29.11.2006 News

The details for the concert on 29.12 in Roppongi are up!

※29.12.2006 (Friday)
Roppongi morph-tokyo
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Tickets: presale ¥2000, on the day ¥2500 (drinks excluded)
Performers: DUSTZ/マァマァサムゥ/MAN☆BRAST/and more
Questions: morph-tokyo 03-5414-2683
Mail reservation of tickets from 03.12. until 26.12
For more info go to マァマァサムゥ official web site

Enjoy if you can go ☆

26.11.2006 From masa

Lululu recording today.
It is a high spirited song recording in the best mood.
He blew a soft sigh into this mike.
When you whisper close to the ear, it is the beginning of a world just for two.
(Or, it creates a feeling of intimacy ^_^)

Oh sounds good, yes! I want him whisper to my ears hehe.

22.11.2006 Dear Angel (BBS)

Shinjuku LOFT
from masa:
To my beloved angels.
Could you enjoy tonight's concert?
We invited to the holy grounds of Rock'n'Roll in Shinjuku LOFT, the universe of マァムゥ seemed to fit in well, however, with all of you angels it was a ball for me.
Wrapped up in everyone's gentleness I sang the love.
Wherever the places might change, the angel rule will not change.
Let's meet again. Good night. Chuu.

from Tak:
Thanks for joining マァマァサ ムゥ first concert in LOFT!
Personally ~ I enjoyed myself in several years appearance in the LOFT..
Did マァマァサ ムゥ present an appropriate cover tune, what do you say?
It was another powerful Show while heading towards the end of 2006 ☆
Well then, next time in Kashiwa ZAX! ☆

from Junn:
Thank you!
Thanks to the angels, I got another step closer to being an aristocrat.
Also, I started a Blog.

from AKITO:
How was the first マァムゥ concert in Shinjuku LOFT?
This time with the outfit, the prince was a matador of the Middle Ages.
However, in Kashiwa ZAX you will or won't see the new clothes of the prince.
Look forward to next time in anticipation!!

Wahaha that reminds me of that fairytale, "The Emperor's New Clothes", masa is coming naked next time then? 8D Wouldn't we all like to see?
And goatee on Junn?... I totally didn't notice that yet o_o and haha AKITO with that napkin again XD! I wanna see a Show, they look so... funny?

19.11.2006 From masa

Lalala, three hours in the bath.
Rose scent floating from the aroma candle and the egg shining in rainbow colors sinking to the bottom of the bathtub.
He brought in a bunch of his favorite books, humming the bathtub orchestra.
Detoxed and relaxed masa sings the love songs at LOFT.

What is on that picture o_O? But yeah, there is nothing more relaxing than a good book and a hot tub ^__^!

17.11.2006 Hmhmhm...

I was bored when writing my shopping list lmao! I thought, why not share?

But what happend to AKITO? He got exchanged for Paul McCartney huh? *dead*

14.11.2006 News

On the 02.12.2006 in Kashiwa ZAX the fifth Demo CD (including another of masa's promopics) will be sold for ¥1000. They are limited to the venue on the 02.12. The number is limited too, so get one as soon as possible.
Also, only one copy per person will be sold to assure that as much people as possible can get a copy. The sales start after MaMu performance again which starts supposedly at 18:30.
Also a new concert is announced, in Roppongi morph-tokyo on the 29.12.2006 (friday), details will be posted as soon as everthing is settled.

14.11.2006 From masa

It's a tipsy feeling at the party tonight.
Corks rising, dancing in the air and cheeks get red through the golden bubbles.
If all of that gets to be seen, it's a fairytale fantasyland here.
The body is freely devoted to the pleasure garden of love and joy.
Let's go party tonight.

Heh. Leave some for me LOL. I want to go to Lala-land too :D haha.

07.11.2006 Update again (^///^)

Another fanart by me. Yeah sorry sorry it's annoying I know but the cold weather over here gives me diverse creative highs LOL and since I have masa's face plastered all over my flat due to framing up all the expensive merchandize... well yeah XD;
↓ Another one, behold.

07.11.2006 From masa

He went to the sneak preview of "The devil wears Prada".
He could see the fashionable story taking a deep seat as expected. Work and privacy, friendship and passion were mixed and shown in a nice tempo.
He also wants love, work and huge succes and living showy.

