30.12.2006 Junn's Blog

That's an older one but it amused me, from the 23th.

Calling from the distance, there is a voice 'come permanent wave'! So, there it is, permanent wave No1 (._.)
The teeth are not cutting yet though.

Maybe, masa heard that distant voice too? He looks like that on the concert photo. I will tell them both 'permanent wave, go away... go away...' XD Let's hope it's not that permanent.
I'm writing too much today I should start preparations for tomorrow (^_^;)

30.12.2006 Ohhh....

Yeah... on the 22th of this month it was Tak's birthday so let's all say a happy late birthday to Tak (^_^;) Somehow I overlooked that woops.

30.12.2006 Dear Angel

29.12.2006 Roppongi morph-tokyo

From masa:
Tonight's concert was in blossom with everyone's sparkles shining beautifully. It was fantastic!
There will be a litte time open until the next meeting, yet still, I will keep those emotions day and night.
Bright and gentle angels. See you.

From Tak:
Aahh~.. There were various happenings this year~.
Thanks very much for coming to the last マァマァ concert of 2006 ☆
It's an immense fun to perform in a show where there's always more gimmicks~!
Look forward because there will be many enchanting shows again next year!!

From Junn:
The last concert for this year has ended.
So love is usually dangerous.
Let's make it a sparkling year again next year ☆
See you later, chu. Have a good year!

Thank you very much indeed, everyone, for attending the last concert of this year!
While we're at it, next year's conspiracy is already steadily cutting the water's surface~.
You can expect more sparkling shining マァムゥ for next year.

Well, it's been a very exciting year for all of us, now let's wait and see what they have planned for next year. In the news it said, there are no concerts due to recordings and photos, so, let's hope for many good things to happen! So far, if there is nothing more happening, I wish you all a nice party tomorrow ^__^! Ah, yes, masa with those.. curls? Woot. Not sure yet what to think of that lol.

28.12.2006 From masa

Tomorrow it's finally the last Live of this year.
People who know マァサム up to now, people who don't, they all should be able to enjoy the concert.

So, everyone.
For tonight, he'll take a bath at ease and tomorrow get together with the gentle angles in the morph.

I want to go too... ok what's new XD next Christmas I will wish for a Scotty to beam me over to the Lives haha.

27.12.2006 Update~☆★

I received a couple of things today and so I updated the release section and I updated the gallery, the promo pics of the latest Demos and the scans from that polaroid diary of the special release thing of GacktJOB "For Dears" book, just look which parts are marked with a *NEW*!
Small examples:

Enjoy everyone!!

26.12.2006 News and schedule ☆

Next year they will be active with even more energy than last year, though in January there won't be concerts since they do photos and recordings, so please keep giving your best support ☆

About the Ueno SENSATION on the 25.03.2007, it's a Livehouse that opens next spring.
It's a sister shop of Kashiwa ZAX, the official site is being prepared.
The phone line for questions is scheduled to be open for traffic in the beginning of 2007.

09.02.2007 (Friday)
Roppongi morph-tokyo
Details later
Questions: morph-tokyo 03-5414-2683
Period of mail reservation: 07.01. - 07.02

25.03.2007 (Sunday)
Details later
Questions: Ueno SENSATION 03-6809-8885
Period of mail reservation: 22.01. - 22.02

Take a look at マァマァサムゥ official web site for more information! That sounds good. Maybe they will record something more than demos next year?

24.12.2006 From masa (25.12.2006)

What was this year's Christmas present?
Pretty clothes or delicious candy?
On this year 2006, amazingly beautiful decorated, he will treat us with this tune.
He'll bring the last Demo CD for this year to the 'morph'.
The shining treasure will brighten up everyone's minds!

I hope it is ok, I am busy celebrating myself, sorry. Sorry? I am stupid lol. Merry Christmas!

24.12.2006 HO HO HO!

Have a nice time all of you!

23.12.2006 From masa (24.12.2006)

Drosselmeyer transports many presents on Christmas.
This year masa's going to see "The Nutcracker".
Surely Clara, who's always gentle to everybody, will be blessed with happiness.
Be careful with the rat king!
He'll make sure to see it for himself on the stage with a wishful mood.

Merry Christmas!
To all angels.

Awwww. Merry Christmas! Ok it's not Christmas yet over here though ^__^!

22.12.2006 From masa (23.12.2006)

The gingko nuts are falling all over the moss on the stone steps passage through scarlet and greenery.
There is the scent of the bamboo grass dripping with dew after the rain, he has been treated with an invitation to a teahouse.
The samurai, leaving the sword behind, putting the knees together and talking about real intention will come to his mind soon.
At the concert of マァムゥ you will leave behind age and sex at the entrance as well.
Please let him entertain you from the heart.

I wish I could see the last concert of 2006.

21.12.2006 From masa

Here is the face of Gion at night.
The tranquil sounds of the Koto are heard nearby while walking along the river beach.
The beautiful Maiko is speaking gently.
He thinks about adopting that for the concert's MC.

It looks so nice there! So calm. Very empty though.
So he's still in Kyoto huh.

19.12.2006 From masa (20.12.2006)

Being busily involved in december, turning towards this year's last final Live, he made a discovery.
This is not good.
"Let's go to Kyoto, as it's said"
He is comfortable strolling through the narrow lanes there.

Alright, I have to go on wrapping up presents lol.

