12.04.2009 Happy Easter holidays.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Yes. I made a masa egg :D

I hope everyone is doing fine with nature going wild all around.
That sort of thing puts a damper on any kind of festive feeling, for sure.
So, again, I hope everyone is fine out there.

17.03.2009 St. Paddy's Day

"Everyone’s Irish on March 17th"... this sense...

Have a couple of pints and some nice shots of whiskey after o(^ω^)o

13.03.2009 And one more~☆

I also uploaded the MC that's on the Spiky to be born Tour DVD. And it's up even though it's a tad bit longer than ten minutes! YouTube! How's that going? I guess they changed the rules or something? Whatever, it's there and you can watch it.

Click for the MC
I hope it will stay up (._.) well we will see.
So I hope you enjoy this, it's really gay. I mean cute.
If there is something wrong with the upload let me know.

PS: masa we miss youuuuu T_T what are you doing man? I wonder if he's already fogotten about his fans? *grumble* Well ok that's not fair lol, I am sure he has not. I hope he's happy.

12.03.2009 Update~☆★

Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeaaaah! No. No real update, just me putting stuff up on Youtube again. LOL. Ok, Spiky again.
The first is a live performance of "By instinctive".

Click for "By instinctive"
And then I have a live performance of Cage in.

Click for Cage in
And before I get burried under witty YouTube comments I rather say it in advance, yes, I know, I KNOW that he sounds rather ghetto in those. Deal with it, people seldom start off with being perfect lmao. Well, I like both performances anyway, I hope you enjoy them too!
If there is anything wrong with uploading all that, let me know.

PS: What the heck is with those giant pixels again? Goddammit! LOL.

19.02.2009 Hi...

Sorry to say, still no news, I hope masa is fine in his hideaway hehe. I will look if I have some more video to upload. Or shall I put up some songs to listen to? It's so silent :D
How is everyone doing? We still have deepest winter here:

Love from Germany, elfe.

14.02.2009 Hey!

All you handsome devils out there, have a happy Valentine's Day today!

05.01.2009 Update

Of teh late. I should keep my eyes open in a better way to keep you up to date of masa's whatever, adventures, uh.
I found THIS while browsing around, it seems masa was underway as a shop assistant with the friends again on December 13th, heh.
Admitted, those monkey's stores tend to have bombastic names (._.)...

01.01.2009 Hello 2009!!

Happy New Year! Did you all get over well? We did!

Ok, my son has about three blue toes now after a champagne bottle dropped on his foot. And Buddy Casino, I have to say, is still the king on farfisa organ. Yes.
I hope you all had a great night too! *smoooooch*

26.12.2008 Update~☆

As promised, I uploaded the DIZZY DRIVE Live concert which was on the Fanclub CD to YouTube, featuring parts of the Evolution Tour. It is very long so I had to split it up. It's a pure pixelfest too, sorry, I don't know why that is. I suck in uploading videos lol. But yeah, anyway. If you look hard you can make out that there are people on the stage. It's the part of the pixels that move around hahaha. Ok it is not -that- bad... I hope.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
If there is anything wrong with uploading this, I will take it down.
Enjoy watching.
I think I still have some Spiky stuff to share later.. I am getting a bit confused 8D!

24.12.2008 So!

A merry Christmas from team! :D:D:D:D!
(Though my son would prefer we'd be team Hannah Montana, huhm.)

I am currently busy splitting up the DIZZY DRIVE Live video inbetween other festive activities and will upload it for you as soon as I manage to finish it, it's lovely, so, look forward!
Apart from that, have a lovely holiday!

22.12.2008 Ho Ho Ho! Or so.

I have two Spiky videos for you on YouTube:
Baby Doll

No longer alone / Cage in (Arrows version)

Also, you can view all the videos I uploaded HERE
I am also working on another DIZZY DRIVE concert video which I will also give you for Christmas, so look forward :D! As always, if there is anything wrong with the uploads I might take them down again.

01.12.2008 Hello!

I hope everyone had a lovely start into Christmas season!
Before jumping into the gift-shopping frenzy lets rather stop and think about what that season is actually about, right?

Love you all, elfe ♥

29.11.2008 Oh, and...

I just realized that I stated in all my video descriptions about Spiky that they dissolved in 2006. Of course they are all still fine and none of the members did dissolve, but they disbanded, hahaha (^_^;) well, English is not my mother tongue either.

29.11.2008 Update~☆

It's a small video I uploaded to YouTube, a part of the performance of Usual life (there is only that part of the performance on the DVD), it's a very cute and amusing song though. And kinda true too hahaha (in case you are able to understand masa's English >_>;). So I thought I share it even if it's short. I still have more things to share but currently I lack of time to cut and upload them. Since in the video there is only half the song, I also uploaded the actual song for you here.
The video is here.

The CD on which that song was released is still available here at CD Japan.
If there is anything wrong with any of the uploads, as usual, I will certainly take them down again.
Other than that, just enjoy. And mind that the download of the song won't last forever and I won't reupload it, so in case you don't already own it, grab it while it's hot!

22.11.2008 Haha!

... yeah. Do you guys have snow too already, whereever you are?
We have :P
Why I update, I might have another bunch of videos to put on YouTube soon, some Spiky stuff, so watch out, this site is not dead yet (`▽´)v

21.11.2008 And another.

Ja, hallo erstmal... XD
Ok, I just realized, or think I realized, I forgot to put up the Spiky calendar scans. At least I cannot find them anymore, I mean the new ones. LOL. I am a bit overwhelmed with the many pictures on my page and I have to admit that I have no clue anymore what is actually on there rofl oh dear. I need to rearange that, or at least look at everything.
Anyway, I put up the calendar scans my friend did, into the last Spiky part of the gallery where there is a *NEW*, those are nice big scans, bigger and clearer than the old ones that are also on here somewhere. I suppose you all know better where than I do (^~^;)...


20.11.2008 Update ♥

Ok, I updated with what I could recall I haven't put up before, it's also scans of Sabrina, I hope I didn't mess it up (^__^)!
It's basically DIZZY DRIVE stuff, a preview:
It's marked as *NEW* just like always :D!

16.11.2008 Hello!

Just to let you know, the site is back home at mommie's :D! Should mean that there will be no more downtime again unless my server dies which hopefully will not happen urgh. I will do the promised update as soon as I can (^___^)! To those who still watch my site despite his long absence, thank you for your loyalty to masa, I really hope I'll have some positive news regarding his plans sometime.

29.10.2008 Sorry for the Inconvenience!

Right at the moment I am experiencing technical problems since my ex-husband moved mah internetz to his place :B so, if the site will not be updated or occasionally appear to be offline, it's because I have to get a new connection. We will make sure that the server will be up and running during the whole procedure though, somehow.
I am very sorry. This site is of course not down nor will I take it down.
I will let you know as soon as the problem is solved!
Sorry about that and thank you for your patience!

28.10.2008 Ah~Ha!

Ok I found it, it was that event:
「Pillers」,「MONKEY ROCK UNION」の卸店でもあります、浜松店の「Mystere」にて10月25(土) , 26(日)限定でPillersのサンプル品(一点物)を特別販売させて頂く事が決定致しました。
  そして今回はスペシャルゲストと致しまして26日の一日限定で、MASA氏 , シルバーアクセサリーデザイナーGIGOR氏が「Mystere」にて一日店長をして頂ける事が決定いたしました。
LOL ok. I would have loved to have been there though!
I guess. I mean what for actually? I'm broke anyway XD but yeah.

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