25.10.2006 From masa

Tomorrow it's ヌード, the performance with those members brings back memories.
First of all enjoy, if you could be enchanted afterwards it's a victory.
You're in it when you throw everything off.

It's about that Session-Live in Ikebukuro LIVE INN ROSA where masa will perform with ヌードトランプ which will consist of him as vocal, Tak on guitar, AKITO on drum and masanori on the bass so that surely will give some nostalgia.
I am curious what they will perform.
[edited. It's masa AS vocal not ON vocal XD woops]

24.10.2006 From masa

One of his favorite movies is "25th hour".
He likes the story of the movie, the actors and the speed feeling of the performance.
He went to see "Capote" now with Philip Seymour Hoffman who also appears in "25th hour".
He did a fascinating performance of Truman Capote, author of "Breakfast at Tiffanies".

Good morning (at least here) :D!
It seems to be a thrilling movie that mainly focuses on the development of the novel based on true facts "In Cold Blood", i am interested to see it.
More info about the movie ← click.

23.10.2006 Some Updates~★

I updated the gallery with some and also the icons in the gifts-section. Not much though. But take a look and enjoy!

22.10.2006 Update?

I was in the mood of fooling around with pictures and did this little thing remembering last years halloween decoration theme of masa haha.
I thought i would share for some amusement.
↓ Hyyyyes! Ebil halloween persimmon! It bites >;D

Watch out for the next days, i will add some screencaps of another DVD i got and those are SEXY i tell you 8D!

21.10.2006 From masa

How did you like the new song of the girl in love?
Masa in puberty is dangerous isn't he?
The next performance with ヌードトランプ will be dangerous.
With the excitingly powerful angel costume every girl's mind is firmly guarded.

Hahahaha... Well ok. If you forgot, ヌードトランプ is the session band he will be with next week!

20.10.2006 Dear Angel (マァマァサ ムゥ BBS)

20.10.2006 Takadanobaba AREA
From masa:
To my important angels.
Feeling everyone's enchanting glances, he comes wanting to dance spontaneously.
Is that the gradual start of the ball?
Before going to sleep tonight my promo picture is being looked at, then the girls go back to sleep. Let's meet again in the dreams. Good night.

From Tak:
Thanks for coming to the マァマァサ ムゥ concert ☆
How was the show the elegant styled prince delivered today?
And my new song of impact has even been performed!
He thinks that the shape will still change some, and also, the tune and style will be polished ☆
Look forward to next time when again a surprise tune will be announced!!

From Junn:
Ohhh he says. He wants to turn into a prince too... he wants to turn into a Rock prince.
So at this concert he was again one of the common people as it seems.
He cultivates his character every day to become a splendid aristocrat.

The prince costume can be held little by little seeing from behind,
Oh~ This is also lovely i think, isn't it? I am Ok right?
On the photo afterwards there appears the bib a little white, but it is absolutely different!
Watch out for the next!!

First of all ZOMFG golden golden! Then, i also added some new stuff! I added bigger scans of the promo pics of the first two Demo CDs to the gallery and i also added the lyric scans to the CDs to the release section! And, in the next days there will be more to come, so watch out!!

19.10.2006 From masa

On the last night before the concert, the image of trouble builds up on the empty secret pier.
The new song has the pure feeling of a girl in love, it's easy like the dancing of a fairy in the forest.
The smiles were floating there by many angels.
Yeah, it's perfect.
Good night for tonight. Chehh.

I am so curious about the BBS tomorrow ^__^!

18.10.2006 Aaaaand another update

Since i have to sit with erik while he does his homeworks i am drawing a lot again lately and i am still fighting to color the stuff on the comp with my mouse XD!
So, there is another masa, added the picture to the fan arts section again.
↓ peek-a-boo:

17.10.2006 Update~☆

I have added another computer-drawing-painting thingy to the fan art section, done by me. It's masa yes how boring i know. Anyways, if you like, take a look!
↓ peek-a-boo:

Wanna see the whole thing? Go fan art section heh!

15.10.2006 From masa

It's a very sunny sunday afternoon.
Since he felt so good, he went to a photo exhibition.
There were NY artists sharply pointed to the period from 60s to 80s in the refined gallery at Kotto Doori.

The emotions became shaken when passing through that era.

I hope this is correct, i have a bad cold and cannot think properly -___-!

