10.02.2007 Dear angel

09.02.2007 Roppongi morph-tokyo
From masa
Valentine. To my beloved angels.
Ever since I passed from last year into the new year, I was longing for this night to meet everyone.
Including this raising desire into a song, the arrow aiming at the heart was shot with a twang.
Looking into the mirror every day and searching for the favourite self, please come to meet again.
From Tak
For me today's performance was the last マァマァサ concert before leaving, so there was a little bit of loneliness but still I was all happy and energetic.
(Sorry I don't know some words. Would he have played far too much on a five string guitar? What does he say? XD;;)
As for that, on the concert at 25.03 I will return and then lets rise again with everybody.
From Junn
Glitter beam transmission!
The handkerchief was useful?
It's one month again until next concert (tears)
Expect even more of the sparkling aristocrat manners~☆
Thank you for the many presents and valentine chocolates!
That is the best present to a sweet tooth like me.
Also, thanks for the birthday presents~!
I am glad beyond words!
The next will be the CITTA, the concert where Tak is absent but however, it will be マァ☆ムゥ's first large venue, so we'll do our best.
Today I'll eat the chocolate and then curl up and sleep.

Ok. Yesterday I hit the wrong button and killed my feeble tries to translate this (+_+) god that sucked. Ok, I hope this is halfway understandable, it sounds so odd even to myself partly but I cannot find a better expression, sorry. Yeah you guessed it, it's one of those days where I realise that I actually suck in translation lol. Of course I keep on trying my best and continue learning.

08.02.2007 From masa +news

From masa
Tomorrow there is this year's first concert.
Ah the heart is beating fast in the chest.
It's Valentine season, the season of falling in love.
The scent of cocoa brings up the feelings of first love.
Sweetly melting マァマァサムゥ are ready for you, we will be waiting for you.

Oh M&Ms? My mom used to buy them when we were little and sometimes there were those little M&M people in there, those who looked like one of them just with arms and legs... but I am getting carried away. I'm looking forward to the first angel report this year \(^___^)/!

News The starting time of the sales at the concert tomorrow, 09.02 morph-tokyo, has changed. Sales will start at the opening time of 18:00!

Until now there have been the setlists given out in exchange to the questionnaire but starting from the 09.02. morph-tokyo concert, there will be a handwritten message from each member, offering a conversation with the angels. Look forward to that, there will be different content every time☆

04.02.2007 Junn's Blog (03.02.2007)

Putting love into the studio☆
The chorus recording is completed!
Everyone did a big chorus in the end! There was a special guest and you know him, it was masanori (bassist before Junn came) you can see him on the picture.

↑ Remember? Remember?
*Glomps the picture 8D* How nice is that, thank you Junn for sharing with us ♥

03.02.2007 News

Saturday 14.04.2007
OPEN/17:00 START/17:30
Tickets: Presale ¥3000, on the day ¥3500 (drinks excluded)

Sunday 15.04.2007
Nagoya E.L.L.
OPEN/17:00 START/17:30
Tickets: Presale ¥3000, on the day ¥3500 (drinks excluded)

In both cases, look there on how to get a ticket (click click)

03.02.2007 From masa

Hm what a lovely weather.
For everyone, demons get out and good fortune come in. Did you scatter beans on Setsubun?
I could only bathe in the blue sky for a little moment, today there is indoor song recording.
Along with the tune masa becomes a man and becomes a woman.
The reassuring reliable man and the sweet woman's heart full of emotions came to sing.
"So to reach you my beloved" this wish was put into words and love was sung.

I wonder when they are finished, it sounds, well, interesting ^__^!

01.02.2007 News

Friday, 09.03.2007
Details are yet to come
Perfomance: 軍鶏/マァマァサムゥ/and more
Mail order period: 02.02.-07.03
How to order and more information on マァマァサムゥ official web site/information

01.02.2007 For today

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKITOOOO ♥ ^___^ I hope he has a lovely day!

31.01.2007 From masa

Led by a warm springlike breeze he went to visit Ginza at the evening.
He slowly strolled along the gallery that is expanding from east to west and after drinking a Darjeeling tea he went to see the sneak preview of "G Girl".
Passion, tenacity, jealousy and sensuality are jumbled together in the relation of two persons.
The sexy love battle creates a love theatre which leaves no time for a blink.
At the next concert's performance he will give adult stimulation in plenty!

Does anybody know that movie? I found some infos but didn't understand if it is a japanese movie with foreign actors or a foreign movie ?_?

25.01.2007 From masa

Though midwinter has arrived, the cold didn't strike a blow yet?
Keep warm, especially the nights are getting colder.

As for him, he listens to mellow Jazz before going to bed and drinks chamomile tea to get hot from the inside.
He doesn't eat much but adds a little piece of chocolate.
Yesterday he took the chocolate together with Dom Pérignon and his body was burning before he went to sleep.
You can also get drunk with patisserie.

This month he's busy with production activities, yet however, he's not satisfied with not having the time to meet everyone.

Enjoy the first concert this year with all might!.
With Valentine Day also coming closer, girls' emotions get fiery.
It's the soul that you fall in love with but it's also important to be pretty on the outside and you can obtain a beautiful skin when using some kind of beauty products.

All right! Everyone dance to that tune! Everyone bring candy.
Everyone don't be ashamed to try sporting frills.
It's also good to fall in love. That's the arrangement.

Pull this years love fortune tightly towards yourself and let's increase the circle of gentle angels!

