24.09.2007 From masa, from member

From masa:
There are certain colour schemes at Japan's four seasons.
The autumn smiles in plenty colours.

I like the long nights with the cool breeze blowing.
While strolling through the streets at night, I finally made it to the bar.
I guess I can consider myself lucky, being able to present poetry by writing poetry here.

In a little while there will be the debut.
I focus on it being excited all the way.
Your smiling faces are leading me onwards.

The bars of Japan all have a seat with his name on it huh :D! However, that looks tasty, now I am thirsty. Oh, and I suppose I totally messed up the poetry-sentence..? Sorry if so hmpf. Must study more.
From Tak:
Though the hot days still continue for a bit, is everyone in top condition??
The countdown until the come-back concert finally became prominent.
Rehearsals also steadily enter the final stage, becoming firm!
Well, of course the best is to meet you all after a long time, I impatiently look forward to what kind of faces I will see~.
Oh, we also put some lovely goods you must have together, so come and take a look!
It's a little behind, however, combining it with masa's birthday, let's make it to a happy, stylish event ☆
Ohhh I am excited. I want the goods at least, since I cannot go lol. And it's kinda funny to write about hot days when my fingers are frozen just because I opened a window brrrrrr.

16.09.2007 From masa, from member, news (17.09.2007)

From masa:
Today is the first day, the sun was orange in the sky.
I was inside the studio, singing and dancing, placing the lyrics on the sweet enchanting tune.

This tune should reach everybody's hands. Yeah.
It won't be long anymore.

Resting with a sigh at the evening sky.
Wearing a jacket, I feel the autumn's long nights come into town.

The five senses are uplifted, almost trembling and the heart opens without objections.
The new personal experience is accepted and I like that moment.

Reading that diary makes me happy hehe. I love the autumn anyway. It brings so much fun. Today I accidently glued my keyboard to the table with superglue when trying to fix my broken clay pumpkin for deco. I should stick to the real ones those don't break, they just wither away.. hoho.
I am already so curious about those new songs (^__^)b
The come-back concert is finally getting in sight, rehearsals, clothes, tunes, goods... I became busy!

What I have especially focused, is wanting to publish the regular recorded sound source which マァ☆ムゥ did in the beginning of this year in february... it's currently in preparation!

Really? Though it was scheduled to be released as a CD, due to variuos circumstances the sound source has not seen the light of day yet. I'm sorry to say that the official release was not possible, but even though the recording has been long-awaited, it's starting too good! Said thing, coming in shape of a Demo CD, a little touched up, will come on sale at the concert on the 6th. Since it becomes a sound source that is packed with the little world of マァ☆ムゥ, you can look forward to it with pleasure!

Below a photo of that time, while the chorus is taken I for some reason have to observe and take snapshots.
Huh? The reason is, that everyone who hears me singing will definately get silent...

Aww hahaha... can it really be that bad?
I'm looking forward to the next Demoooo ♥! I remember that photo from Junn's blog at the beginning of this year hm.
The opening of the PC version of the official homepage is scheduled for this autumn, look forward...☆
Ah? Better late than never? Well, we will see what that is :D!

09.09.2007 From masa, from member (10.09.2007)

From masa:
It's just a little until the first stage of the come-back, you can already count it on your fingers.
It's a happy time overflowing with joy and anticipation.

You, who come to see the concert, should receive it with happiness in your hearts.
I've devoted the time only to my reason to live.
Everyone just wait a little longer.

Aww I wish I could go too, I'd love to see the concert!
I'm sure he's gonna do great there (^o^)!
From Tak:
I am writing this right now at the spot as the recording was finished.
There have been various new songs composed for the rebirth of マァマァサムゥ, however, when leaving current good aspects for challenging in new things, the head gets tortured and I get into fighting spirit.

The come-back concert is finally in less than a month!
It has been a while since the last performance with masanori so there are just so many things to look forward to!!
As for me, regarding my brand new guitar, I am steadily preparing for the explosion ☆
Everyone, please meet us with the happiest faces (^o^)
I am looking forward to what they will all write into "dear angel" then! I am sure that everyone will be happy there (^__^)!
As always, sorry if there is a mistake, I tried my best to make it sound not so awkward, but my own english tends to sound awkward too sometimes, so there haha.

04.09.2007 Schedule

They put up the schedule and performance time for マァマァサムゥ come-back concert in October!

Saturday, 06.10.2007
Roppongi morph-tokyo
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
(The performance of マァマァサムゥ is scheduled for 21:40)
Tickets presale: 2000¥ on day of performance: 2500¥
(Drinks excluded)
Performance: マァマァサムゥ and more
Advance order possible from 04.09. until 04.10.2007
Go to, information, to see how to pre-order the ticket.
To those who are fortunate to go, enjoy!

