19.03.2007 From masa (19.03.2007)

It's been a long time. It's masa.
I got into a traffic accident in the second third of last month (February).
That caused a lot of worries. I am terribly sorry.

I am truly thankful for everyone's many tender words and concern.
This is very encouraging.
This has been the first time I experienced this, I kept wondering how to put it into words and I cannot find the right phrases.
I am deeply thankful for the gentle support that was given.

Every night while looking up at the ceiling, I'm painting a picture
"masa on the stage, singing and dancing in front of everybody, bathing in golden light"
and I think that I will get closer to this as soon as it's possible.

I am getting well and the words I told to everyone from the stage, I believe the best answer is being active.

The preparations are started aiming for the day when we all are able to meet again.

Please look forward.
Well wow, he's back for good! (T_T) I'm happy!
I'm so glad to see he can tell us by himself now and I hope that despite all the enthusiasm he won't rush things now but take his time. I hope there aren't too many mistakes in phrasing and typing and translating but I was so exited (^_^;)

18.03.2007 Get better

We met Tak today and gave him the second load of cards, he was very kind and friendly and happy to get things for masa!
We couldn't talk much though since they hurried inside but he had the time to fix all our stuff in their car, my 1000 cranes are on their way now too, I didn't think he'd take them, but he did! Aww. He said 'Thank you' I told him 'Thank YOU' hehe.

So, now there are no more fixed meetings, but if you go to one of their Lives now and still want to give cards for masa, just do it! He will pass it on, he's great!
The second load and cranes getting ready for masa (^_^):

Thank you to everyone who sent something, also thank you to everyone who thinks about him ^__^!

14.03.2007 From member (13.03.2007)

There wasn't any information in a long time, we are very sorry for making you worry so much. The information was held back until masa's condition was stable.

However, for today there is a happy note! Last week all scheduled surgeries were successfully brought to an end, the postoperative progress is satisfactory, he can do conversation as well as usual, he is doing well in recovering!

Until masa's surgeries were ended successfully, we were also very anxious, we couldn't do more than send our prayers every day, however, now we were finally able to be leaping with joy.

With masa finally getting across the serious medical treatment, the family paying attention to us despite this state of emergency, the staff of the hospital giving their best with the medical treatment, while at the same time all the fans are praying together, we want to express our deepest gratitude.
We are truly very grateful.

Though we guess the rehabilitation will still take some time, there is no hurry for masa, we want him to go through the medical treatment at ease.

Finally we were able to give some happy information to all you worried fans, we are feeling relieved as well.

Also, since we still want to give information in this place, we would greatly appreciate if you continue watching this.

All members of マァマァサムゥ.
Finally the good news we've all been hoping and waiting for! Well, I'll surely be watching this, I am happy and relieved beyond words ^___^! Take all the time it needs masa ♥!

13.03.2007 Get better

I heard from Sora that the first bunch of cards got savely to Tak and he is pleased to see all of us concerned. He says Thank You in masa's name.
Still nothing new about his current condition.

You still have the opportunity to give a card to Youki until tomorrow the 15th (woops messed up the dates), for details please scroll down.
I am glad to see people participate, thank you. It will give some positive energy don't you think.

I am very sorry about the occasional loss of my site that accurs lately, I noticed it and will fix it.

12.03.2007 Sorry

You might have experienced the site being unreachable, that is because I had a little problem with the server, now the site should be back and working.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

11.03.2007 Update

I could buy some of the old FC magazins of Dears, the fanclub of Gackt, where masa was still in the Job and I scanned them for you.
Still no news on his current condition though. I really hope he's gonna be Ok.
The scans are to be found in the gallery, marked as *NEW*, it's GacktJOB part four. I hope you can enjoy them nevertheless. Sorry.

07.03.2007 Tak's diary

Tak will be off to the Europe Tour with Calmando Qual. He posted before, I will only give the part about masa:

Despite everyone worrying about masa's condition, we still continue waiting for report about his current condition and there is nothing more than was announced in the official statement yet.

Of course, as soon as we get information, it will be published on the official site, so please understand and cooperate.

So, we also still will have to continue waiting. I don't mind to wait, no news are also no bad news. He'll be surely fighting.

03.03.2007 Get better

I finished 1000 cranes for masa. I suppose it is going to be too big to actually give him but it is the wish in there that counts, right? And I trust in him anyway.
You can still send a card! Even my son drew him a card (^_^)
I don't think it's inappropriate to show our support in this way. I hope there will be good news in future.

