23.07.2007 From masa, from member

From masa:
The forebodings of love at the start of summer.
Were lovely Altair and charming Ohime able to meet?

They can meet on the night sky of summer only for one day, how romantic. Lovely, isn't it?
"Probably they will not reach?" that doubt is not felt for more than one second.
With the beautiful mind that's not hesitating, being falling in love.

I found that explanation somewhere in MySpace world :D
July 7 is a day of the Star Festival(tanabata=七夕). It is a day when Ohime (織姫=orihime) and Altair(彦星=hikoboshi) can meet once a year. There is a suitable legend when wishing on this day. Therefore, there is a custom of the wish, writing in the strip of paper, and decorating it.
Awwww (^___^) that was a lovely update!
From Tak:
A lot happened those days with typhoon and earthquake, however, is everyone Ok at all the places where you live?
There is nothing much you can do about the natural disaster, but worrying about the damage...

Though tending to watch it as an incident on TV in silence, those days there is the feeling that there's nothing we can do.
If we were able, with the means of the music to get people feel better, though it might just be a story that keeps on being told, if we can keep this acitivity, what little contribution it might be, it's good...

Hoping to possess such musical activity from now on, I want to create it by myself ☆
All of マァマァサ ムゥ will keep on doing our best for the sake of meeting everyone in good health o(^-^)o
Sorry about the very cryptic middle part but well (+_+) I tried my very best to make this sound reasonable.
m(_ _)m \('-')/m(_ _)m \('-')/m(_ _)m \('-')/m(_ _)m
Sorry sorry sorry sorry.
Lol. We have the horrible weather here too, those days a huge thunderstorm almost swept me off the street, then tried to roast me with lightnings and knock me out with supersized hail while my son was waiting for me alone at home (+_+) I hope everyone is fine!!

17.07.2007 From masa, from member

From masa:
Gwah. Yeah! Uuuhhh.

Two hours thrown open with such a strange emotional voice.
When going to the big theatre with room for 400 people on a rainy day, the empty theatre becomes a private theatre.

Sure thing.
Though not writing much lately, this was a movie stimulating the emotions like riding on a roller coaster, yelling with pleasure from the adrenalin kick.

Your passion is like a tank lorry boiling in deep red enthusiasm.
As usually I like it for no reason.

Though being reserved, not able to show appreciation due to being a quiet adult, the main bass tone resounding from the big screen was a pleasure.
When stepping through the heavy, solid looking door, the world spreads out.

Don't ask me about those noises haha.
Anyway, Bruce Willis is teh sex there is no way around that. And, he is getting more amazing the older he gets (^///^) *cough*
As for my town, luckily there was no damage by yesterday's typhoon and today, with a complete change to good weather, became a cheerful carwash day.

Now I will make the car sparkle! Being enthusiastic I did a little damage to the car when going to the parking lot (↓ Reference Picture)
A summer's mandarin orange of the house next door? But!!!

It's not a new one (Sad)

Well at rehearsal this week, Tak's new song is created.
It looks already like a famous piece of music! Look forward to the day it's announced.

So? Well we are all waiting curiously I guess! And, as usual, sorry for mistakes or wrong phrasings, I am doing my best! But I don't really know what that is about the fruit in AKITO's update (^_^;) ... however, it's always good to hear from them!
Both updates were actually from the 16.07. despite what the news say.

09.07.2007 From masa, from member

From masa:
Moet. Veuve.
Confused which daughter to take to bed.

When I couldn't decide I do get both, however, when opening two at a time the face get's swollen unfortunately.
I sang on the weekend, the burning body doing a hot sigh.

The body remembers.
It's not a theory, dancing spontaneously while dancing when we did band rehearsal.
Accelerating as it is, the comeback Live should be good.

Ah. I want to present the new song to the waiting angels.
After coming home some time ago, the members made me listen to a new tune that they created.

I'm puzzled once again here.
Though the first tune is good, the fifth is also fascinating. The day I can sing that tune in front of the angels, it's Dom Perignon.
Well. Crystal is fine too.

Ha, indecision when opening the Veuve while listening.
Is the cork of Moet pulled out?

Yeah fine.
Listening to the babies that become only pretty songs, the night does not seem to end.
I'm trying soft american cherries, sweet and only a little sour.

