03.01.2008 Update~☆!

I added a Spiky poster to the gallery (where it's marked as *NEW*). Not much, I know, but well, being able to get it made me happy anyway, so I share :D!


02.01.2008 News

The team wishes everyone a Happy New Year and they hope that we'll continue our favours towards マァマァサ☆ムゥ in 2008 as well (which we all do of course :D)☆

Then, there was a change in the concert schedule, the concert in Roppongi morph-tokyo, that had been scheduled for Saturday, 15.03.2008, will happen on Sunday, 16.03.2008 instead!

Also, the details for the first concert this year are up:
Saturday, 26.01.2008
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Tickets: Presale ¥2500, on the day ¥3000 (drinks excluded)
Performance: マァマァサ☆ムゥ, quaff and more
Reservation of tickets from 02.01 until 24.01.

Everyone who can go please enjoy and have a good time :D!

02.01.2008 Blog


I wish you a Happy New Year!
As a reaction to the end of year, I've spent a wonderful New Year's Day at home.
There is only little time left until マァ☆ムゥ get active again, so until then I'd like to enjoy the New Year's Day feelings to the fullest.
With said conclusion, I hope you'll continue your favours towards me this year as well!
I hope everyone did have a lovely first day of the new year too!

02.01.2008 Blog

From Tak

A Happy New Year and please be nice to me this year as well!!!
The end of year came with three or more performances ☆ Thank you for the wonderful start of the year!!!!!!!!!!
Good fortune to everyone ☆☆☆
I don't know what he means with the three stages, so I just wrote it down in the way I understand it (^_^;)... and yes, he really used ten exclamation marks. Cute. Lol.
And that's a new year's gift he posts there? The unobtainable freebie fortune bag? I wonder what was in it ^^!

01.01.2008 Blog and some!

From masa

Happy New Year.
Please continue your favours to me this year as well!
Let's have good dreams.
(Yeah, the evil "yoroshiku", I never quite know how to say it in English ^^;)
Aww. We will all be there for the masa this year as well, I'm sure, to dream lovely dreams with him... or so :D!

And, from me!

Best wishes and thanks for your many visits from webteam :D (Which is webmistress yvi and moral support Erik XD)!
Have a Happy New Year! あけましておめでとう! Ein Frohes Neues Jahr!

31.12.2007 Blog

From masa

This is the last night before greeting the next year.
Will you welcome the new year with listening to the bells ringing out the old year?
I truly want to show my gratitude to this year, being polished from the feet up.
I hope the next year has many good things in petto.
Have a Happy New Year everyone! 良いお年を!Einen Guten Rutsch!
I hope he has a real good time getting over into the new one ♥!
Oh, and click on the picture in case you want to install masa's foot as a wallpaper (^_^;)!

30.12.2007 Blog (31.12.2007)

From Tak

I put too much spirit into it at the last concert ...
There were various phenomenal concerts, but I will do my best to have the heat turn up even more for next year!!!
Sounds good (^_^)b!

30.12.2007 Blog


The other day, at the concert, I discovered this while being underway to the venue.
In the equipment car I burst out laughing at that total nonsense.
The tension went up right away.
The sign on the blurry pic says "錦糸町路上禁煙 禁止町" which reads "きんしちょう ろじょうきんえん きんしちょう" (Thanks to Kaori of lang-8 since I didn't see much there ^^;), it is a pun, and AKITO's response sounds a bit like a rhyme, too. I hope I translated it correctly.
(If it's of interest, that sign just says that there is "No Smoking" in that block.)
Another friend just told me that this is even written in Haiku style (5-7-5 syllables).. that is indeed amusing, that would be the most poetic "No Smoking" sign I've ever heard about haha!

