28.10.2008 News again

Yeah so. New Monkey stuff, thanks to pixiedust from LiveJournal :3

The event at Hamamatsu is over.
Thank you very much.
I googled it and found this (27.10):
Yesterday, for one day, Monkey, Gigor and masa were shop manager in the Mystere that is in Hamamatsu.
They sold clothes that G and Job wore on photoshoots and the likes (G様やJobの方々が撮影等に着用された衣装を販売など。 Dunno how to say that).
It seems it was a large success.
Source: Here
I was so confused, that I first wrote "_blink" and then "_lank" for the target of the first link rofl. No shitting.
It seems they also signed a cap:

I also have some stuff to upload for you later, some older stuff, but I am out of concept at the moment. Plus I have to get my son to bed now (u_u).

29.09.2008 Hullo.

Well, it is the 30th of September in Japan already, so there we go, Happy Birthday dear masa and many happy returns of the day and have a lot of fun and presents and party and champagne and roses and other things and what have you seen, we love you, think of us, cheers, *peck on cheek, smooch on lips* and happy happy times.
*Le Gasp*

Luv you dearly, hope you happy, things go fine, maybe someday you will do this and decide that again and what not and so on. You'll know best :D!
Cheers lad! Hmph, that was one breathless post, haha! Ok, but yeah, let's have a pause and toast on our star there. Alles Gute =B!

As for what I said to you all, I actually still have some stuff to share that's coming up, just watch out!

28.09.2008 Actual news, doh! Nothing spectacular though.

Got the link from a friend.
Seems masa came to visit Monkey's shop.
In the store

Masa's appearance.

No clue when or if he will come back, but seeing him made my tummy prickle :D ♥ It's quite funny since like 15 minutes ago I was just asking in my own journal where on earth he might be now, hahaha, and badaboom, there he is. Why hello there big star. You're missed, believe it or not.

20.09.2008 Update ♥

Well, I am back from Japan and I come with some goods. While there, my friend Sabrina took endless time to scan all the stuff that I couldn't buy anymore, which includes old Spiky magazines, the calendar, DIZZY DRIVE flyers, some newspaper articles and so on. Some isn't here yet, but I uploaded what Spiky stuff I already have here. You will find it in the gallery marked as *NEW* but you know that I guess.

So, thank you Sabrina for your patient scanning and also thanks to Maria who lent her the Spiky Tourbook!

I also got me some old Dears magazines and there was this lonely picture in it, I will just put it here, since it doesn't make sense to put an extra page into the gallery for one picture. I need to clean up the gallery sometime soon anyway since there are double pictures and the whole order for the various bands is even starting to confuse me lol.

Well, as for news, nothing positive to tell unfortunately which I find a bit sad. I miss his voice, the music world is a lesser place to me without the masa in it!

08.08.2008 One more update~☆

Just cuz I'm bored.
I uploaded the performance of Final disgusted from the Chronicle 1 DVD to YouTube for you. It's from the Spiky be born Tour 2002.
Click here to watch it!.

Enjoy! (^_^)b
I like the shirt he's wearing there, I'd love to steal it.
Preferably with him in it ahaha.
If there is anything wrong with uploading this, tell me please.

15.07.2008 Well, update~★

And yet more videos, Spiky again for you! I uploaded Now the time and No longer alone from the Chronicle 1 DVD to YouTube for you. Two videos from the Spiky be born Tour 2002.
Now the time:

Click here to see it.
No longer alone:

Click here to see it.
Enjoy! (^_^)b
If there is anything wrong with uploading this, tell me please.

09.07.2008 And yet another update~★

Yes, it's another video. It's Spiky this time. I uploaded Joy and Cage In from the Chronicle 2 DVD to YouTube for you. Two rather short clips but I hope you enjoy them.
Here's were you can view it!
Both songs are in one video.
Onto the obligatory screenshots.

Cage In:

It's been a while huh. I hope you like it (^_^)b
If there is anything wrong with uploading this, tell me please.

04.07.2008 And, just to add...

Here is were you find all the videos I uploaded, in case you missed them and don't know how to find them. So enjoy, everyone!

04.07.2008 Update~☆

I put another video of masa who's currently being secret private masa up on Youtube for you. It's no music again this time but masa's message to the fans when changing the band from DIZZY DRIVE to マァマァサ☆ムゥ.
It's actually two messages, one in マァムゥ style (with the music so loud that masa is hardly heard lol) and the second in the old style.
Click here to see it!
Screenshots ↓

I hope you enjoy it. I -still- have stuff sitting here that I might share later, so look forward hehe. As always, if you find anything wrong with uploading this, just let me know and I might take it down again (if you give me a good reason lol).

13.06.2008 Another update~☆

I realized that I haven't yet uploaded the PV to the song "REAL" by DIZZY DRIVE (at least not to YouTube :D), so, since I am in a generous mood those days XD I decided to upload that too. I have a couple of other things sitting here as well which I might put up at a later time. All the better to make waiting less boring, no?
You can view the video here:

Well, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I still do!

11.06.2008 Just a little update!

This time it's really little. I just realized that my last "small" update ended up with being a HUGE sermon (._.) sorry about that, sometimes I get carried away rofl.
Ok, I uploaded another video for you to YouTube.
You can see it here!
It's from a DIZZY DRIVE DVD and it's just a short clip of "masa's bar", not any song, I hope you find it amusing nevertheless :D (if anyone still visits this page despite masa's loooong absence ^_^;)!
Sorry about the blur =/ I suck with videos.