Good night♪

Again with the Champagne lol, the day that I have to worry about which Champagne I shall open, is the day that I have made it O_O
...however, it's good to see them advancing. I hope there is not too much nonsense phrasing in the translation, I was checking on my son's math at the same time, so I am confused too haha.
From Tak:
Member meetings and rehearsals are piling up bit by bit, the movement turning towards the comeback goes at ease but the activities increased!
There is a new surprise song along with the revival concert just wait a little longer ☆

As there are many blank parts, wanting to do those, thinking time to clarify is welcome to each member and the style regarding the band seems to have changed in a good significance either.
The refinished four people want to give joy soon again to everyone!
I guess we can soon officially announce band activities bit by bit so don't forget to check in!

As for me there are various activities, recordings and Lives, photo shootings every day... I will do my best at ease ☆
Hold out everyone and don't get exhausted by the summer heat!
Sounds good either (well not in my odd translation though haha ^_^;)!
I am happy to see them advance. I am very curious too. And I want to hear them.
(Since I am not going to Japan this year but have to wait until next year (blame our car) I will take my time for language studies in the summer holidays of my son, I think it's urgently necessary since I get sloppy which I don't like (^_^;) I will do my best I promise.)

05.07.2007 Sorry

The guestbook is currently out of function.
The guestbook problem is solved (-_-)

02.07.2007 From masa, from member

From masa:
"I want to enjoy the cool evening breeze, spending the time surrounded by greenery"

When throwing that simple request at the friend, they point to the roof of a hotel in silence.
When finally arriving, it's an open air food and drink banquet hall.
Was it taken care of? It's a reservation.
Did the champagne you ordered a while ago not come yet? The waiter, wearing an Aloha Shirt, keeps you waiting.

Garden is the special new bistro's name?

That does not sound like the beer-gardens I know from here (^_^;)
Glad to see he's enjoying his life!
While doing a cheerful car trip in the break of the rainy season, this caught my eye, a rusty vending machine that seems not to have been used since the Showa Era. Due to the deserted atmosphere, I stopped the car nearby.

...only a small sentimental feeling.

Well feelings change, this week is the second マァ☆ムゥ rehearsal!
We will do our best working hard and full force to be able to do a debut soon☆

I hope I did not make too many mistakes. And I can understand AKITO, we have an old flowers machine attached to a wall here, that hasn't been in use forever. I always try to imagine how people go there last minute to get some flowers for their dearest twenty years ago or such (^___^)

30.06.2007 Update~☆★

I added another fan art done by myself to the fan arts section!
It's another part of the army of masa I promised to you :D!
I got some plasticine stuff which you can bake in the oven this time and it's rubber like and it's there to make dolls of, so, I made a masa doll this time and it's been great fun!

It was the first time I worked with this stuff, so I am still experimenting. Also I should mention that I cannot afford to buy him hair yet. Plus I have no sewing machine and no clue how to make clothes properly hohum. I hope you can enjoy nevertheless, I certainly do (^___^)!
More to come I guess ♥!

24.06.2007 From masa, from member (25.06.2007)

From masa
I feel goood.
This evening I'll go to bed after a first class face pack.
At the weekend, with the hyaluronic acid reaching every corner of the horny layer (?? sorry I have no clue what this is) the rehearsal was done being damp.

Who would really have thought those days.
I might probably "be singing again".
You, waiting eagerly for me made me do so.

Thank you. Love.
Now, there will be good dreams.

The heart was beating a little.
The left chest kept vaguely dancing.
So there. I'm chilling out drinking Champagne and then go to bed.

Oh! That's great news ♥ (^___^) makes me very happy!!
From Tak:
Finally a rehearsal with マァマァサ has been done!
Everyone gathered a bit ahead of time and when the band started, the exciting feelings kinda overflowed (laughs)

And here I strummed on my new pal!
Soon I want to boast in front of all the fans in concert!!
Though it took a long time to accustom to the number of tunes, everyone pretty much remembered them...
It's especially during performance when you loose large amounts of material (laugh)
It's been really a long time as a band, step by step we get back into proper key.

After the rehearsal, though late at night, we held a member meeting with light tea.
I'm reporting to everyone that we were able to step on to a good re-start in any case ☆
It's wonderful to see them get back into track as a band! I'm sorry for mistakes, it's been difficult m(_ _;)m
I am also sorry for the slow performance of the site that seems to happen, I will be working on it. As it seems, someone tries to attack my site, I've been having problems with spam and virus entries on my site all the time (T_T)
Should be fine again.

