27.01.2008 Blog (28.01.2008)

From Tak

The time we all spend backstage. On this picture.
The prince is doing Yoga at the side, for your information (laugh)
I see. Ommmm Ψ(´_`)Ψ. LOL.

26.01.2008 Blog, Dear Angel, News

From masa

Before going on stage for the concert, what are you doing?
The champagne is opened, the clothes are taken off to be unburdened.
Playing the melody the body is entrusted to the senses.
Dear Angel
26.01.2008, Ueno SENSATION

From masa
Tonight is an extraordinary romance night.
Sharpening the sense of smell, I got your fragrance.
Even when the eyes are closed it enters gently, secretly.
Goodnight for tonight. Let's meet again.
From Tak
Thanks to you all for coming to the Ueno concert!!
Somehow the scenery always seen from the stage felt different tonight.
That's probably because various ideas were included in the musical performance ☆
The distance was close but I had fun, and the hot feeling did not change!
Please enchant the beautiful scenery again next month!
Thank you all for your attendance at the SENSATION!
Though I've been somewhat tense, I enjoyed the first concert of 2008 ☆
Let's meet at the SENSATION again next month!
Details for the next concert:
Sunday 24.02.2008, Ueno SENSATION
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Tickets: Presale ¥2500, on the day ¥3000 (drinks excluded)
Performance: マァマァサ☆ムゥ, child egg, 君の美術館
Cheeeeeeeeeers! :D!
Sorry if there are mistakes in this, I am always excited when translating the Angel entries and such (^__^)!

25.01.2008 Blog

From masa

Tomorrow will be an exciting concert.
Before the performance I relax. I'm at a toy store.
The imagination swells and I put on a smile.
It's a wonderful time to be gentle to others.
To be continued tomorrow.
Aww. Now who doesn't love toy stores! I do too, though I enjoy them most when my son does not join me, he always wants everything, phew (^_^;)...
Tomorrow will probably also be the Angel posts, no? A lot to read, nice :)!

24.01.2008 Blog


Yesterday was the final rehearsal for the concert on the 26th.
The set list of the 26th is created by masanori for the first time.
Look forward!
On the picture there is the Chiffon Cake I ate before going to the final rehearsal.
It was pretty tasty.
It might be the angle of the picture, but to me that cake looks exactly like the "cakes" my son does on the playground, when filling a bucket with sand and turning it over (ö_ö)...

22.01.2008 Blog

From masa

Though the winter is cold, the nights are getting longer and the time you can enjoy does increase.
It's full moon tonight, isn't it most beautiful wherever you see it from?
I'm walking along the riverside since the evening, walking in search for the best point.
The 24th of December was the last time we had a full moon.
Tonight the flower of romance will come to bloom as well.
I thought it was the setting sun on the picture. I took a photo of half the moon one of those days.. I will watch out for the full moon tonight :)

20.01.2008 Blog

From masa

Breakfast at the Cafe. There are forebodings of snow in the air. The unusual sweetness of the warm black tea is a welcome feeling.
Since when, I wonder? The dreams I want to come true, the thoughts I want to realize, the ideas I want to tell the people, I have a habit of writing them down. That already lasts for ten years.
I feel that it's a natural thing to do when being alone and without concern for the public gaze.
Nice habit! I always used to draw tons of pictures of how I want to be, where I want to live and all that lol. I think it should be interesting to take a look at what one noted down in the beginning and what of all the plans came true, etc pp :)!

19.01.2008 Blog


Today "Indies A GO GO" will be on the TV.
Unfortunately I cannot watch it at my place.
If you are in the area where it gets broadcast, you must certainly watch it.
Tak please tape it, thanks in advance.
Yes, I hope I can get a tape of it too ^_^

18.01.2008 Blog

From Tak

Sweet-salty boom.
Salt white chocolate flavour? On one hand that makes me incredibly curious, on the other I am glad that I haven't seen it here yet (nor do I believe that I ever will (@_@)).

16.01.2008 Message to member question

I decided to move the "How to send them a message" to the start-page of this site, so it is always there :D!