25.05.2008 Update of teh small.

It took me a while to do it since I forgot where I have my update-form, lol.
Anyway, as requested by a fellow fan, I uploaded some of masa's music.
I decided to simply upload their last compilation "Dear.Angel" by マァマァサ☆ムゥ, so if you also miss the masa and are curious as for what he's been doing before he went on his extended vacation from the music biz, you can go and get to listen to it here:
Dear.Angel Download

As you will know, I am always cautious about uploading things, but I really don't think I am doing anything wrong here. This is one of the limited CD-Rs sold at their concerts and they never had an official release. Since the band broke up and from what I understand masa has no intention on forming the same band again when he returns, sharing among fans will be the only possibility for those who were neither able to buy the CDs nor able to attend a live, to listen to their music, which I think is totally worth to listen to.

If nevertheless anyone has any objections against me uploading this (and eventually more stuff in future since this is not the only band that the masa broked so to speak :P) just poke me. Otherwise, just enjoy, he's been doing some real good stuff I think. But I suppose I'm biased, lol. And, sorry for the rant, but I prefer to go the secure way, heh.

Plus, I certainly hope that masa has a good time and probably can relax a bit from all the years of hard work and the other things :D!

03.04.2008 Okay!

I decided that this site will stay a fan site for マァマァサ☆ムゥ until I know what will happen next (if nothing is planned which I don't hope of course(!), I will leave the site as it is for the nostalgia ♥).
That is all for now, see you later (^ω^)v

31.03.2008 Closed

Starting with the new month (as it is already the 01.04. in Japan) the official webpages of マァマァサ☆ムゥ have disappeared. I certainly expected this, but somehow I was hoping for some sort of final message, so I was a quite taken aback when I checked and found both pages were just gone without any warning.
Well, I just thought I'd let you know.
I will certainly try to keep track on whatever will happen next. Every end is also the beginning of something new, so I'll just hope for the best (^_^)b

And, I still have something for you, I will post that in the next couple of days.

31.03.2008 From AKITO's site

AKITO's Blog (28.03.2008)

On the 16th of March マァマァサ☆ムゥ disbanded under the eyes of you all who supported us.
Thank you so much for the long time.
I enjoyed it!
Yup, byebye マァマァサ☆ムゥ!

29.03.2008 I've got something for you!

I uploaded the TV performance of マァマァサ☆ムゥ on TokyoMX to my YouTube account:

マァマァサ☆ムゥ - Indies A Go Go (part 1)
First part of the interview.

マァマァサ☆ムゥ - Indies A Go Go (part 2)
Performing "Rhapsody" and second part of interview.

I hope it won't be taken down, so you can enjoy it too! I also have some more stuff for you coming up.

27.03.2008 Update~☆★

I got my new stuff and scanned it for you, the gallery is updated were it is marked as *NEW*, you know how it works :D!

Yes! It's Aladin and his invisible lamp.
All photos are very lovely! I also updated the release section.
I also have some extras to give away to you, but more on that tomorrow because I go to bed now :P

24.03.2008 Happy Easter holidays from me to all of you!

I am a bit late, I know, haha!
Well, the goods from the last concert are on the way and I managed to get some extras, so I will have some give-aways here, plus updates coming up, keep your eyes open ♥!
Have a nice time~♪

22.03.2008 From Tak's site (again)

Tak's blog (17.03.2008)
[Last concert extra record]
On the day we threw a party as a reward for the concert being a success without any mishaps.
We all really had a good face, drinking the night away happily while forgetting about the time.
Also, masa felt content with the cheerful end and masanori for his part showed a pretty calm smile, full of relief!
And Akito, who served as the musical brain since the first formation, I want to sincerely thank you, it was much appreciated!
Anyway, the trip of us four will continue~!
Even though at different spots, each of us will continue doing their best in future (^_^)v
Awww, Tak! Yeah hm, I hope they had fun on their little celebration.
Though I think it would be kinda appropriate, if masa also left some sort of message. It's not too late for a -decent- goodbye after all the years of support. So there.
And yeah, I hope I got this right.

18.03.2008 From Tak's site

Tak's blog (16.03.2008)
[My heart is full]
The break-up concert finally came. Including the previous band DIZZY, four years of activity have come to an end. Since the rehearsal two days ago went pretty well, our willpower when facing the performance was also up to the max!!
However, before it was my turn to show up, my physical condition was exhausted to the worst due to heavy pollen on the very day (cries)
Now I mention it, along with the start of the preparations for the final performance, both my tension and physical condition got extreme (laugh)
Shortly before the curtain went up, in total darkness, the emotions of us four casually led to what was a warm hearty feeling. I already went through hundreds of performances but such feelings didn't happen that often... Like the light from heaven shining down on Nello and Patrasche... (laugh)
The performance has been wonderful from the moment when the sound of the first song started until we got off stage, it's been the most brilliant performance up to now, for sure.
All of the members had the brightest faces, and the audience who came to the full live-house, despite being in mixed emotions I guess, also all had pleasant faces.
To be honest, I wouldn't have thought that the final might have been brung to an end in happy feelings so far.
It would be a bad lie if there was no regret, but I'm hoping that you'll keep an eye on and keep on supporting the four of us in future as well ☆
Really, thank you!!!!!!!
Nello and Patrasche... I watched the anime when I was younger, over here it was Niklaas and Patrasch. It was one of those tear-jerker series, I love those hm (^_^;)
Yes we will keep on supporting all of them, won't we, yes. Tak always writes it down so nicely!
Ahm sad (;-;)
Anyway, I hope I could get my hands on some of the latest goods, so keep an eye on here, there might still be nice things coming up (I hope haha :P)!

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