I have seen previews of that in the cinema too and thought about going sometime, quite cool and funny actually. But for me the next movie will be "Borat" LOL.

06.11.2006 News

The details for the Concert in Kashiwa ZAX have been added:
02.12.2006 (Saturday) Kashiwa ZAX
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Tickets: presale: 2300¥, on the appointed day 2800¥ (Drinks excluded).
Acts: SHAME/ニライカナイ/マァマァサムゥ
Questions: Kashiwa ZAX 04-7168-8822
Mail reservation is accepted from 13.11. to the 26.11
For more information, go to マァマァサムゥ official web page!

Everyone who can go, enjoy!

05.11.2006 From masa

The full moon in autumn is pretty.
The air is getting gradually dryer and the moonlight is spreading.
Nights like that are spend with reading.

The book stimulated the tear glands of him who started to get dry. "解夏(げげ)".

Though he read it on the open terrace of a cafe he cried without caring whether the public would notice which didn't happen for a long time.
Unexpectedly he was won over by the short story.

The author is Masashi Sada.
The person who has poetic sentiment has a rich power of expression.

Aww that happens to me all the time when I read sad part of a book haha. Masashi Sada is a japanese singer and songwriter (japanese folksongs ^^;) and that little book is about a teacher in primary school who gradually looses his eyesight through some disease, resigns from work and returns to his old hometown and thinks about his life, leaving the one he loves behind. I see that this must be a very sad book.

04.11.2006 Update of yellow...

I added two drawings to my fan-arts section again (the bad weather brings a creative high). One is a first try to color with copic markers, which is the first time to do that in such a huge measure. It is not really good...
But it is not yellow! I have no clue why my scanner made it yellow! Ok masa might be Japanese but of course I do not draw him yellow! The original looks totally normal but this one is so yellow, he is almost glowing. Lightbulb masa *dies*
↓ (-___-)

I hope I will also get some arts of others again some day?? It has been a while.

02.11.2006 And...

Oh and my son found the original to my Halloween-card and coloured it. Does that count as a fanart?
I will share it nevertheless because of the cuteness:

He did a good job ha!

02.11.2006 Update~★☆

I added another drawing by me to the fan-arts section, this time it's all done by hand, not with the computer since I suck in drawing with the computer anyways lmao.
It's this ↓

01.11.2006 Update~☆

I have added the webpage of SABRINA to my links section. She is the lovely person who provided and hopefully still will provide us with her entertaining Live-reports, so this makes it related.
She is an upcoming singer as well and talented so I suggest you go and check out her site and her demos to judge for yourself!

31.10.2006 HELP!

As it is, there is no way to get the next Demo CD but I want it so badly! But there is noone going there who does not want their own copy! So, if there is anybody out there who can go, please can someone get me that thing? I'd pay double price plus shipping, send cookies and paint your house next year when I come over to Japan! Dressed in a bunny-costume! See? I'm desperate D8! Please someone get that for me! (T人T)!
Unfortunately I am not one of masa's special angels but just a fan from far away. Boohoo.

Oh happiness :D!

31.10.2006 From masa

It's a long wild night in autumn.
He went to meet up in an American Bar for Halloween.
The counter table is 20 meters of timber? That's long. It's fun.
Moreover there's also spontaneously breaking into a dance. It's a throbbing dancing night.

Over here it's still a while before the long night starts. It's going to be a big party (^_^)! Though I don't think we'll break into a dance here, the flat is not like a 20 meters pub haha.


I hope you all have a great party, whether you call it All Hallow's Eve or Halloween or Samhain!

Ok, it's not really spooktacular I know. But cute yes. Haha.

29.10.2006 News

On the 22.11.2006 in Shinjuku LOFT the fourth Demo CD (including another of masa's promopics) will be sold for ¥1000. They are limited to the venue on the 22.11. The number is limited too, so get one as soon as possible.
Also, only one copy per person will be sold to assure that as much people as possible can get a copy. The sales start after MaMu performance again which is kept secret this time.

26.10.2006 From masa

Strippers in the jury tonight.
Since it's useless not to get naked when falling in love.
Youth is attracted by the dangerous adult.

Now i picture them all playing naked (@_@)
Must be my cold.

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