Dom Pérignon! I want too! Oh masaaa marry me. You can keep the chocolate and I get the champagne XD
Chocolate is bad for the skin though... but heh, those beauty products can fix that *snicker*.
This was pretty long, sorry if there are mistakes m(_ _)m

23.01.2007 News

An add-on to the sales on the next Live:
On the Live in morph-tokyo on the 09.02. they will sell a wristband for ¥1000 and photoset A B (each has 4 photos ¥ 1000).

More info was now added to the Live as well:
Friday, 09.02.2007, Roppongi, morph-tokyo
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Tickets can be bought starting from 17:00
Performance is scheduled for 21:00
Tickets: Presale ¥ 2000, on the day ¥ 2500 (drinks excluded)
Acts: hachi/マァマァサムゥ/G-Lab./INJURY/and more
Contact: morph-tokyo 03-5414-2683
Mail reservation form 07.01. until 07.02.
For more information look into マァマァサムゥ official web site!

I hope I can get my hands on those ^__^!

21.01.2007 From masa

This year has brought along the best northwind and last night it's finally getting cold.
While rubbing his palms, the morning sun was met striking the keyboard.
It's done. A gentle lovesong, falling in love with love.
Please accept that he will do the announcement as soon as it is possible.
Wait, counting on your fingers.

LOL I wanted to find out whether I used the right expression of 'counting on one's fingers' in english and googled it, and found a guide on how Japanese count on their fingers. What you find on the net.
And I said gentle love song since I was unsure on how to bring the soft sappiness of his expression in without sounding mean :D maybe someone has a better translation?

18.01.2007 News

Starting from the Live in morph-tokyo on the 09.02. they will sell a wristband for ¥1000.
Sales end as soon as it is out of stock so take care to get it soon.

I want one (T_T)

16.01.2007 From masa

Since the weather was good he took a stroll through Edo Tokyo.
The Ukiyoe seen there are beautiful and the playful Senriyu are full of peaceful emotions.
Words bring comfort at the end of wars, Edo has style so let's enjoy the culture.

I had a hard time with those sentences both in translating and then putting them into english, so I hope they are ok so far m(_ _)m...
And call me ignorant but to me that picture looks kinda funny (´▽`;) sorryyyy I am just not used to that kind of art, I have to look closer at it.

11.01.2007 From masa

A new year starts and various projects are progressing at the same time.
Ahh soon, february and march will be much fun.
The angel heart is is beating fast when it's captivated by the charm.

Good then, go ahead, I wonder what they are working on ^__^!

08.01.2007 Calmando

It seems Calmando have now announced the new band-name, "Twisted Clock". Since the change of name is only valid for Japan, but in the rest of the world they will still be known as Calmando Qual, they will stay Calmando on my page as well.
Nevertheless, I added the link to their new official web site to my links-section, it is here: Twisted Clock Official Homepage!
Confusing? Yes.

07.01.2007 From masa (06.01.2007)

The yet busy New Year is finishing and tonight he wants to drink sepia.
With the night view seen from the 30th floor above the ground and the brandy that gets him drunk gently, he is slowly melting away.
He's gonna write the lyrics for the new songs of マァマァサム while seeing the night flights take off and land above the window sill.

"I want to drink sepia" sounds a bit funny... at least to me as a painter lol. 30th floor above the ground? Yeah we all know he's slowly loosing contact to earth hahaha. Sorry it was too tempting.

03.01.2007 From masa (04.01.2007)

His chest was swelling with anticipation while he climbed down the narrow spiral starcase surrounded by pure white walls, though he didn't know what kind of surprise he could expect.
The room opened and it didn't seem to be third floor of basement. He could hear the melody of a fountain resounding from the high ceiling when he was guided to a long table to begin this year where everyone gathered for eating.
The salmon of the hors d'oeuvre was delicious and it seems he drank too much champagne.
With the candles reflected by the waterside, he casually danced lightly.
There was the feeling it's going to be late tonight.
The full moon allured him tonight.

I wrote "horse d'oevre" thank god I looked it up then haha. How mean, using such exotic words, he can write them in Katakana, much easier. Oodoburu. Oh, salmon. His profile says he's a vegetarian. Salmon is an animal. Bad boy hehe.

03.01.2007 New Year's Greeting!

Late, but I hope you all got over well! So, this is from your webmistress to all of the others who want to be masa's angels!

Lots of love! Thanks for so many visits!
We are the devils then? Hehehe.

31.12.2006 From masa (1.1.2007)

Looking up at the sparkling stars, he returned from the forest of the city in silence and guided by the steamboat's whistle he welcomed the new year.

It's beautiful.
The goals for this year were promised to a star.

"Sing, dance and stop every once a while to chat, all right"
He'll become a masa whom everyone can enjoy.

Please watch over him with warmth.

Awww. I just stumbled over this when shutting down the comp for the party. Well, again, a happy new year, see you all next year! And to quote "Dinner for One", I now declare this basar open, hic~ *stumbles out*

31.12.2006 From masa

After this night there are the chimes of New Year's Eve.
Next year he'll leave earthly desires behind and make lots of effort with マァマァサム.
He's incredibly grateful for all the kindness he received for the time of this year.
Also, everyone take care not to catch a cold or such.
Have a happy new year.

Well a happy new year for all of you from me too ☆―(~_^)/
See you all next year! 良いお年を迎えください!Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Bonne anné à tous! And so on and so on :D

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