28.05.2007 From masa, From member

From masa:
In a daze from the first kiss. The lemon aroma goes down the throat.
I also take provit of it in the bedroom tonight, while drinking the yellow VOLVIC.
Do I read before sleeping or watch a movie?

Today it's "25th hour" and then going to bed.
The movie is set in NY, light and buildings are dramatically beautiful.
Starting from the first act, words, action and the music swelling on and off are a miraculous harmony. Eyes and ears are rooted to the spot until the end.
The actor I prefer regardless form the men and women, has an expressive voice.
I like Edward's (Edward Norton) voice.

Hehe ok why not. Lemoned water and Edward's voice before bedtime sounds just as good as anything :) (though I prefer the green one).
Ok, some about the movie:
Movie Info, and, what I always particularly love, The Goofs :D!
From Tak:
The climate is getting hot turning towards summer and along with that マァマァサ ムゥ is steadily making progress, moving on step by step.

Beginning with Prince masa, the motivation of all members is starting to rise and since we consider to start with rehearsals soon as well as making new songs, there will be more reports at that time ☆

As for my own current situation, I get along careless without eating sushi or changing the clothes for the season (laugh).

Oh, yes! I will introduce the machine that will soon enter our house.
It's called Personal Computer, abbreviated as Pasukon (Yes, it's a PC :D)

It's been about time!!
Due to that there'll be various things to learn...
I am so glad to hear about them starting off again soon!!! And for the PC, better late than never! So let us welcome Tak to the world of emo blogging, illegal mp3 downloads and, of course, PORN! XD! Ok and maybe some useful sites here and there too haha (well Ok getting a PC doesn't particularly mean getting the internet too lol).

As in general, I had some difficulties with putting the sentences into proper sounding English expressions, I tried my best m(_ _;)m

21.05.2007 From masa, From member

From masa:
Unexpected! From tomorrow.
An entirely new life starts. Starting at the first blank page, what do you want to begin with?

I, of course, want to sing.
I want to express, placing the chosen words into a melody, the voice echoing in the mind.

When the mind is completely charmed by the bright words, when everyone gets pleased by the songs, I am as happy as can be.
Ah, I want to start band rehearsal soon.

From Junn:
Though there is a lot of rain, the days where the weather feels fine have also increased.

When getting into the closet the other day for the seasonal change of clothing (done against my will!) while sorting the DD outfits appeared.
Since the outfits are close to casual wear, I guess I will wear that when going out to the city in future.
Recycle! Those next to the psychedelic vest of the MaMu outfit!
However, I surely prefer this to the everyday casual wear... right?
To be so far prepared for the day approaching, I took it to be dry cleaned.
On the way back I certainly stopped by the park for photosynthesis.
I hope this is not too badly translated, me is sick (T_T).. however, thumbs up for masa so he can start his rehearsals soon! The poor guy must be so bored, I hope he gets something to do soon. As for Junn, whatever clothes he wears, the most impressive thing I connect to him is that incredible pink hat XD;; Quite impressive.

20.05.2007 Update~☆★

I updated the fan arts section with an art done by me (^_^;)..
It's not one of my mediocre drawings or fruitless tries to paint with the computer, this time I rediscovered the plasticine for me lol! (You know that kind that gets hard when you leave it out in the air so you have something clay-like as a result...).
Well I had a lot of fun making this especially painting it, using a lot of my glitter supplies hahaha.
↓ Click here or just go to the fan arts section to see more.

I'd be happy if I could get something new from you out there too ♥!
Fan arts make me happy :D

15.05.2007 From masa

The weekend is usually spent peaceful and at ease isn't it?

I invite everyone to the party.
I chat, adding the fruit to the Champagne.
I enjoy the night when happy laughter resounds.

I want to talk with the head held high but since an energetic body is still in preparation state, only the feelings are brilliant and extraordinarily splendid.

On nights, a bit painful like this, I read a letter before going to bed.
Everyone has given so many love messages until now.
I sleep wrapped up in tender and light feelings.
When going to bed as well when getting up I have happy dreams, holding on tight with trance-like excitement.

Awwwwww. All the fans love is healing too ♥! If he takes it at ease, he will surely soon wander around with a proud chest again hehe (^___^)
As for the weekends, for generally working people here it's usually the only option to party, so it depends on personal preference, doesn't it? :D

14.05.2007 From member (14.05.2007)

Well, last week the prince and company met up to go for food.
It was a food location where raw fish gets on top of vinegar rice, rotating through the shop.
Or, to say it bluntly, we went to a conveyor belt sushi shop (laugh)

The vegetarian style? When quietly observing what he is eating, he did eat nothing but only white fish.
Anyway, white fish! White fish! White fish! *.... white fish!