22.06.2007 Link section related

While browsing this morning I happily found that the japanese Fansite Fiction, that had been down for so long, has finished the renewal and opened its porches again.
I know I shouldn't shamelessly advertise stranger pages but it's really a good one, she has even written down the MCs of the concerts in her Live Reports which is my favourite part in the page.
Now, to make the future MCs even more expressive and understandable (from what I understood) she even has help :D you must check the link to BUTTER MINORITY and then you may die from the cute :D!
[edit] I forgot to mention that the page is japanese only though (^_^;)

Else, I took the link to the ex-Seventh Heaven HP out since it is long gone. I will still have to rework those icon and wallpaper pages but I don't know how to make them better (T_T)

21.06.2007 Update~☆

I decided after some thinking I will add my o-bento arts to the fan arts as well, because, why not. There are two already and more to come I guess. It's art after all, no? I think so (^ω^)
I also added a drawing I did, it was done to make a birthday card for my dear sister!

I hope to get some new arts from you out there too! It's been a while.

21.06.2007 About...

After finding the server down this morning and then, after restarting, kicking myself out of the network and so being unable to access my own page, things should be back to normal again now.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
On this weekend I will move onto a new server (from the one that is located in my kitchen-storeroom to the one that sits right behind me in the office lol), so the performance of the site should be better plus it shouldn't be down anymore, all of course in case everything goes well. Wish me luck.
Sorry again for the inconvenience m(_ _)m

19.06.2007 For your... amusement?

I made another fan art! It's not gonna find its way into the fan arts section though because I have already eaten it. Whut? Yes, correct. It's my lunchbox XD!
I am currently going through some artistic overflow that makes everything I touch into pictures or the likes lol. And of course, masa is one of the main victims in that process hahaha.
↓ Click for large:

It's fish and veggies in ricepaper, then rice, cheese, carrot, nori and soysauce and some cherries. Two cherries to be exact lol.
Could I eat him? Yes. I took a spoon, closed my eyes and stuffed the whole person in my mouth so I wouldn't see. Now I feel like Hannibal the Cannibal heh.
But it looked pretty while it lasted (u_u)

18.06.2007 From masa, from member

From masa:
The sky of capricious June smiled sweetly at the afternoon, the air is light too, let's place the umbrella and have tea.

To the favourite cafe for the afternoon tea under the sunshade parasol.
I toast with wine from the Champagne series, that I only take a little from on the weekend.

So, we gathereed for a meeting on Saturday.
Transparent like white wine, making a delicious performance with the fruity aftertaste.

The expectations are?
Wait for the merry feelings to ripen.

Well, cheers! Sounds tasty, now I'm thirsty! But I cannot afford something like that anyway I guess, so there lol.
For some reason there was a meeting at a certain stylish town the other day.
As it is, it's the second time I went to that town in ten years.
Something like a high school baseball tournament at Koshien University (laugh)

At the stylish cafe in the stylish town, I could do some very deep and intense conversation!

And then, I met masanori today after a long time(?)!
He seemed to be full of energy!

Awww! *pokes* Nice to see! And as always, sorry for eventual mistakes!

18.06.2007 Bizarr....

I played with the M&M Creator.
I made マァマァサムゥ M&Ms. They should be called M&M&M rather huh?
↓ Click for larger version if you dare.

That amused me so very much. How grotesque. M&M anyone?

17.06.2007 Page Renewal Part 1 ☆

Well, for now I changed the "Link Me" section with finally banners for marmarsa-mu (^_^;) better late than never ne.
Then, I changed a bit in the "Profile" and the "Biography".
I also changed the concept of the "Other Projects" section, as for the ex-projects, they are still there, but for the current projects, I just decided that I will provide the links I could find, because it is impossible to keep them up to date. One, or two, yes, but not with the many bands that Tak is in, it's just not possible. Sorryyyy m(_ _)m
I removed the rumours, sorry to all who send me some, but I'm no big fan of rumours :P I am sure there are enough places where you find plenty of them.
If there is anything that does not work properly (shouldn't be though) please let me know!
More changes are to come.

17.06.2007 So!

I will rearrange the content of my pages a bit (esp. the long announced clean-up of the deadly icon-page *sweatdrop*). It won't have any effect on you, my page will continue as normal until I tested all the changes.
Anyway, why do I write that in here then? I just wonder if any of you have suggestions or wishes for changes or add ons on my page! If you have, please let me know so I will consider them!