21.02.2007 Just a quick reminder....

Again, if you can, send a card or anything to show you care. The deadline for Sora is the 7th, the deadline for Youki is the 15th. Please scroll down for the details.
Even if masa might not be able to get them yet, he can still get them later.
Let's keep on hoping that, step by step, he will be able to recover and continue with the plans and dreams he had, even if it will take a long time.
I wish him and his family and friends further on all the strength, courage and patience they need to get through this.

I, like all of you, am still waiting for updates on the official site or the band's sites that would give us further relief, but I think it's understandable that communication goes slow for now. The most important thing now is his recovery.

20.02.2007 Update

Still no news just a site update.
Today I received the photosets and the last single. I updated the gallery and the release section.
Despite the bad things going on, I still wanted to share with you.

20.02.2007 Update (no news sorry!)

Life goes on. I have added a beautiful drawing done by Jayna to the Fan arts section, thank you Jayna!
As for news, I am sorry to say that there is nothing yet (I found out that Junn might have a hayfever but that doesn't really count ne ^^;).
But! No news means also no bad news, so that's good again. We just have to face forward and wait.
I am impatient for news too, it's really true, you only ever notice how important someone or something is to you, when they suddenly disappear.
So, don't forget! Let's spend the waiting time making many pretty cards and messages to show we care too and give him courage to pull through this!

Stay positive everyone. The yvi has spoken (~_^)

19.02.2007 Get better masa ☆

We all are upset about the accident and especially for us, as being far away, there is a feeling of being helpless.
Sora (from Kazane who also did the email interview with masa back then) now, had the idea about how we can all send some 'Get Better' greetings to masa, since she will meet Tak in March she would hand all our greetings over to him directly, so he can give it to masa when he returns to Japan. Until then he will hopefully be able to hand them over, so I think it is worth doing it.
You can send everything from a card, a letter up to a drawing in A4 but nothing bigger and please not any package, just the greetings, mind Sora has to carry it all and Tak has to take it back to Japan so keep things in a reasonable size and weight (^__^;)

You mail your message to:
Mlle Bourdain L-A
Appartement 35
Résidence Raymond Fishesser
3 ter, rue de Ferrare
You can send your message until March, 7th. Sora will meet Tak March 10th and then hand it over to him directly.

The e-mail address of Sora, if you have further questions, is!

Please please take part in plenty, it's not expensive and I am sure it will help masa to cheer up when he gets it!

[edit] Youki of Moonlighteyes decided to join in collecting cards, she will see Tak on the 17th of March, her deadline is the 15th.. She is located in Germany so you have the possibility to send her your greetings as well, if you miss Sora's deadline! Her email adress is and you need to send her email to require for the postal adress!
So, again, let's send many many cards and show how much we care and wish that he'll be better soon!

18.02.2007 Tak's journal

There is a summary about the incident in Tak's journal too only that he says the incident happened in the early dawn of the 14th of February. Not that this makes any difference to the fact that it happened though.
I will tell you all as soon as I know more again, since I guess you all are as nervous and eager to hear about the condition of masa as I am. Let's just hope and pray for him to get better soon. I'd much rather like to write about good news here, I am sorry.

18.02.2007 From member

There is a new section, from member, where the members will give us news. There is the first entry:

First of all, today we got the second report from masa's family, since the life is safe, read the report. We apologize deeply for making everyone worry so so much.

There is little inside the information that you want to hear, put up with what we want to say and all the members are grateful from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who is waiting for information from us.

We also haven't stopped trembling yet, nor are we too calm, now that things are unraveled. First of all we give you some details we heard about the accident. We heard about the accident at the evening of the 16th of February. Tak had tried to contact masa a few days before concerning the rehearsal. Even if it's not possible to go, there was no reply as usually expected, he sent mail many times and called the place and on the 16th Tak got a message from masa's family.

And then we heard about masa's accident. What we heard at that time, it was an extremely serious injury. The place or time for the medical treatment were still in a blur.

All three of us met late at night when we heard about the accident. Though we were trembling we had to make decisions on how to go on from there. And then we decided to cancel all concerts.

To everyone who was looking forward to the concerts, the troubles we caused concerning all the places, we are very sorry. Sorry.

So, today we got the second report, though the life is safe, at the current status it will be necessary to do several surgical operations from now on. Up to now, nobody except his family is allowed to see him.