Why? When asking he says it's because it seems to be good for the health.
Yeah, it might surely be good, but.... it's extreme (laugh)

Then we leave the shop with the stomach full stuffed with parfait.
Usually, the prince doesn't eat sweets either, but he ordered along with the others (by force) and though it's still not much of a favourite, this went pretty much out of his hands (laugh).

However, I myself found the dessert absolutely delicious~!
The vegetarian expert is underway again, eating poor fish huh? Haha, fish is really healthy after all (but an animal nevertheless)... anyway, sounds like they all enjoyed their many many foods (^__^;)
And sorry if it sounds odd partly, it's difficult to put some phrases into english (>_<) I hope there aren't big mistakes.
(*there it says gari but no clue if the pickled ginger is ment or if it is just some particles? XD yesyes I'm not an expert)

08.05.2007 From member

From Tak:
Well then, Golden Week has ended and we really want to bring good news as soon as possible, nevertheless, since at the present time no rehearsals are set yet, the meetings concerning the plans for the activity and the work on new songs pile up endlessly, so please wait a little longer~.

So, about my own condition!
Well, as usual I myself have no connection to golden week and the likes, here those few days were dedicated to the music and I was absorbed in Lives, but today, after five and a half years, I went to the dentist (laugh)
Eh! Such a report is not needed? (cry)
Everyone, take care of your teeth...
Ow... I should go to the dentist too again now that I think about it... (T_T) But a five years intervall? Tak!! LOL.

07.05.2007 From masa

It's completely spring.
Today, feeling a nice warm breeze touch the cheeks, now, being able to walk the road to the comeback, the mood changes to happiness and I get the feeling of wanting to express my grattitude towards everything.

That day, I was on my way home on the motorbike.
At the intersection that I usually approached without any problem no matter what, unexpected a car...
The memories afterwards are vague, almost nothing.

The only thing clearly felt is what everyone sent to me, the profound yell "come back" full of gentle sympathy.
At the time of waking up, I was surprised how much time had passed.
Anyway, I don't think the time was wasted.

What is essential on the road of life?
I've learned which person is important.
Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I still feel like jumping in joy when I can see him write like this \(^___^)/ after all the worries.
About the accident, i guess it's good not to remember too much about it. I am just so glad he's on the way back.
I hope this is correct!

07.05.2007 Update~☆

I updated the icons page in the gifts section with a bunch of more than 50 beautiful icons all done by talented Sphinxy.

Enjoy~! (I really need to reconstruct the icon section, it's becoming a dial-up killer (>_<;))

30.04.2007 Tak's blog

I have read Tak's blog and today the entry about the 15.04. appeared. He writes about how he met masa and how he was all fine! Surely there are still some things not yet quite fine so he will go slowly with the comeback. It's about how he wants to get back on stage soon and meet everyone again, poor masa can't wait, but it's good to hear!
Tak also said again that he gave the many letters and the 1000 papercranes he got from places in Europe to masa and after that they had some light sort of business meeting after. Well for now, masa's recovery is priority!
Tak also gave a snippet of the conversation from masa:
"Well Tak. How have you been? Ok?"
Tak says that should have been his words lol, yes.
Then he says it was a relief and a joy to see masa in a good shape.
Nice!!! It's really good to hear from all sides that he is doing well! What a relief, really ^__^!

30.04.2007 From masa

Wrapped in the orange setting sun, this afternoon the tea time is at the river side.
This season's breeze and atmosphere and the sound of the water are delicious.
Also, more and more people pass by the street in bright coloured clothes , it's really lighthearted happiness.
It's totally spring.

I can only agree (^__^)!

28.04.2007 From member

Everyone, it's been a while!! Did you stay fine?

First of all, after the accident in February, everyone worried a lot.
The members uniting are advancing little by little, so please continue your favours.

Lately, after masa left the hospital, I stopped by a cafe for a short visit to chat.
It seems to be a long time since drinking, the tea is wonderful to drink up, one word.

"AKITO~, how soon can we do the next concert?"
.... as expected prince!
But I think you should consider this after a little rest (laugh)

Accepting his falsestart-like (laugh) words, I also revise, thinking "I want to be on stage soon!"

