17.03.2008 Dear Angel

16.03.2008 Roppongi morph-tokyo

From masa
"As long as you're there, I can carry on living"
I forgot about my own interests to a point that i was singing as if in a dream.
Thanks for the great time.
Thank you for a series of dreams.
From Tak
Thanks to you all who came to the break-up concert!
I'm truly glad that we could do the greatest performance with honest feelings.
I've been surrounded by the best fans, members and staff for four years but it felt both long and short.
Really really thank you!!
And, furthermore keep remembering the four of us in the future ☆
Thank you for about four years.
It seems it was quick, it seems it was long, but now, when looking back on it, it passed by like a flash.
I enjoyed it!
Thank you!
Good luck to all of them and their future, I hope this won't be the last thing we hear from masa.

16.03.2008 Blog

From masa

Tonight is the last symphony.
This is the final curtain, face it with joy and a happy laugh, like we do.
I'm glad if you can make that sure.
I hope they all will have fun or something like that.

15.03.2008 Blog


The rehearsal we did was hot just like the real performance.
All members wear short sleeves.
It's already completely spring~.
Wow! Makes me forget about the freezing cold over here ^_^!

15.03.2008 Blog

From Tak

Did the final rehearsal in highest tension.
It's been the most pleasing musical performance...!!!
Keeping on like this I want the 16th to be our peak ☆
Yeah I hope it'll be a blast :)!
(I'm sleepy, hope there aren't mistakes ^^)

14.03.2008 Blog

From masa

Tonight is the last rehearsal for now.
Even if solemn, since no-one gets happy, we'll now give what we can with utmost effort.
Memories are like the Rosť (wine) Rose.
Bubbles when popped open and a sweet scent.
It's White Day with a red kiss.
I want to respond to your love.
Sparkling Rosť wine? Cheers.

13.03.2008 Blog (14.03.2008)


At the individual practice, the balance of the programming for the next concert has been confirmed.
Tonight (14th) is the last rehearsal of マァ☆ムゥ.
Even though it's the final, there won't be anything special, we'll just get on with what we've been doing up to now!
The four of us will do their best so you all can enjoy the 16th!
I am not sure how to translate 打ち込み, I found it explained as programming the drum machine, sequencer and stuff before a concert.
The last one here :/ I hope it'll be a blast.

12.03.2008 Blog (13.03.2008)

From Tak

No matter how often I see it, I end up crying.
I am surprisingly easily moved to tears...
Hahaha me too though.

09.03.2008 Blog

From masa

For lunch on Sunday I take my time to have plenty nutrition.
It's when I feel attached to the things of my birthplace.
Kyo-miso fits well to food that uses vegetables in luxury.
Did you eat it every day when you were a little kid?
No matter what you wear, it's mighty useless in the chilly winters of Kyoto.
Kyo-miso seems to be usual miso of Kyoto which is white miso. Yes. I hope there aren't too many mistakes. Nothing more to say so far :)

08.03.2008 Blog

From Tak

The reminders aren't from that long ago and yet they kinda bring back old memories.
We all part in a good way, don't we ~~~ *laugh*
Yeah sure. That makes it so much better *grumble*
Edited due to finding better english words after waking up completely =)

04.03.2008 Blog (05.03.2008)

From masa

Yesterday was rehearsal at the members studio of マァマァサムゥ.
It's the studio I went to 20 years ago when I started to play guitar for the first time.
Wow~. Both the employee and the architecture didn't change.
It's a moment when falling in love with music.
And then, tonight at the time of dusk.
Tipping the lonely glass, the memories that I long for follow.
Mm, Ballantine's 30 year old? It matured in the barrel for a long time.
Straight, nothing added. Months and years turned into flavour, it's a luxury good that lets enjoy the extravagance.
Anyway (and apart from my strange sentence structure), that's some rare and expensive stuff he's got there. Around $300 one (normal sized) bottle. Like the food budget for a month or something. Cheers?
Edited, since I forgot to include one sentence lmao. I'm getting old.

04.03.2008 Update~☆

Another small update.
Today I got the photo set of マァマァサ☆ムゥ that got lost and ended up in the US last time, and so I scanned it for you. It's in the gallery, where it's marked as *NEW*, you guessed it, hah.
Enjoy, it's very nice!

04.03.2008 News

Sales Info:
For the last concert on the 16th March at the morph-tokyo, the following goods will be sold:

・マァマァサ☆ムゥBEST "Dear.Angel"
(14 tunes incl. Opening and Ending, promo pic, ¥2000)
From 06.10.2006 morph-tokyo to 24.02.2008 Ueno Sensation, the tracks of all Demo CDs that had been sold limited to the venues have been remastered and turned into the best edition CD of マァマァサ☆ムゥ.

・Demo CD limited to the venue (one tune, one promo pic of masa, ¥1000)
・Photo set of masa (10 pictures, ¥2000)

The sales start on the opening time of the day (17.30).
Since the number is limited, please buy ahead of time.
It's an odd feeling to think that this will already be their last concert, isn't it, in a way? Oh well.

