am poor and couldn't pay for said domain in time. LOL. How lame, I know, but what can I do. My site was always there though. So, in case that will happen again, you can always get to my site through this adress: DIZZY
In case you want to, that is. Sorry for the inconvenience *sniff* I'll still keep you up to date on masa and his, uh, adventures of course, as good as possible!

15.07.2009 Some (older) news I found

I have been browsing around the labels on Monkey's website and when I went to look at トランスフォーム (TRANSFORM) site and kazz's "brog" (the link on top right, next to "plivacy".. *giggle*), I found that nice little bit in one of the older entries.
It's from the 22.05.2009, about visiting the Mystere in Hamamatsu, I think for a meeting about the upcoming events there on the 8th and 9th of August, where that Label will sell some special limited designs and do some appearance and stuff.
As it is, the people there went out to eat then and after that went to masa's bar nearby. Then there is some talking about the quite fresh smile fitting the nice and homely feeling of that bar and about the for him typical elegant ambiance. It sounds a bit like an advertisement, lol.
There were also some pictures in it.

As it seems he also talked to masa about whether he participates at that next event in August, so, let's wait and see what happens (^_^)! If he'll be there, I hope many can get there and have fun.
(That was a rather rough summery since most of the entry is not much interesting for us I believe, but I will keep my eyes open on news as always).
The Event on Monkey's site

04.05.2009 More fanarts (o_O)v

I found two more things I had made but not posted yet.
That one. He's anatomically correct btw =} I had a silly moment:

Yes, I pimped my pony Lmao.

PS: After looking at this I thought I'd make him some clothes (or try to -_-;):
And that... thing (o_O;) bwahaha:

I know that's all not really... I'll take that off later and put it into the fanart section as soon as I find the time to do it properly, until then I will leave it here since after all it's not like there was anything else I could write about anyway at the moment :P
Also, I found I really do have some Spiky clips I haven't posted yet on YouTube, so watch out for that!

04.05.2009 Fanart! Woohoo! Yeah.

To fill the silence I thought I'll post some stuff I made lately, nothing wild. Just to have a reason to update my site hahaha.

Then I started on a new figure:

And I gave him and the old doll both hair, but, due to the lack of money I made it from wool.
The old one with the new, uhm, "hair" *cough*:

It's very... hm. Yes. The first one looks like a rastafarian and the second, hmhmhm, Robert Smith meets a mop? Very unusual to look at, considering that on real masa's head you can pretty much count the hair, seiner ist ja doch ein eher übersichtlicher Haarschmuck um es auf Deutsch zu sagen (sorry masa hahaha). I really hope that sometime I can afford a nice wig for both, because this... uhm... *rips own hair out*
Anyway, I hope you have a bit fun looking at the stuff. Now I only have to wait for masa to return with dreadlocks and a reggae band so he will match my fanart *taps foot* XD
I bet that would look cute. Three dreadlocks on the left, four on the right, two on the back... *snorfle* Ok enough with that. His hair is nice, yeha.

Well, apart from my nonsense there is nothing new, alas. I will try to put some stuff up on YouTube these days, I think I still have some to share, have a nice spring everyone!

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