Besides, the concert schedule for the rest of this year is being settled bit by bit. As soon as the details are known they'll inform us, so look forward...☆

02.09.2007 From masa, from member (03.09.2007)

From masa:
The leafs are more and more changing the colors for the season of autumn.
Being especially smartly dressed this season, it's about time to go out.
It's ok to look at the things that are put on, I want to make the people smile who look at these clothes.
I love such clothes.

I want my sense of beauty to always be fresh and original.
When I'm in such a mood, I visit an arts museum.

Today I directed my steps to the kimono dyeing and weaving exhibition.
This work of art is a masterpiece, entirely like a building.
At natural light, considering the color scheme of this season and how it's mixing, the people and the clothes are still prominent.

At the Taisho era, where technology didn't flourish, and at the beginning of the Showa era, the craftsmen publish their work to the world artistically and skillfully.

Beautiful, ornamental and in strong, powerful coloring.
The dyeing and weaving of Itchiku Kubota has taken my breath away.

Oh, I looked up on the artist, and his work is really impressive. Very very beautiful kimono art (as far as I can tell, I have no idea about what kimonos should look like ^_^;)
Look here!
(At least I think this is the person he mentioned, since I couldn't find anyone else, but masa's mentioned name is different [大久保一竹 vs. 久保田一竹] @_@)
It's been hot until recently, although I said that it is hot, at the past few days I can sense the signs of autumn approaching in the blink of an eye.
Speaking of autumn, it's only the little of one month left until the come-back concert of マァ☆ムゥ.

It seemed long, it seemed soon...
In any case, I can't wait for it!!

Ah, I'm terribly happy but also nervous~.
Hm!? Say what you like, it's still early (laugh)

That excitement is infective, I wish I could go and see that concert!!
As always, I am sorry if there are mistakes m(_ _)m!

31.08.2007 Update~☆

I updated my page with fanarts I got from lovely Ka Tokubi!
It's two drawings and a cosplay ♥! Really very cute. You find everything in the fan arts section, marked as *NEW*!
↓ Preview:

Thank you very much Ka Tokubi :D!

27.08.2007 Update of cute ~☆★

I added some scans out of the magazin of "Dears Nr.7" with masa in them, I got them from Elisa.
Thank you Elisa ♥!
↓ Preview:

You find them in the gallery, GacktJOB/masa part five, marked as *NEW*.

As for the pink clouds in masa's diary, my Mom always used to say "Look, the angels in heaven fire the oven and bake cookies" aww! I never forgot that.

27.08.2007 From masa, from member

From masa:
The sunset at the end of summer.
It leaves with memories changed into colour schemes.

It shines brilliantly up in the sky, in orange colour when coming from the west.
When mixing with the blue and purple sky that brings along the moon, the gigantic summer clouds are illuminated in pink.
It resembles a girl with flushed cheeks.

The summer of this year was, unlike usually, spent indoors everyday but a lot of tunes and songs were born.

The first stage appearance at the come-back is at the autumn of the harvest.
There should be harvest in abundance.

That sounds good, I hope we can be able to get to hear some of that too, as like on CD!
Let's keep the fingers crossed (^__^)
From Tak:
Here I am at a rushed rehearsal for the new song of マァマァサ☆ムゥ!
They are nothing but unique and good tunes each! Everyone will be able to listen to those in time I guess ☆
As for me, the usual summer cold got better and it's a pleasant rehearsal with the new guitar.

Ah yes, there was a cat in the rehearsal studio... The other day masa squatted down facing the other... Surely there was conversation... The energy seems to be transfigured in the cat anytime... Well, it was rather the cat itself...

That was the recent state!
Meow? Hm I am not sure if I got the point of that... but it sounds cute!
Sorry for mistakes, as always :D!

19.08.2007 From masa, from member (20.08.2007)

From masa:
The skin exposed to the gentle breeze on Sunday afternoon, I listen to the wild birds twittering while enjoying the shadow.

When in a relaxed happy mood, I want to turn those happy feelings into words and tell them.

At first, I want to tell it to you.

Announcing the concert I give in October, I am composing a love song under the parasol, and yet, I am at times touched by the intense colours in violent vividness.

Now, as I placed the many words on the melody, I work hard on my physical strength for the day that I send it out to you.

After this I want to keep every single moment that I spent with everyone in a vivid memory.

Did you finish your dress?

Yes masa. I just cannot wear it at the concert since I'm too far away =B
Haha.. however, it's always nice to see him so happy, it makes me happy too (^___^)!
Hot! Hot!
Though it cooled down a little yesterday and today, it's still abnormaly hot this year's summer!!