02.03.2008 Blog


Today the recording of the Demo CD that will be sold on the 16th at the morph by masa and the other two was done.
After that, the track-down will be done.
I get the feeling that this becomes an appropriate finish at the end.
Look forward to it.
Sounds good, in a way!

29.02.2008 Update~☆

...of tiny proportions. I got some old magazins today and scanned the masa out of them. It's not much, nothing spectacular but it's there so I added it to the gallery where it's marked as *NEW*, you know it. Maybe you enjoy nevertheless.

29.02.2008 Blog

From masa

It's the 29. February which you can only meet once every four years.
I think I'll go for dinner with someone I trust in so it will become an impressive memory.
Accepting both past and future I hope to head into the right direction.
Sounds nice doesn't it.

28.02.2008 Tak's Blog

Taken from Tak's own blog entry of the 24.02.2008
[Shock announcement?]
The update is delayed due to being busy with the double job of doing rehearsals and recording each day.

It had been announced at the venue of today's concert of マァマァサムゥ, but at the concert on the 16.03. マァマァサムゥ will disband. So far really a lot has happened but this is a decision that had been discussed with the members. Sorry for having surprised you...
When thinking about it, really, a lot has happened since we used to be DIZZY. Though everyday has been quite eventful, for me, there were a lot of experiences different from my band and support activities, a lot of things that made me the person I am now and I enjoyed it! I met everyone from the audience, I would not have met you through my usual activities, and my favourite experience was the time together with the four members being all of a remarkably different kind, I really enjoyed it. There's not even a month left now but I want to do great at the concert next month and I want to enjoy it more than anything!!
Let's enjoy the final performance together no matter what ☆☆
I hope I put everything in a proper English shape, it's written really nice, don't you think? (^_^)

28.02.2008 Blog (29.02.2008)

From Tak

Ok, just, I'm simply burned out.
I want you all to have fun with your brightest smiles ☆
Well, yeah.
Everyone who can go, make sure that this will be a real blast (b^__^)b!

27.02.2008 Blog


I wanted to update the blog all the time but didn't know what to write until today.
マァマァサ☆ムゥ will do all they can until the very last moment, all four will put their effort together and I want to give my best so please continue your support!
PS: Thank you for the many chocolates on the 24th! Surrounded by sweets I am quite happy (laugh)
How... sweet :D! He should have posted chocolate, not roses (but he's probably already eaten it all :P).
Ah well, I am sad that they disband, it's so out of the blue.

24.02.2008 News, Blog, Dear Angel

Important notice from マァマァサ☆ムゥ
To my dear angels
First of all I say thank you to everyone who visited today's concert from the bottom of my heart.
To those who've seen the message that I put up on the homepage the other day, though various concerns might have come up, I chose this way because this was something I wanted to tell everyone in person.
On the concert at the 16th of March, マァマァサ☆ムゥ will break up.
Then, after the break up, Tak, AKITO and masanori will each continue their musical activities in different places, but as for masa, I think I will take a break for some time.
However, I don't have any health problems, so please don't worry.
Next time I meet you all, will I sing? Will I play the guitar? Or maybe both? ...As for me, who only lives for that sensation, I haven't found out yet.
However, sometime and somewhere I want to meet you all again.
At the 16th of March I want to present you all the best until now, felt with all senses, fantastic concert, so please come to meet me.
From masa.

(The full text of the letter that masa gave everyone at the concert from the 24.2. in Ueno SENSATION is uploaded)
From masa

The concert is finished and I become like an empty shell.
From the bottom of my heart I have told my honest thoughts.
I like the flower that drops as it bloomed, unwithered.
Tonight was a night that will stand out in my memory.
Well, that was it then, at least for a while. I wonder how long that break will be and how we'll get to know what happens next.
At least that explains why there are no new dates or anything.
I am quite sad now.
Dear Angel
24.02.2008 Ueno Sensation

From masa:
Everyday until today was lived with sensitivity.
The meaning of the words said, overcome with emotion, was truly felt.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

From Tak:
I want to thank all of you who came to the Ueno SENSATION from the bottom of my heart!!
Sorry for the surprise we surprised you with.
But this is a decision of four people and I want you to face forward despite the present statement because I want to make the next concert the best time so far together with you all.
Thank you!!!

Thank you to all of you who came to the SENSATION.
I am very sorry for the heart-breaking announcement.
I will put all my strength into the one at the 16.03. in the morph.
Please make sure to come, everyone!!
Heartbreaking is a good word. I think mine crackled a bit, considering the time I've been waiting to finally see them perform and shortly before I actually fly over, they break up.
Shit happens, huh.
I hope masa will enjoy his break but come back in time *sniffle*

24.02.2008 Blog

From masa

The first storm of spring has past through.
It's the season where new things begin.
Tonight's concert will be a little different.
There's something I want to tell you, seeing your faces.
Come to meet me. I'll be waiting.
What now again? What now again? I want to see him perform in summer! Will it be with a new band again?
Maybe the Angel report will reveal something.

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