18.12.2006 Junn's Blog

Junn wrote in his blog and his cold seems is gotten worse poor Junn *hughug*
But I like the way he describes how his brain melts and comes out of the nose lol haha! Poor Junn. Braindead. I like his blog, he is such a cute personality lol! I hope he gets better soon and can leave the word "cold" not mentioned anymore in his blog from now on ^__^!

13.12.2006 News

On the 29.12.2006 in Roppongi morph-tokyo the seventh Demo CD (including another of masa's promopics) will be sold for ¥1000 and a set of badges, designed by Tak again, will be sold for ¥800 per set of four. They are limited to the venue on the 29.12. The number is limited too, so get it as soon as possible.
Also, for the CDs, only one copy per person should be sold to assure that as much people as possible can get a copy. The sales start after MaMu performance again.
[edit:] The performance start is scheduled for 19:45!

12.12.2006 From masa

He went to the sneak preview of the great fantasy-movie "Eragon".
A dragon is more swift than a white horse. And how dreamy to be able to talk to him!
Someday he comes to meet us from the sky, riding a dragon!

Drachenreiter masa.. ok. I wanna take a ride too then :D! I wonder if his majesty also joins the crowd every now and then to watch a 'normal' cinema show hehe.

10.12.2006 Dear Angel

10.12.2006 Yokohama CLUB 24
From masa:
To my only angels.
We're a little closer to Christmas.
In the sparkling shiny eyes of all of you were the roots of an extraordinary Christmas eve.
Tonight the caring hand is firm, becoming the soft angelhand.
Lets meet in the dreams again.
Goodnight. (Gunnai :D aww)

From Tak:
Thank you very much for attending the December Yokohama chapter of the マァマァサ theatre.
Though we are also in extremely high tension turning towards the end of year, we spent a happy time again!
Well, next time it is the last performance of this year, the Roppongi winter battle chapter.
Let's all enjoy the tremendous closing stage of 2006 ☆

From Junn:
Sorry ne, for using the phone in the middle of the Live! I don't feel good about it...
There is one next time to look forward to this year ★
A little bit early, but still I wish your merry Christmas☆
(Junn wrote it like this ^__^ aww)

Thanks a lot for coming to the Yokohama concert!
The prince's room this time? It also became a study.
Well, there is still a place reserved for one later concert this year.
Come, everyone, for the dashing project!

Can anyone go to that last concert? Oh and I wonder how it will go on next year... I wanna see them when I go there in summer. How cute they do look hehehe. Those puffy sleeves on the masa lol.

05.12.2006 From masa (06.12.2006)

Oh, how wonderful.
Even the mind seems to be taken away completely.

He is in midst of the clothing selection for the next concert.
Forgettting about everything else, the only interjection is a sigh of envy that lets the cheeks slack.
Lightly within a dream-like state he almost flies being in a festive mood.
Aah, as it is, shall we go out to meet here tomorrow?

Despite that, you still don't care?

Ahem I have no clue what that is about or where he wants to meet, nor what for. I surely would like to go see him and help him select clothes though 8) no problem ahaha.

05.12.2006 From masa

Last week he got enchanted by Kenichi Matsuyama in "Death Note" and this week by Takuya Kimura's acting in "武士の一分" (The minute of the Samurai).
The appearance had a splendid expression in voice and motion.
The actor's way to use fingertips and the soles of the feet was also beautiful.

It's movie watching season again huh ^____^!
I have seen Jack Skelington in "Nightmare before Christmas" last week, his movements were amazing too u_u yes.

02.12.2006 News and Dear Angel

On the 10.12.2006 in Yokohama CLUB 24 the sixth Demo CD (including another of masa's promopics) will be sold for ¥1000. They are limited to the venue on the 10.12. The number is limited too, so get one as soon as possible.
Also, only one copy per person will be sold to assure that as much people as possible can get a copy. The sales start after MaMu performance again.

Dear Angel
from masa:
Dear my angel-chan (or, My dear angels as we would say lol)
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Due to the large request 情熱パール (Jounetsu Pearl) was the sound tonight.
While listening to the マァムゥ CD this time, do you drink tea?
Before going to bed, I recommend camomile tea which has a great relaxing effect.
That and hide tonight's promo pic with the leopard pattern suit under your pillow.
Good night.

from Tak:
It was the first concert of マァマァサ in Kashiwa after a long time.
It was 3 men, since masa's space was special, mysterious talk and even a battle talk of Tak and Junn unfolded! Such a mini corner will be created again and again due to the continuation of this month's Kanto three districts mini tour (?) ☆
Well then, next week in chinatown!!

from Junn:
It was the fifth time with マァムゥ.
Thank you very much for another concert spending in a completely good mood in Kashiwa!
Let's meet in Yokohama next week ★

from AKITO:
Tonight's concert was somehow mysterious space with jostling in new corners!
Nevertheless it was for the tea course of the prince ~(laugh)
Well, what kind of course will be opened next time in Yokohama?

Aha, aha. Leopard print? Hahaha... well it sounds like so much fun, as always! I wonder how they always manage to top the show before, each time it is hard to imagine that this is even possible ^__^!

01.12.2006 From masa

In the early afternoon the orange carpet has a relaxing effect.
The air is clear with a blue sky and beneath the feet there is an orange colored symphony.
He will follow the road of autumn until tomorrow, then he will go to Kashiwa.
He'll dance and sing like the dry leaf fluttering.

Lovely, just lovely ^__^!

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