I personally hate the heat so I hope for the summer to end soon.
However, it's good since the ice does taste better (laugh)

As it is, I will lightly spend the day indoors at my house today.
I'm preparing the business data for マァ☆ムゥ.

One person at home, aiming towards the come-back, I want to do all those things.
Wild ideas? Doing this is the happiest time lately (laugh)

Yay! Well I understand totally, can't wait for the autumn to come, though over here the weather is crazy, one day cold, one day hot oof.
Btw. the handwriting on the photo says 'Favourite' (^__^)!

17.08.2007 Sorry

Due to more problems with the server my site was at odds, I am sorry about that, but the problems should be solved now, and hopefully for quite a while now (^__^;)

12.08.2007 From masa, from member (13.08.2007)

From masa
Midsummer, wind bells. It's the beautiful season of the sunflowers.
I want to touch the arts, to extend the photo collection at the room.

There are many pictures that captivate the heart and stimulate the eyes.
Though you can go to the museum to see the beautiful work, the architecture is the place you gotta go to.

My favorite architect is Antonio Gaudi.
His work is impressive, delicate fantasy.
Human imagination goes until here.

If you finish the structure, you can actually do it.
It's inspiring day and night.

Though the person himself might be dead already, the structure still seems to be incomplete.
Isn't it the rule of perfectionism to finish before one's lifetime has ended?
Being born in the next century, did you want to complete it with the artist's inspiration?

I want to go to Spain, Barcelona for confirmation.

I like Gaudi, his buildings look like alive. So organic, round, lively. Dunno how to describe it (^__^) warm. Different.
From Tak:
It's Tak with the cold...

I catch a cold about twice a year...
Since I took a day off from rehearsal... soooooo... there is no new stuff (laugh)

Now that I am a little better, I will bit by bit get the new song into my mind again.
Everyone take care with the summer cold ヽ(*_*)
Aww Tak. Anyway, I hope there are not too many mistakes, sorry sorry. I just returned from a medieval market with tournaments and all where I saw a dog-breeder who looked liky masa XD and I gots to shake the hands of all the knights (*o*) woooh.
I am glad Tak is better and I am curious what masa wants to do in Spain with Gaudi's architecture (^__^;)

11.08.2007 Sorry

We had a major server crash and the old server back up and running. The site should be working again
We are working on record speed to keep everything running and up, sorry for any inconvenience!
I will do my best.
Love ♥

05.08.2007 From masa, from member (06.08.2007)

From masa:
It's an afternoon where the air is of a gentle dampness and rich.
On a weekend just before the start of the rainy season, when the breeze was blowing strong, I went to meet the faries in the forest.
What is that about? Siegfried called out.

I like to be bewitched by a pure classic ballet in a showy theatre.

However, this time, "Swan Lake" Open Air field?
I was really glad about the offer but nevertheless, is that possible? How?
Half in doubt and deeply interested as it is, I went to visit Yamanashi Prefecture.

All in all, it was beyond my imagination.
I got used to a stage without ceiling and there also was no wall in the back of the performers.
The large forest of Kyosato was slowly swaying behind Odette who appeared on the stage.
When the pure white swans were dancing, the full moon did shine brightly, illuminating the night sky.

Hm. Feeling the dance of the fairies and such I was completely absorbed into this.
Though Open Air is my weak point, I felt wrapped up in the athmosphere of the forest, disguising in emerald.
It's beautiful. The place is not chosen.

That sounds really really beautiful and enchanting I have to admit, although I am not a huge fan of ballet or such. But therefore I on the other hand love Open Air Events lol.
The arrangement of the new song for tomorrow's rehearsal is done right now.
(I don't know how to properly translate the next sentence (T_T) from what I understand, AKITO finds that masa's tune from the impression he could get up to now seems to be very lovely!)

The only regret though is that Tak-chan caught a cold so tomorrow there is a rest from rehearsal (sad)
Get better soon~!
And, at last, one nostalgic shot I discovered in my cellphone folder...

Ow poor Tak. I hope he'll be alright soon and take a rest until he is REALLY recovered. I still remember that photo, that seems so long ago. Haha masa looks very clever there. Nice shot!

01.08.2007 Thank you!

I just realized it might be time for this again, I just realized this site already got more than 21500 hits (according to my unreliable counter ^_^;), so, thank you very much to all visitors (*-*) this surely makes me happy!
Mainly, of course, thank you to everyone for staying tuned and supportive even though times were rough and the break was long. Now I am sure, time will fly and before we notice it's October already and they will be fully back!
Lots of love and kisses! o(^ω^)o
↓ The obligatory banner :D ↓

Thank you - Dankeschön - ありがとう - Merci Beaucoup - Gracias - etc. uhm.