16.06.2007 Update

Ok after all the confusion... lol.
If you want to meet a mexican fellow fan, then go and visit Nanny's Myspace!
I added her to the links section too (^ω^)

13.06.2007 From member (12.06.2007)

From Tak:
It's Tak being in the process of being healthily tanned.
My personal schedule,though being totally busy, recording Live of summer festival, I did a secret meeting with Junn the other day.
The secret content was a large game contest (laugh)
AKITO also participates, for the Prince it seems not possible (laugh)
I am excited that there is finally scheduled rehearsals for marmarsa-mu.
It's been quite a long time so there will surely be a lot of material.
Let's get more details on the material next time.
It sounds interesting! If there are mistakes or parts I overread please tell me, I am a bit stressed at the moment so therefore.. (^_^;)

11.06.2007 News, From masa

After the break-up of the Fan Club and the closing of the Post Box it was only possible to hand over fanletters at the Lives. Since there are no Lives ahead atm, they created an e-mail adress for the use of sending fanmail!
They have an adress that is used only for messages to the members:
-Please write the adressant into the title/subject (e.g. "to masa")
-Please write the name clearly into the body.
-This adress is only for receiving, so the members won't send a reply, please understand that.
From masa:
The breath stops for a moment.
Not trusting the own eyes and yet blinking repeatedly.
However, the world you haven't experienced yet is spreading out before the eyes, closer.
At the magnificant feeling of existence I faltered, forgetting what to say.

I went to the "Nomadic Museum" that came to Japan this month.

It's neglected with the rapid progress in computer techonology.
The fundamental thing of being born as a human being.
Claiming to be different in age, gender and nationality, fighting and yet, still being humans all the same, it should be good.
Being gifted with life same as the variety of animals we should be able to understand each other.

The top prior thing is visible to the eye. A language naturally understood.
Facing eachother and sharing in other ways, isn't that demanded by society these days?

This is the message I received from photographer Gregory Colbert.

More info: Nomadic Museum traveling the globe.
I am not really sure if I understood the message that those pictures told him (^_^;) does he mean that we are all the same as humans? But the last part is not quite clear to me. Sorry.
Well, I can write him a fanletter and tell him. But he will probably not understand me either. And I won't get any explanation anyway, since no reply hahaha. Ah well, I hope there are no monstrous mistakes!

03.06.2007 From masa, From member (04.06.2007)

From masa:
Before the climate will have the level of humidity turn up to 100% soon, I want to put the room and bookshelves in order.

It wasn't easy to reach inside and the surprises continue "I had such a book!?", so the essential tidying doesn't make much progress.

I purchased the book due to the period and though there is deviation, at that time I wanted to feel the expression of the female author all along from morning to evening.
Above all this, I am proactively collecting Kei Yuikawa (the author).
"Nostalgia♪" when turning the pages, there are many passages that I have forgotten about and I came to the point that I want to read it again from the start.

Same goes for arranging the photographs. Progress doesn't come easily.
Though I haven't read the whole volume yet, "恋人はいつも不在 (The lover is always absent)" was finished reading.

There are two protagonists in this story, the woman's point and the male speaking style are written alternately.
Though the points differ from each other, no matter which gender's opinion I turn on me "It's like that, isn't it?", I am bisexual? Only the lover is absent?

Well, we don't know. I hope there aren't any horrible mistakes in this that will get me stoned to death lmao. I am currently in midst of cleaning myself and a bit absent minded. Flowers? Why not a picture of books? Or masa while cleaning? (^__^) ♥
Nowadays, linking to my underground activity, I started to make tunes for the first time for this band.

Today I created one tune!
I think it has a considerably nice feel though.
When I can do a concert in sometime I think it is good.
However, I didn't let the members listen yet (laugh)

Also, the schedule of マァ☆ムゥhas come in little by little since this week.
The signs of getting busy with this band after a long time is a little bit exciting.
Well, tomorrow is a member meeting!!
Yay! Progress! That sounds good! Tunes to come, rehearsals will follow, the band will be back soon! I am happy to read this (^__^)!

02.06.2007 Update~☆★

I added another fanart I made to the fan arts section, you can find it there beside my last one. I had some of that plasticine stuff left over and decided why not make another masa from it? I must get me more of that stuff, it's amusing to play with plus I can make an army of masa hahaha!
That somehow makes me think of tortillas now.
They are made of masa too no?
What a funny name actually, I never really noticed (o^ω^o)!
Anyway, here is what I made:

Flirting with my waterbottle because we know he loves it, as much as we love him :D!

And I figured I might post my apologies for bringing Tak in connection with Porn in the previous translation, I seem to have traumatized fans with making the humble assumption that Tak eventually would be a typical male.
A mistake probably *snicker*
I'm just having fun.

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