Of course, his family is still upset too. We will have to wait a long time until masa comes back after the accident.

As it is, we are only able to wait for report from his family. As band members, as friends, we are only able to pray. We are very impatient and we feel very helpless.

Also, since we cannot meet masa in person, not seeing his face or hearing his words, the big relief cannot be granted, we are sorry.

However, now this is urgent.

Also if there are news we will report them in this place. All members of マァマァサムゥ

I feel both relieved and sad. I will keep on watching that section for news and give it to you, I suppose even if it takes long, you all will want to know? Things like that are always very unexpected. My heart goes out to the family and friends and of course masa. Let's hope things will look better in future. I hope there are not too many mistakes in phrasing or such, I try my best.
[edited, sorry I didn't realized I repeat myself]

17.02.2007 Junn's blog

Serious for a moment
The prince is hospitalized due to a traffic accident. Since there is no information at all, the three members met last night and as a matter of fact, マァマァサムゥ will have a break in activities.
He prays with all heart that the prince will return as soon as possible.
He doesn't really understand anything... He'll give more details as soon as he knows.

Translating isn't fun at all at the moment. I was hoping against hope that Junn might have more infos but well. We'll just have to wait and hope for the best.

17.02.2007 Urgent Info

Important note (17.02)
There is an important note for everyone.
On the early dawn of the 13.02. masa got into a traffic accident and has been urgently hospitalized, the report reached the members last night.
Up to now, the members don't have details about masa's condition.
They will inform us on the homepage as soon as they know more about his condition, though that will make the worries worse, please wait.

About the scheduled concerts up to now, all public performances have been canceled/paused so far.
Details concerning the canceled performances are to be found HERE.

All of the members are deeply sorry for the serious trouble and the increased worries they put us through.
Also about the schedule here after, that will be revealed along with the inquiry about masa's condition.
They are incredibly sorry, up to now, they can not give answers in this particular case.
They will inform about masa's condition anytime on the homepage as soon as they have the information.

Presently the members also try to find out about the situation.
The members will immediately report to us.
To all the fans, though the worries will be increased, please wait for the reports.
17.02., all of マァマァサムゥ

Canceled performances:
2007/3/9(fri) 川崎 CLUB CITTA
2007/3/25(sun) 上野 SENSATION
2007/4/14(sat) 江坂 ESAKA MUSE
2007/4/15(sun) 名古屋 E.L.L

Those are bad news. On that day he sent us the message with the penguins (T__T) I will keep an eye on this whenever I find the time and inform you all about the news. I really hope he will be fine.

14.02.2007 Update~☆★

I added the Live report of Sora to the section of the Live reports. It's from the concert on the 10.12.2006 in Yokohama CLUB 24 and a very sexy report.
Thank you very much Sora!

14.02.2007 Today

A Happy Merry Valentine to everyone :D!

I hope you all spend a nice day. As said before, love and be loved lots and lots ^__^! Should be like that everyday though, no? ~_^!

13.02.2007 From me

I have a Pre-Valentine gift for you, it's a PV (^__^)/
↓ It is this (~_^):

Click here to watch it!
I added a bigger version of the video →here←. The quick movements are still pixeled which is of course not the case on the DVD but I don't know what to do about this (-_-) sorry.
I hope you can enjoy it, it's a bit pixeled but I don't know what to do about that!
I hope it is alright to share this (>_<;)

13.02.2007 From masa

Tomorrow it's finally Valentines Day.
Given only to the japanese girls, this is the one time in a year where you have this special chance.
Get pink and cheerful in your heart and try a tender smile.
Love with all your heart, be loved plenty and become a flower-like existance.

How very nice! ♥ And what a cute picture that is, it reminds me a bit of that movie, "March of the Penguins" or what is the english title :D! Very sweet.

10.02.2007 Tak's message about the absence and News

As already stated in Roppongi morph-tokyo concert on the 09.02., next time at the concert in Kawasaki CLUB CITTA on the 09.03. Tak himself will be in the middle of a Europe Tour and therefore absent.
Instead of him there will be an old friend of his, whom he trusts in the role of a guitarist, taking his part.
For behalf of the assistance, please support him well!
And then, after that time, on the 25.03. in the concert of Ueno Sensation we will meet again with energy.

On the 09.03. in Kawasaki CLUB CITTA they will sell the photosets C and D (each one with four photos, each set for ¥1000).

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