27.12.2007 News, Dear Angel, Blog (28.12.2007)

From マァマァサ☆ムゥ to everyone
We put you through a lot of worries this year.
Thanks to the continuous warm support from all of you, it was possible to bring the year 2007 to an end as マァマァサ☆ムゥ.
The members and the whole staff are all together going to do their best, so we can also spend a sparkling time with everyone next year.
Please continue your favours to マァマァサ☆ムゥ for the year 2008.
All of マァマァサ☆ムゥ

Dear Angel
27.12.2007 Ueno SENSATION

From masa
I had an extraordinary romance, meeting you at the night sparkling from stardust.
And the happening. Being overcome with emotions, I (or...?_?) turned to an erotic purple.
Thank you truly for this one year.
I will go on stage for next years concerts, becoming sexy in a gentle and tough way.

From Tak
How was the last concert for this year?
The guitar is too low!!! With this I got mocked during the happening, but still I could bring it to an end happily.
Thanks a lot again for this year ~ See you next year!

To those who came to the last concert this year, thanks a lot, really!
And, really really thank you for this one year.
Tonight all the members put their entire gratitude into the performance.
We'll do our best to be furthermore active and to be able to do sparkling shows again next year ☆
I am sorry if there are mistakes in it m(_ _)m.
However, they did it and they did it well, so now let's wait what next year has to bring (^__^)b
Also, one of my rats went walking over the keyboard. I checked the text twice, but if there are still random lines in it, sorry about that haha.

From masa

Yesterday was the last concert for this year.
There was the absence due to the accident, the HP could be completed, various things did happen, but I really want to tell you many thanks close to the ear.
Taking off steadily, I'll lift into the sky next year.
When I get a little tired, can I count on you and snuggle up?
Goodnight for tonight.
I thought the concert was tomorrow for some reason, hoppa (/).^;)!
Anyway, I am looking forward to their Angel posts, and, of course, to next year! I hope it'll be a good one full of activities for them (and free from any mishaps please please)!
*Sends out good karma to all of them ♥*

26.12.2007 Blog (27.12.2007)

From Tak

Well then!! Tomorrow is the last concert this year!!
The preparations are fine? I rise my tension with my three favourites!!!
For your information, the bands "DEAD END" ,"EX-ANS" and "VIRUS" are super.
Yeah, well. If he says so :)


I am back home!
Tonight was the last rehearsal for tomorrow's concert.
There are the standard goods.
There's a new song, too.
A surprise is also there.
Let's bring the year 2007 to an end together!
I'll wait at Ueno SENSATION!!
I wish everyone who can go a good time there!
This has really been an intense year but in the end all is good!
(Sorry I went to see "Enchanted" today XD)

25.12.2007 Blog

From masa

Merry Christmas!
Have a sweet time and enjoy your self. (or, "yourselves" ^^)
Have a lovely time. Your smiles are the most awesome gift.
There's masa singing and dancing, surrounded by cake and Christmas songs, Champagne and candles.
How do you all spend your time?
Tell me at the next concert.
Sweet! Doesn't he look almost like on my Christmas card? LOL! Cute (^ω)b!
Merry Christmas, masa. Christmasmasa.. hm haha.
Anyway, he seems to be quite excited? He wrote most of it in English. Sweet!
Happy Holidays to all of you angels and devils out there *(^o^)*!

24.12.2007 Blog (25.12.2007)

From Tak

The contribution goes on. My birthday presents to myself were shoes and WARIO.
Even though I actually had searched for the PSP...
Ah yeah, I enjoyed the TV recording. Though I couldn't talk much due to a certain someone... laugh
Also, I've prepared a small gift for this year's final concert vv
Let's bring this year to a happy end!!!

From Tak

Since MOGURA-kun's picture has already been used, I quickly changed the material... laugh
When being in the shop of Motoki from 2nd Effect, I got cake, stew and congratulations from all the fans ☆
Thanks also to Junn and Peggy!!
I hope I understood what he says there, sometimes their way of writing is very difficult to understand for me (@_@)!
Well, a happy (belated) Birthday to the tak-man ^___^! Totally forgot that one.

24.12.2007 Update and more ☆☆

Hahaha do I suck? But I just had to! Merry Xmas (or Xmasa, as Youki said it so nicely in my guestbook :D) to all of you!

