10.10.2007 Blog


Since the weather was good today and the physical strength is completely restored too (laugh), I went to Ueno for shopping.
The item in question has been safely obtained, so, let's have lunch!
And I went to my favourite India Curry House but what! It's closed for renovation.
I took the long way to Ueno in order to eat Curry, if I wanted to only go shopping I could have done that in the local area... (tears)
Why is it, that when it's impossible to eat something, you want to eat it by all means?
That's futile, it looks like the renovation will take a little while so I'll go to a local Curry House those days.
Awwww *patpat*. Curry.. that reminds me of the Discworld Death and his obsession for a GOOD (and greasy) CURRY XD [/random]

09.10.2007 Blog

From masa

The afternoon after the rain. The clear sky resembles a white marble.
Invited by the wind, I take the afternoon tea under the parasol.
Along with autumn intensifying, the sensitivity to taste and scent grows.
Though I usually order at once, do I rather tend to Darjeeling or is it Chamomile...?
Puzzled, I take both.
Monopolizing two pots, each with a different fragrance, it's a refined afternoon.
Oh the decandence :D! One tea for him and one for the invisible friend, maybe?
[edited due to a ton of typos and what not +_+;]

08.10.2007 Hello!

A friend of mine, Honeyblade, managed to get a hold on the PV-Preview of "不埒なプラチナ" and this morning I found out that she put them up on YouTube and Veoh to share with those for whom the links on aren't working (and I tried with Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer so I guess the site is done for something completely different and only that? Or maybe the PV is just linked wrong? (^_^;) I -can- see the three drawings.)
»Small YouTube Version«
»Larger Veoh Version«
I hope that's allowed, it's the Preview and we cannot see it on the site (T_T)
Well, to those who have had the same problems, enjoy it now, thank you Honeyblade.

It's a really very cute PV ;D!

07.10.2007 News

The PV to "不埒なプラチナ" is up!
In the PV section (or 動画) you can see a part of the PV they sold on yesterday's live!
Check out :D!
(I cannot see or hear anything though, what do I do wrong? And the link in the flash menu does not work for me either, only the 'normal' link T_T)

07.10.2007 Blog (08.10.2007)

From Tak

Thank you for the large attendance!
After the long time of being careless I was a little bit tense.
There was a lot of chatting and trivial conversation with the fellow members backstage.
Such a fun shot was missed, but, loving myself, I didn't forget to take a snapshot of myself... laugh
Haha that's cute, isn't it! So, I guess that was all for today, what an exciting day (^__^)!

07.10.2007 Blog

From masa

Yesterday the feelings were let out with all might, so tonight it's charging.
After being deeply moved by the arts I go to the AX.
Wanting to shout out feverish, many guests, who express using the whole body, are coming and it became sleeveless under the autumn night sky.
Do you become familiar with letting go?
When all are standing, the venue is shaking along with the tune.
Rock night. Is it a good influence for the new song?


To everyone who came to the morph-tokyo yesterday, until late, thank you really very much.
When getting up this morning, my body was stiff (laugh)
I didn't expect to get that tired, since at rehearsal and individual practise I play the drums longer than on stage, however, regarding the concert after long time, usually at a different place, was the strength taken?
Yesterday, being three, waiting time was long and to distract from the tense feelings, I brought in several magazins, everyone was reading (laugh)
On the photo there is one scene of yesterday, in the dressing room.
That's quite a lot for one day. Or, in other words, I am a bit knocked out from all the translation work (@_@) sorry for mistakes as usual, I hope I didn't overread anything and sorry if my english expressions sound odd, my attention span suffered a bit after so many entries (^__^;)

07.10.2007 Blog

From masa

I wanted to feel the colours and went out on the street.
Tonight I want to be soaked in the arts.
A picture was painted live on the street.
Ah, so when you put down the brush, it's said to become a line.
When you add this colour to that colour, it becomes pink.
Staring from distance, out of the white canvas comes a painting.
Interesting isn't it?
Very vivid blogger, the masa! That's a nice picture (^__^)

07.10.2007 Dear Angel, Blog

Dear Angel
06.10.2007, Roppongi, morph-tokyo

From masa
I'm glad I could meet you all, I have been dreaming about that all the way since I woke up.
And then it seems to be such a beautiful night sky.
Ahh the stars spread out in sparkling brightness.
Truly, thank you for tonight.

From Tak
To all of you who came to the come-back concert, thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.
Though various things happened during this half year, I feel glad that I could meet you after waiting such a long time for this.
The members as well as masa kept holding out and the desire overflowed in everyone.
Even if the band starts over new, we do our best so there is a warm welcome.
Let's meet again at November in Ueno SENSATION!

