17.12.2007 Blog (18.12.2007)

From Tak

It's not chocolate, it's bread indeed. The winter version, brown sugar syrup kinako (soy flour) bread.
The taste is not bad and the volume is amazing.
Well... yeah. LOL. Nothing to say.

16.12.2007 Blog

From masa

It's Sunday, I'm walking on a street of roses.
I heard that I look like Howl now that my hair is cut.
He lives in dreamland. Born on a nearby star?
I was able to do the lyrics of the new song.
Do you get kissed by stardust?
Wrapped in the nude.
Howl as in "Howl's Moving Castle"? Well if it comes to vanity they surely resemble anytime :P...
Hmmmm, how did he get to walk through a rose covered lane? Is he so beautiful that people start to throw roses at him or what? Haha. Anyway, I hope there are no mistakes!

15.12.2007 Blog


I went to acupuncture everyday recently.
The pain in the lower back is becoming a habit each year around this time.
Anyhow, with it being said that warmth is best, it's hot compresses + a small stone sauna at home.
You might think that it's not as effective as a real stone sauna but it's a pretty good feeling being warm!
That thing looks like a good device (^__^)b

14.12.2007 Blog

From masa

Hey, may I ask something?
Do you drink Champagne before going to bed? Or early in the morning?
I do both. I have no preference.
I tip the glass while I take off the pyjamas before going to bed.
Whether it's morning or it's night, time is no problem.
I sleep naked, so that is also no problem.
Champagne in the nude is fantastic.
Give it a try. Dear my Angel.
I'd love to test that if I only could afford to buy Champagne.. since the cheap stuff has already been thoroughly tested during all possible times of the day :P! In the weekend only of course. I have to be sober when I get my son to school XD..
His princely lifestyle is surely enviable *nodnod*

12.12.2007 Blog (13.12.2007)

From Tak

Doesn't it become a sweets only blog here?
Never mind... *laugh*
This is incredibly delicious, though I didn't happen to see it lately ☆
It looks interesting, hmm :D!

12.12.2007 Blog

From masa

I got my hair cut.
The weather is fine this afternoon and soon it's going to be Christmas.
So, it will finally be the last concert of this year.
You get to see the reborn masa, joy.
It'll be a blissful moment when I see the opened expression and body of you all.
It's still a couple of times going to sleep until the very day.
There is a beauty to the unconcealed rawness, which is not reflected in a mirror.
I've reached my limits once more (>_<).. I cannot find the right expressions. Anyway, that sounds nice, as always (^___^)! And not a single mention of underwear! LOL.

11.12.2007 Update~☆★

I updated the release section and the gallery with the latest Demo CDs and photosets (live-shots and photo shooting)!
As for the photos, you can find them in the gallery where it's marked as *NEW* like always!
I am especially fond of the latest photo shooting, it turned out very beautiful, so check it out I say.
↓ Preview:


10.12.2007 Blog

From masa

It's getting cold, you don't catch a cold?
When sleeping, I go to bed only in my underwear.
However. I think from tonight on I'll take off all my clothes.
My friend from Tohoku district said that it is good for cold prevention and protection against cold.
Erasing the coldness. In the nude.
The concert also in freedom.
Appearing like when you are newborn is Ok?
Well, that was interesting. I'm not sure if I got this right, I am a bit in a rush (^.^;) sorry. Naked? New undies? Both? Anyway, sexy picture. That's what I like. Thongs, no. This, yes d(^ω^*)
[edited thanks to the help of my lovely new friends from! ;D]

09.12.2007 Blog (10.12.2007)

From Tak

I am trying various sweets and the likes, made from my long time favourite kinako.
Today it's this!!!
Kinako = Soybean flour I believe? Well, I'm sure he'll enjoy that (^_^)b

09.12.2007 Blog


The Demo CD with the new song which is going to be sold at the next concert is finished!
We from マァ☆ムゥ are planning various things for the concert on the 27th at SENSATION.
As it is the last concert this year & right after Christmas, there might be a Christmas present for everyone who comes to the concert.
Look forward.
A present? One of masa's thongs? Hahaha. I am just jealous since I cannot go there, ignore me ;D!

08.12.2007 Blog

From masa

It came from overseas.
The new baby arrived so the room is rearranged.
Since there is no agency in Japan, I ordered it through the internet and it is sent directly from abroad.
I didn't know the size at first (since it is legitimate over there) so it's been tested many times before it came home fitting exactly.
Mixing it with the tongs (thongs? D:) that are in the closet, I rearrange the room, closet and trunk room since I want to put it in the place where it's best visible.
At the time it arrives, the preparations are O.K.
What is he talking about?? Order undies through teh intarwebz? Tongs, thongs? I hate thongs.. eeek. LOL. Matter of taste, matter of taste. I hope I got it right.