11.10.2006 From masa

Autumn's night wind brings tender feelings.
Bathing in moonlight at such a night.

In front of his favorite western-style house, he enjoys the quiet harmony, looking up to the moon.
He feels purified every time the wind gently brushes the cheeks.
↓ fav house:

Pretty and how nice that sounds! Over here autumn's night wind freezes our butts off while at the daytime we get grilled. Lovely.

[edited due to obviously being a legasthenic >_> gah]

10.10.2006 I see...

Oh, so the future to マァマァサムゥ will have projects in japanese language and all. I think that is actually a good idea for masa. It is always very difficult to write a decent poetry in a foreign language, it is already difficult to write it in the own language and his japanese lyrics have always been very very good i think. I guess we all were a bit surprised at the large amount of english lyrics lately.
But to be honest, i will miss the batjing suits, bigger blown up things, the translated revolution and singing along to "i just wanna come inside" X'D it's been a blast with DIZZY.

10.10.2006 Look~

There is a very short interview with マァマァサムゥ (masa) appearing on kazane-website ← click there.
Interesting to know that the new name means totally nothing rofl.
Thanks to Sora for the information! ^__^!

09.10.2006 News

New Live!
10.12.2006 (Sunday) Yokohama CLUB24
OPEN/17:00 START/17:30
Tickets: Presale ¥3000, on the day ¥3500 (Drinks excluded)
Acts: spam_life/マァマァサムゥ/DAZZLE/others
For details of Ticket-reservation please look at the schedule section of マァマァサムゥ Official Web site. This time tickets will be only available through ART POP ENTERTAINMENT.

08.10.2006 From masa

Today he did the poetry to the new song and he got into a sweet-sour lovey mood.
When you look up, the moon is full and seduced by the autumn breeze he drives to the shore.
He has become a wolf at night (he says that with regret).
↓ image:

Werewolf huh? Arooooooooooooo! Or so. XD
Oh the loneliness ^^;;

05.10.2006 From masa

The joy on the latest nights has been the words of congratulation from everyone on the questionnaire, the letters full of feelings and opening the hard chosen presents one by one.
Since one day after the birthday is is busy opening them one by one but still hasn't managed to open everything, he says thank you for so many feelings shown.

To show his gratitude to the angels who made this birthday such a happy event, he wants to hand over a present after the concert of the 20.10 to everyone at the venue, though it's only a modest thing.
He will only hand the present though to the angels who answer with 'champagne' when he says 'rose'.
This is the passwort that connects the angels to him.
Don't forget it.

Aww. Cute in a way.
[edited due to retarded typos in early morning. 'everyghing'. lmao.]
[edited again due to only reading half of some words >.>]

04.10.2006 News

On the 20.10.2006 in Takadanobaba AREA the third Demo CD (including another of masa's promopics) will be sold for ¥1000. They are limited to the venue on the 20.10. The number is limited too, so get one as soon as possible.
Also, only one copy per person will be sold to assure that as much people as possible can get a copy. The sales start after MaMu performance again which is scheduled for about 20:40 as it seems.

Also a new live is announced, 02.12. in Kashiwa ZAX, details will follow, mail reservation is possible from 13.11. until 26.11!

Whoever can go, enjoy!

04.10.2006 From masa

The birthday concert of マァムゥmasa was a very lovely time thanks to the angels.
The next concert will supposedly show a new side.
Come to have fun.
↓ image:

Is it like the pic in monkey's blog? All black now? I am a bit scared what comes next lmao.

01.10.2006 Update~☆★

I added the report to the second concert of マァマァサムゥ to the Live Reports section, it is again done by Sabrina, thank you so much!
It's very amusing, so read it. I wish i could go to see them too, masa seems to be such a, well, entertaining person hahaha, but ok, next year's summer i hope i get the chance!

30.09.2006 News

New Live Decision!
22.11.2006 (Wednesday)
Shinjuku LOFT
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Tickets: presale ¥3000, on the day ¥3500 (drinks excluded)
Acts: 死ね死ね団/マァマァサムゥ/others
Questions: Shinjuku LOFT 03-5272-0382
Time of mail-reservation: 22.10 - 12.11
For info on how to get tickets, look at the info-section of マァマァサムゥ Official web page!

They aren't lazy! Good!

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