I am truly thankful to everyone who attended the morph.
Although there were many serious things going on in those several month, we were able to make a new start in safety, thanks to all of you waiting.
Now, being in the happy position to do the concert after all that time, the tension unravels and is being replaced by relief.
I am looking forward to meet you on the 04.11. in Ueno SENSATION!
They all look good!!! How nice to finally see more of the masa than the torso or a random hand yes! I really wish I was there too ^___^! Photo, even if pretty, cannot make up for the real thing.
From masa

Ahh. It seems that even this morning I don't wake up from last night's dream.
It's been my birthday, Halloween and Christmas coming together, I am especially happy.
Well.. While trying to sleep when seeing the morning sun, I rejoiced seeing the furachina PV.
Repeating the first trial, the challenge was repeated, coloration is finished in abundance. That far I remember.
Yeah. Opening the Champagne with feelings getting high. The chrystal glass was prepared, cooled and ready. Yeah. Yeah. I remember.
When waking up, the unused glass still stares at me without changing it's condition. The beautiful shaped champagne bottle becomes empty and the single rose is arranged.
Yeah. I remember... The gentle aroma of the champagne. Wrapped up in the beloved texture, I got uplifted.
The straight line of the bubbles, resembling a woman's back line, rising straight up in the glass. Concentrating on the crystal. This? Isn't the glass pretty as it is?
It is. I was glad as if Bon Fest and New Year came together.
Thank you.
This sounds all very happy from what I understand! Unfortunately it seems that I don't understand very much though (o_o;) maybe I'm too excited, I surely am. I tried my best and I hope you get the main core of the messages despite my horrible sounding "translation" (T_T)
However, I can still take another look on this later, now is the time for being happy :D! (If any of you spots a mistake, please tell me T_T)

06.10.2007 Blog (07.10.2007)

From masa

It was a concert of rich and very tender harvest.
When I see your soft faces, I feel like I'm able to do anything.
Imagining the time after this my chest swells in anticipation.
A new beautiful song is born from those deep emotions.
Let me announce it at the next performance.
I bet it was amazing! I can't wait to read more in Dear Angel, I wish I would have been there too! He's baaaack *dances* :D! I'm one happy elf now!

05.10.2007 Blog


Tomorrow it's really finally happening.
Everything should be prepared!
I think the physical condition is all that matters!
Though it's expected when performing after that long time, I feel more nervous than necessary...
Relax, relax. That I keep on telling myself.
On such a night I set a limit and go to sleep early (laugh)
Tomorrow also a new item appears in the sales, the first trial after we became マァ☆ムゥ is prepared, so, announcement? flowing, the illumination reaching the seats, it will be fun until the very last moment!
From masa

Tomorrow there is finally the gala occasion.
Though the excitement seems driving me crazy, I am at the same time, objectively seen, even enjoying it.
Since I seem to start seething when I am by myself, I took a stroll through the rows of trees in the afternoon. Drifting scents of Autumn.
Feeling good, I had tea in a cafe.
I like the taste and scent of the floating delicious honey.
I did tell that to the hairstylist next door.
Oh, and the image is to shape. When I talk to the stylist, it will work out.
Isn't it nice? Tomorrow the sky will be sunny!
I am very sorry for the mistakes that I probably made in abundance but I have a bad cold here (T_T) I hope I will be better to correctly translate their 'Dear Angel' blog!
And it's so cute. All the entries are always like 'iyoiyo blablabla' ;D! I am very excited too!

05.10.2007 Blog

From Tak

It's finally, it's finally tomorrow.
I want to eat meat!!!
However, here I rise up the tension with my favourite comic!!
Well... yes, good idea. I'd volunteer to save him from starving (^__^;)
Anyway, all their excitement is so infective, I am sure they'll do good on Saturday! Thumbs up d(^_^d)

04.10.2007 Blog (05.10.2007)


At the final rehearsal last night, masanori's cellphone broke (laugh), there were various happenings but in the end it was splendid!
Later, each of us had their physical condition prepared more than enough.
While at that, I went to eat yakiniku tonight so to recharge my power for the 6th!
Within a colourful menu I stayed unexpectedly conservative regarding the food, beef ribs & beef ribs. And also, beef ribs.
Well, meat should be Ok as for now.
Tomorrow I'll have vegetables.
Ah. Ribs and ribs with ribs. He is like all the men I know, vegetables are for the softies and a real tough guy needs a dead cow to recharge his batteries. No bunny food. Just joking ^___^! I am excited.