06.12.2007 Blog

From masa

It's this tonight.
Though I have already seen this movie many times, I want to become warm at the season where the wind sweeps around the cheeks.
In olden days, former times, when I saw the movie in the cinema, chocolate aroma? The incense was burned.
Is it true when it's said that chocolate is the flavour of the first love?
Even though the kiss is unexpected.
Oh I remember that, this aroma cinema event where the cinema smelled like chocolate. Lovely movie, anyway :D!

04.12.2007 Blog

From masa

I'm enthusiastic for writing a diary these days.
Though this diary is written with a keyboard, I go back to the original intention, the "pencil".
There is no stationer here. The mechanical pencils at the konbini aren't sufficient in their shade of colour.
By the time school has ended, I discovered kids with schoolbags playing in the streets.
When searching near the elementary school, I found a stationery shop.
It's just a mom and pop store but it feels like business, being absorbed in the conversation.
I finally came across pencil and pencil sharpener. And pencil caps.
The scent of wood and lead. The sound of tracing the paper for writing is supreme.
I wonder, shall I try to sharpen it with a knife when I am in practice?
Well it's possible to use about anything that's sharp enough, I know what I'm talking about since I constantly loose my pencil sharpeners XD..

03.12.2007 Blog


This is a scene of where masa gave a massage for nasal inflamation to masanori when we went to eat after yesterday's rehearsal.
However, what you see doesn't look like a massage, it seems like he only hits him (laugh)
As you can see masa looks like making a happy face while masanori seems to be in pain.
Well, wow (o_o) that does look a bit brutal, yes haha.

03.12.2007 Schedule

They updated the concert schedule for 2008!
Saturday, 26.01.2008 Ueno SENSATION
Sunday, 24.02.2008 Ueno SENSATION
Saturday, 15.03.2008 Roppongi morph-tokyo
Details aren't fixed yet.

03.12.2007 Blog, Dear Angel

From masa

Last night's heavy heartbeat did not stop.
You with your naked eyes being moved to tears were beautiful like a sexy piece of art.
When the eyes are closed, the flower in the heart comes to full bloom.
Good night, good night.
Let's meet in the dreams.

02.12.2007 Shibuya GUILTY

From masa
As Santa brings Christmas along, I sang cheerfully, greeted by shiny eyes, tonight.
The sexy angelfaces were lovely, more than any illumination.
We'll meet again for the Christmas Carols.

From Tak
As for this month's debut at the GUILTY, it was much appreciated and thank you very much!
The location was lovely with the scent of a new building hanging in the air ☆
And it seems we could do an especially happy concert tonight~.
Got to meet everyone~.
The next is the last performance for this year.
Let's bring it to a hot end once more ☆☆

A late thank you to everyone for your attendance at the GUILTY!
We were able to do an incredibly happy, shining & sparkling? concert.
On the 27th at Ueno SENSATION there is the last concert for this year.
Let's end up the year 2007 enjoying ourselves with all our heart!
That all sounds so lovely! I wish I would have been there too. I hope there aren't too many mistakes.. it's late over here and I'm sleepy (^_^;)

02.12.2007 Blog

From Tak

It's the Shibuya concert today!! I got up too early......
It seems that I can get my beloved Simpsons mug at Mister Donut this time!!
As it is, since it seems to be a part of the family set I could not get it yet.
Let's go today before the concert, I'll take along my sweet lovely members (laugh)
Well good luck haha. And, if I made a mistake please tell me, as always ^^!

01.12.2007 Blog

From masa

Tomorrow's the Saturday night of the concert.
This outfit is fine. Physical condition is fine. As for the mood, psycho.
Seeing Warhol's photo collection, my heart gets beautifully soft.
Tomorrow I'll sing to the art at the capital of flowers.
There is a museum that has a Warhol Collection in Shibuya :D! Anyway, Saturday night concert on a Sunday? Eh?

30.11.2007 Blog


It's two days until the concert at GUILTY.
I charged my energy with eating sweets.
The combination of a warm dessert and icecream is supreme.
Such things as hot apple pie + vanilla ice.
For today it's a warm chocolate cake with caramel icecream.
I pretty much thought about getting a second helping, but since I would ruin my stomach at this time, I practiced selfcontrol.
This is also part of the health condition management.
Warm chocolate cake with icecream? I have never heard of anything like that. But then I am not much into cake, so maybe it's just my sheer ignorance showing haha.
Also, as always, I tried to put this into a not too clumsy sounding English, since some things sound so awkward when you do literal translation. I hope, also as always, nothing got lost on the way :)!

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