16.01.2008 Blog

From masa

Good morning. I slept in late this morning. This day I got up without alarm.
Today is like holiday.
The time of living is floating smoothly like the river's stream.
I want to listen to music! I chose "Sarah Brightman" for waking up.
Then "100 tunes of Mozart" I think. After that maybe "Björk" or "Erykah Badu" Live.
There are also many books I want to read. From philosophy books reflecting about Plato to "Mariko Hayashi" and "Jinsei Tsuji" who compose feelings of love.
After that I'll look at Andy Warhol's photo collection and go to the gym to train.
I'm gonna be uplifted while looking at the mirror.
Why yes! Sensory overload! Woah (^_^;)

15.01.2008 Blog


Tonight I will use "rich milk" as bath additive.
I haven't used it yet so I don't know what it's gonna feel like, but it has a delicious naming (laugh)
Maybe he's gonna come out as beautiful as Cleopatra? ;D
Sounds creamy somehow (^_^)

15.01.2008 News

Sales information
Like last year, this year there will also Demo CDs be sold at the concerts (1 tune, 1 promo pic of masa, ¥1000). They are limited to each venue, starting with the following concerts:
26.01. Ueno SENSATION
24.02. Ueno SENSATION
16.03. Roppongi morph-tokyo
For first at the 26.01, Ueno SENSATION, there were many requests for the making of a sound source in the questionnaire and that tune will be released.
There is also another photo set planned to be released (4 pieces, ¥1000), so look forward...☆
As always, I hope I can get my hands on that too (^___^), that would be great.

12.01.2008 Blog

From masa

Recording is finished.
I tried to get the tune of this season in shape now.
When singing at the recording, I'd like to be barefoot.
Because I feel that I receive energy from the ground.
Woah. It's the first time the toes can be seen other than in the bed.
Wasn't it Michael Stipe from R.E.M. who recorded all naked because he thought his clothes would disturb his voice? Energy from the ground... if he stands directly on the soil during recordings then maybe, hehehe.
Anyway, I hope I understood the last line properly (it seemed odd to me since his bare feet are actually all around us ^_^; *sigh*)

10.01.2008 Blog

From Tak

Tak's "Item of the day".
The re-issue of the old familiar sweets made the tension rise up ↑
Back then there was Cola Up. However, not only the package, also the form and taste were different~~ (It was delicious though)
In olden days the flexible gums that were attached to an oblate, would have been carelessly wrapped up in a plastic form.
Ah well, nowadays resources and environmental issues are getting serious, so it can't be helped and it's fine anyway ☆
I am not sure if I understand that, I don't know Cola Up or what it used to look like. I also don't know what an oblate is in this context (^_^;) over here it seems to be something different.

09.01.2008 Blog (10.01.2008)


Today we had the first rehearsal in 2008.
At this rehearsal, for warming up, we did various things like performing old DIZZY DRIVE tunes, doing non-serious recording...
Wouldn't it be interesting to arrange the tunes of DIZZY DRIVE and have a go at them with マァ☆ムゥ? Having such discussions coming up it might happen sooner or later?!
Oh yes pleeaaaase! I want to hear that! I loved DIZZY DRIVE a lot (^_^). I want to hear a マァ☆ムゥ-esque version of "Love Tricky" for instance... or DC!

09.01.2008 Look!

I got a belated Christmas present from a friend today, she made me a masa snow globe! Awww! I put it into the fanart section, too (with credits of course ^_^)!

Just wanted to show off! Lovely, no? :D

08.01.2008 Blog

From masa

See. You know the tune "Rhapsody".
I made it here.
Think rather than being troubled and if you have the power to imagine, you can imagine.
However, for some reason there is always the night view and a glass.
Oh, I think remember him writing that? 30th floor, night view, brandy, lyrics and masa melting away? Or was that another song? LOL.
Anyway, looks like a nice place (^_^)!

06.01.2008 Blog (07.01.2008)

From Tak

Well... as for the year of the rat...
X'D! Yeah. Suits him so well.

05.01.2008 Blog (06.01.2008)

From masa

The new year has arrived, did you dream the year's first dream?
The dream I had was about the guitar becoming important. It seems I can't leave it.
I feel anxious and uneasy when being somewhere that is out of sight.
Of course I love to sing and dance, but I felt that the future will come to a new bloom once more at where I started from.
Flowers also bloom at your feet. When you only look ahead, you overlook them.
Does that mean, he'll get back to the guitar? Sounds good! But I hope he won't stop singing for that (T_T)

03.01.2008 Blog

From masa

120 years Kabuki theater.
I went to see the New Year Kabuki Dance Performance.
When seeing the most showy scenery from the second row, you make out the beauty of the fabric, the changes in the actor's voice and expression.
And, in "Sukeroku Yukari no Edo Zakura (Sukeroku: Flower of Edo)" the edo style was mastered fully by Sukeroku's elegance.
The large flowers of white and red bloomed in abundance at the "Renjishi (Father and son lion dancing).
The lion cub running fast without looking back, while retreating on the stage road was amazing.
I never thought I would spend an afternoon with reading about the tradition of Kabuki theatre just to figure out what masa says (@_@), it has been interesting though.. haha. My first thought was "He writes Chinese..?" LOL.
Well, I hope I could put everything into matching words and connected the patchwork of masa's occasionally quite cryptic sentences properly (^__^;)v

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