I scanned in a couple of Spiky postcards and a sticker which I got from my friend for Christmas ♥! Nothing spectacular or new but I did quite good scans, I haven't seen those around in that quality yet (^__^)
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

23.12.2007 Blog

From masa

Christmas is coming around.
The town is also dressed up, being enchanted by many lights.
I think it's fascinating to be a part of the big party, all warm and fuzzy under the roof with the loved ones.
Come and have fun.
Let me hear how you spend Christmas.
Let's make it the year-end party concert on the 27th after Christmas in Ueno.
It shall be a ball together with all of you.
Come with your bright hearts and faces.
I'm waiting.
Awwwww. Now that was really lovely ♥!

21.12.2007 Blog

From masa

The flower came to bloom in perfect, well rounded blossoms.
It's blooming so much that it overflows through the finder.
I wonder if it had been lurking in the soil until now.
From inside of me, blooming tightly right next to each other, the flowers of Fantasy and Eros are opening up.
Can the concert after Christmas be enchanted?
Maybe I should become as naked as nature intended?
Seen in your naked eyes, I become a blooming flower.
Eros. Romance. Fantasy. Which flower do you like?
I hope I got that right! Hm I think I would go for romance :D! Like it matters. That is a really really pretty picture! But maybe the camera should have been turned around, so to get the whole flower focused? Ahem. Doesn't matter either.

20.12.2007 Blog


Yesterday was the recording for "INDIES A GO GO"!
The day of broadcast won't be in a while, but since masa's talk during the interview was going pretty fast (laugh), look forward to it.
As for the photo, it's "MOGURA (mole) kun" in full presence, stopping by the office of the morph.
On a private note...
Sorry Tak-chan.
I used MOGURA-kun's picture first (laugh)
It really sounds interesting! But what has that to do with the giant mole on the picture? Hahaha. Woah. Is this a mascot of morph? Scary.

20.12.2007 News!

Info regarding the concert at Ueno SENSATION
Though it's two days behind, there will be a small Christmas present perpared for everyone who comes on the 27.12. to Ueno SENSATION, from マァマァサ☆ムゥ, to show their grattitude for the constant support during the year. So please everyone, follow the invitation!
(The ticket reservation via web is still open until the 25th.) The presents will be passed on after the end of マァマァサ☆ムゥ's performance.

New goods:
Demo CD (¥1000, incl. promo pic of masa), this limited, sold only at the venue.
New photo set (¥1000, 4 pieces)

Media information:

19.01.2008, 24.30
They will appear on TOKYO MX TV (Indies A GO GO)
Besides an interview there is also a Live transmission scheduled to be broadcast.
There is a present for the audience as well, so look forward☆
Oh, they're gonna be on Telly? Sweeeet. I hope I can get to see that too! Other than that, everyone who can go to the concert, enjoy (^___^)b

19.12.2007 Blog

From masa

I'm back ☆
The neon lights have grown hazy. It has been a year filled with lots of happiness.
Today has been a TV recording. I don't know the details yet.
As for the subject of the interviewer's questions, it was only about you angels..
Though I was in the studio of course, my heart went flying out to you, I don't remember much.
I am sorry for all the worries I caused this year. Thank you for your support through day and night.
The next concert will be special.
I prepared a gift which, though it's modest, comes from the heart.
Please come so to get a hug.
Well, to all of you who have the opportunity to go, enjoy! I cannot help to feel a bit sad that I can't go, ah well (^__^;)
It's been an eventful year, for sure!

18.12.2007 Blog

From masa

From the start I thought that this is a good natured person, the connection was finally done by destiny.
I got to listen to Danshi Tatekawa's expert meeting.
The Japanese language is deep and moving. The words are very expressive.
The things that you can imagine through words are wonderful.
Learning a Japanese that touches the heart.
I am very sorry for that clumsy translation but I am in a severe pre-Christmas rush here D;
Sorryyyyy (;-;)!
[edit] I revised this now that I had more time, I hope I got it right!

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