30.07.2007 Update!

Due to the new band line-up and due to Junn's announcement that he might close his old blog and move somewhere else in near future, I did some updating to the Links-, Other Projects- and Profile-section.
I also updated the Biography with their come-back concert!

30.07.2007 News, schedule, from masa and from member!

Important note from マァマァサ☆ムゥ.
This time the bassist Junn has left.
This might sound abrupt to all of the fans, but before the activities were paused there was already the request of Junn to depart.
Afterwards, due to the break in activity because of masa's unexpected accident and to avoid trouble until the come-back concert would be decided, the announcement was postponed.
On the 6.10.2007, at the concert in morph-tokyo, masanori will come as a support bassist.
Sorry to all the fans for the trouble, since all members from now on will do more than their best, please keep on supporting them the best that you can.
All of マァマァサ☆ムゥ
Below Junn's message.
The sudden announcement of leaving might be surprising.
Actually the decision for leaving happened this year in January and was decided in a discussion with the members. Then there was masa's accident...
In discussion with the members the announcement was held back until masa was able to come back completely.
Now masa is back, and I gladly heard about マァマァサムゥ being able to restart their activities, here is the note about my leaving, to everyone thank you a lot for your support.
I am devoting my life to being able to express what I want as an artist.
Though the reason for leaving might be common, it was differences in musicianship.
Nevertheless, everyday that was spent with them from DIZZY DRIVE's activity to マァマァサムゥ, concerning to myself, was a very significant time for study.
This band made me aware of what I really want.
After this I will return to my former homes 2nd effect and solo activities and I think that I'll do both with a good result.
Since you're supporting my selfishness hearing this, thank you very much to the members of マァマァサムゥ.
To the members, staff and the fans supporting most of all, to all the angels.
Thank you very much.
After this I will support everyone's activities while in the shadows.
For some reason I'm not at all surprised, he seemed so out of it all lately (^_^;)...
Much success and a good life to Junn *smooch*
Hm masa's bassists... how fickle they are :D!
The come-back concert is decided!
Saturday, October 6th, 2007, Roppongi morph-tokyo
Appearance: マァマァサ☆ムゥ, in all 5 bands.
Details will be up as soon as decided. For the ticket reservation, since the acceptance starts as soon as the details are decided, please wait for a while.
From masa:
I want to see the movie before anyone else because of the power of the sound on the big screen.

I went to the premiere preview.
There was a large shout and 4000 people at the Big Sight.
Bumblebee also came often.

Despite the body being completely frozen on the outside, it was a feeling as if magma was boiling wildly in the inside, "Transformers" was made an experience at the skin.

There were two directors sketching.
The scale of the universe structure was directed by Spielberg, Bay was the director concerning the intimacy of friendship and love, the transformation process was done to the entire satisfaction.

If you recall it from "Armageddon" which I liked, "I don't wanna miss a thing" was sung well.

I have only yet seen the previews (as like advertisment preview lol), it's an impressive movie.
There was the premiere of "Transformers" on the 24.06. in the Tokyo Big Sight.
Transformers huh. Aww ♥!
From member
From masa:
Changing the wish to words, the partner came here for support.
I'm standing on stage for the first time after returning.
For the come-back concert on the 6th of October, when being troubled, there's always masanori to help us out.
Come to meet us.

From Tak:
Finally the come-back performance is decided!
The sudden surprise summing up to the extremely long interval of worries being put through, I'm holding out to reward all the members expectations ☆
I ask you to follow Junn's future activities!

マァ☆ムゥ are restarted!
I'm glad to be able to return to the stage despite the various things that happened.
Though Junn's departure leaves an emptiness, all members, will follow Junn's future activities since it was a positive decision!
As for us, please keep on supporting us since we continue doing our best!

Wow, that was a lot of information, very good and very sad news. Well, let us hope for the best, let us keep on supporting Junn, let us look forward to their come-back concert and let us hope that masa will see many nice movies in the future too! And read some books. And sing and dance. Hehehe. I could have seen their come-back, it was exactly the time I planned to go to Japan this year (T_T) well, next year then, with new bassist.
[edit] No bullshit. I planned to go September lol. I would like to see it nevertheless. I want to win in some lottery (u_u)

I am sorry for mistakes, I just returned home after seeing Miyavi perform and I am a bit tired I have to admit, but curiousity forced me to do this now lol.
(If he comes near you I recommend you go there too btw. I found his new concept very stunning. His solos and the duells betweem him playing guitar and that dancer tap-dancing were my favourite parts ^_^!)

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