We do our best to do various announcements soon!!
That was AKITO.
I hope this is correct, I am a bit out of practise (^__^;) anyway, he shall take his time lol. No hurry!!

27.04.2007 Update~☆

I have added some scans I made from the first Spiky fanclub magazine and two postcards I got. I added them to the gallery into one of the Spiky links, it's marked as *NEW*, as always!
I hope you enjoy them!

22.04.2007 From member update

From Tak (22.04.2007)
Everyone, sorry for not writing in a while.
From this week I will report about the member's and band's condition, bit by bit though being unwilling!

First of all, thank you very much for all the feelings of concern to masa!!
I myself reliably delivered the many letters and feelings I got from various countries and places~!

With everyone's assistance, the known street will slowly be followed on the way to the comeback.
While at it, I also met masa who wants to be on stage soon, that eager feeling was a great relief (laugh)
Me too though~☆

Such news of the band from under the surface will also follow next time, look forward!!
Is this correct? And I always want to write "lol" instead of "laugh" lol.

19.04.2007 Tak's Blog

Ohhh in his Blog Tak said "Thank You" to everyone for the letters and the thousand cranes for masa that he got on the 17th of March in Chemnitz, and that he certainly sent them to masa.
Well thank you Tak! *hands cookie* (^__^)
Ok, at a second glance I'd probably rather hand him a proper dinner or something. Something large (_o)...
So, everyone, that's nice, isn't it ♥!
[edited due to forgetting stuff hrrm.]

16.04.2007 From masa + news (17.04.02007)

From masa
Just when you think that it's warm everyday, it suddenly gets cold, the difference of heat and cold is brutal, anyway, how is everyone?

As for now I caused a lot of concern to everyone, but I make every effort in the medical treatment to regain my physical strength and get back to the ordinary as soon as possible.

It's the afternoon of the bright season, I experience the spirit of the spring along with the flowers in every day like this. Wrapped up in the warm sunlight I went to have tea.

Heading to the cafe in the passenger seat, I have Royal White Tea. He orders coffee. What kind of tea might come along, it's the time for the heart to do a cheerful dance.

Colour and aroma are good. It's a tea with a tender refined flavour. He on the opposite of me is drinking a strong coffee I bet.

Is the stomach Ok when drinking like this? Doesn't the heart beat too fast and the rythm soon go more than necessary? AKITOOOO!
Well, since I haven't heard otherwise, I dare to say that AKITO should be fine yet lol.
Nice to hear from masa again, he seems to be doing good then :D!
Take your time masa (b^__^)b

Starting from next week, the daily life of masa and his state of mind will be written into from.masa and the aspects of the underground activities of マァムゥ and the members' current state will be written into from.member, updates are scheduled to happen every week. Look forward... ☆
Seems like my lazy time is over too now lol.

13.04.2007 Update~☆

Mae Govannen! (Yes LOTRO got me ;D)
I have put up the translation of masa's message in the Chronicle Vol.11 it's about soup. To be precise, the sort of soup that he now claims he would never eat :D
I put it into the Media section.
I think it's quite interesting. And those soups are surely not -that- bad if you don't plan to rely on them only of course, because this is very unhealthy!
I will work over the other translations when I find the time, too and also put up those that are still missing. I just need to find more time.
Other than that, there are no news, I will certainly inform you all as soon as there are!

09.04.2007 Update~☆

I have added a couple of wallpapers I did, you can find them in the Gifts section, wallpapers, scroll down to the wallpapers done by me and those marked as *NEW* in case you're interested.
They are pretty simple, I haven't done anything like that for quite a while and I decided I should try to get back into that kind of thing.
I hope some of you like them!
I also hope we will hear from masa sometime soon again, I wonder how he's doing.

04.04.2007 Gum!

Since there are still no news I played a bit with the gums of my son :D

Unfortunately my son had already eaten all the "A"s out of there (^__^;)
I hope masa's rehabilitation goes well and he makes progress!

30.03.2007 Hello!

Yes it is being silent isn't it. I hope masa can recover in peace! Ok, I have added some scans I made from the "Requiem et Reminiscence" Tour Document Book.
I hope I spelled that right.
It is not much and not really new I guess, but still I share. It is in the gallery, where there is marked as *NEW*, as usual, please enjoy!

20.03.2007 2nd effect

The other project that Junn is in, 2nd effect, start opening a MySpace site.
Please click here if you are interested and want to check them out!

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