03.10.2007 News

Besides the already mentioned sound source they also sell:

- DVD-R with the first PV of マァマァサ☆ムゥ
(there is one song on it, "不埒なプラチナ" and it will be 1000)
- A new photoset with four pictures, also 1000

Those who buy both the Demo and the DVD, 20 will enter a lottery and be able to win a rose compact mirror which is autographed. (If you buy two sets you enter twice as it seems)
This is only possible on the 6th and will end as soon as the mirrors are all gone.
And the sales start from the opening.
A PV too! I hope my friend can get me that!

03.10.2007 Blog

From masa

Not yet.
Are you the type who becomes stiff from tension before a performance?
Or are you a person who enjoys to let out all the excitement?
I am both.
Before the performance the pressure almost gives me stomach aches.
At such times I take a hot bath so to relax from the nervousness.
There is the indirect prove of paradise in the room with relaxing aroma. I try.
If the rehearsal is done repeatedly and you're perfectly done with preparations, the performance will be as it is supposed to be.
At the moment when being on stage, there is only the joy of meeting you.
It is the last rehearsal now.
I am glad that I can meet everyone and I surely feel the tension as I want to enhance the system.
I am nervous now lol. And excited, it will surely be a blast once he is on the stage (^__^)!
Sorry for mistakes as always.

02.10.2007 Blog


In four days the concert will happen at last.
It feels good how the tension did rise up!
Somewhat the tension rises too much though and when I'm in this condition from now on I will be burned out before it's the 6th (laugh) so I went to an individual practice.
It's feels good to sweat, the tension softens, both body and mind are perfect ☆
I'd really love to watch "24-twenty four6" but tomorrow there will be the final rehearsal so tonight i'll go to sleep early!
Wow, I just peeped in and the next update is there already, they really seem to plan on writing a lot now, that's nice!

01.10.2007 Blog

From masa:

Thanks a lot for the many "Congratulations".
Last night it was Happy-b-day at the Red Brick at dusk night.
Being struck by a little rain I was walking, singing to the night sky.
Oh, what a romantist, don't you agree?
Next Saturday I have a date with you.
I'll offer an extraordinary time.
Red Brick is this? Looks nice! And sorry if there are mistakes (^__^;) I'm a bit sleepy yet.

01.10.2007 About...

About the new site, in case you also have difficulties in using the new page, you can click on the flash animation and then right-click it to uncheck the repeat function in the movie-menu. That will stop the endless loop and you can navigate through the site using all the flash goodness :D!
I thought I'd mention it since I'm not the only one who had a little problem with this!
I also wonder why they are called "masamasa☆mu" in the site credits (^__^;) Fixed!
But, concert photos! And the profile is much more interesting now, I hope I can put up first part of the translation tomorrow ♥!

30.09.2007 News, schedule and blog entries (01.10.2007)

The concert schedule until the end of year is up.
The PC version of the official website is up too:
Along with the opening of the new website, inquiry, ticket reservation and fan mail have changed.
The inquiry mail adress is now "", the ticket reservation mail adress is now "" and the fanmail adress is now "", further details are to be found here.
Sunday, 04.11.2007
OPEN/17:30 START/18:00
Ticket presale ¥3000 and on the day ¥3500 (drinks excluded)
Performance: INO HEAD PARK, AGE OF PUNK, マァマァサ☆ムゥ
Ticket reservation from 06.10 to 01.11.2007

Sunday, 02.12.2007
Shibuya GUILTY
Details will follow

Thursday, 27.12.2007
Details will follow
From masa

One by one.
Climbing up the stairs I finally arrived here.
Being happy with only being alive.
Why? You should know that.
Supported by something more than myself, I'm living in innocence.
Come to see the debut.

From Tak

Finally the long awaited beautiful HP is completed!
And, it's only one week until the revival concert.
I'm getting excited!
I also hope to perform with my new weapon ☆
For that reason I'll チラッと show the new weapon.
(Sorry I don't understand this m(_ _)m)


Congratulations! The PC version of the official HP is open!
Finally we were able to do the desired PC version of the HP.
Come to peep in restlessly into 'rose coloured days' (バラ色の日々, the new blog) since all members will update frequently.
Hm. I had to manually stop the flash movie from looping (@_@) but it's a very nice site once the flash stops haha.
So many new things to discover, very exciting!
I will put up translation of the questionnaires in the profile later.

30.09.2007 ★☆ Happy Birthday ☆★!

Yes, a happy birthday and many happy returns to our beloved prince of strange beautiful music (^__^)! I'm gonna have a glass or two on his health hehe!
Let's hope he has a lovely party and he'll continue surprising us with his ideas for many more years ♥!
And what a year this has been, he really has a good reason to celebrate. Like 'phew that was close' and all that. He really has a guardian angel, maybe we are his guardian angels, wouldn't that be nice? I hope the future holds lots of happiness for him now, life owes him something now I think ;D

Don't forget to send him lots and lots of fanmail!

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