30.09.2006 Update~★

I added the links to all the puzzles Kami made to my Fan-Arts section. It's quite a lot she did there, so you can have a good time playing around, and don't think those are too easy, not at all ~_^!!

30.09.2006 Dear Angel (Band BBS)

From masa
To my important angels.
Thanks for the lovely smiles today. It's been an entirely happy time.
Look forward to the next time at AREA with the new song of マァマァサムゥ and furthermore super elegant new outfits.

From Tak
Many thanks for coming to the second concert of マァマァサ!
How was tonight's show, being held as the festival for prince masa?
There was also surprise-surprise, and if this was received with joy he is happy ☆
They plan to announce the new song next time in AREA and because it's going to be a yet even bigger entertainment-show, look forward ☆★

From Junn
Sparkling ★
It was lovely sparkling time at the prince's birthday.
Next time again they will have the love magic!

They spent a lovely time at the prince's birthday concert!
For the next AREA the new song is scheduled, go and listen to it because it's again more than beautiful!!

Awww well happy birthday again prince. Prince masa. XD!
Well i wish i would have been there, i hope everyone (including his majesty of flamboyance) had a good time!

I have also added a jigsaw puzzle of masa done by Kami and there are even more to come! Thank you Kami! You find the links to those at the Fan Art section, so play and enjoy!

30.09.2006 masa!

Prince Charming、お誕生日おめでとう!Keep on pretending.
↓ glittery rosy birthdaybanner ♥ (imagine champagne bubbles rise upppp)

(thanks to sabrina for scanning the sekshi masa's pic)
Considering the amount of rebirth he already went through he should probably change his own name too, how about 'phoenix from the flames'? *snicker*
We all love him no matter what, right? Right. masa we love you XD!

28.09.2006 From masa

On a sleepless night, there is noone at an amusement park.
Especially before the concert, when thinking about the performance to come, it's impossible to sleep well because the excitement doesn't stop.

Though perhaps he is longing for others, he seems to be very shy.
Though he doesn't like crowds, the neon attracts him.
Though he likes the sensation of the speed of sound on rollercoasters and such, he also longs for the scenery seen from the Ferris Wheel.

It seems a contradiction, but love and hate do adjoin each other, don't they.
He's very happy when he is together with everyone on the last day of September.
Please come take a look.

Aww, lonely masa ^^; i hope many come to see on his birthday!

27.09.2006 From me

These pages are now soon to be 1 1/2 years old and already so many visits, really thank you very much everyone for enjoying all this here!
I'll keep up with it of course!
I hope you all have a lovely fall (or autumn ^^;) ☆

25.09.2006 Taks diary (20.09)

Work on new Song
Today threw another switch again, rehearsal of マァマァサ. They started to arrange his song that he gave to the members as a parting gift before leaving to Europe. This gives another insight to the members' flexibility, the tune evolved to an unexpected development of the character in a good sense. He looks forward to everyone's reaction to that one tune on the next Live o(^- ^)o

Aha, that sounds good. And yes i know there is something wrong with my latest share with the sound and image being not synchron but i have no clue why that happens (>.<) very sorry about that. I will try to figure out what happens.

23.09.2006 Again...

Some more for you to look at.

22.09.2006 Share #2

Since my last share was enjoyed so much, i decided to share another part of the 'Evolution' DVD, it's a part of the recordings from the FC-event.
It features the 'Curtain Call', 'REAL', 'Excuse' and 'It's killing me', though all the songs are only introduced shortly. It is not me, they are like that on the DVD. I like the last one most. I am sorry if it's not in best quality but i don't have much experience with youtube and the likes.
Clickety Click Click
Again, if it is wrong to share this, i will take it down (if i figure out how to do that hahaha +_+ i have no clue about youtube at all, sorry)
Edited due to the bad english (+_+) plus, the entry below is edited since two more session-bands have been announced.

21.09.2006 News

※26.10.2006 (Thursday) Live Session
Event title "Yoru Mata"
OPEN/16:30 START/17:30
Tickets: presale ¥3000 on the day ¥3500 (Drinks excluded)
ワッショイZ (Wasshoi Z)
Vo. 沼倉 真 (グルグル映畫館)
Vo. カナブン (W.A.R.P)
B. ダイサク (ex-KILLING SKILL 48)
G. soon to be announced
Dr. ブッチ (Plastic Tree)

ヌード トランプ (Nude Trump)
Vo. masa (マァマァサムゥ)
G. Tak (マァマァサムゥ)
Dr. AKITO (マァマァサムゥ)
B. masanori (Post Creater)

Vo. GAKU (ex CRY《mu》)
G. TAKUO (ex over dose)
B. ANIKI (ex over dose)
Dr. Marbo (9th TAIL.h)

某φ衣(supposed name)
Vo. エイジ(秘密結社コドモA)
G. 天野鳶丸 (グルグル映畫館)
B. ジュンロウ (SEX-ANDROID)
Dr. 犬神明 (犬神サーカス団)

Vo. 藤銀次郎 (大日本意識革命軍狂暴)
G. 犬神情次2号 (犬神サーカス団)
B. 奥滝晃将 (SHAME)
Dr. 前田一知 (グルグル映畫館)

Vo. 玉腰 勲 (グルグル映畫館)
B. ウエマー (ex-ANTI-KRANKE)
Dr. マサ (カナリア)
For details about the ticket reservation go → HERE!

20.09.2006 Shortly

The Calmando poster is not available anymore ^___^!

19.09.2006 Calmando Poster to give away~☆

Since i didn't go alone to the Calmando Qual Live at the Europe Tour, we have now two signed posters. I don't really find a place to put the second though and i thought before i throw it away, someone of you wants it?

It is signed by all members. The poster is 84cm x 60cm and the image posted here isn't cut off but it is like that, one member is cut off.
I give it away for free, you just need to pay the shipping costs which depend on where you live.
The first one who responds to that will get it. If any is interested at all. I just thought it would be a pity to have a signed poster end up as waste paper! If you want it, contact me through my site please!

19.09.2006 News

At the concert on the 30th of September in Yokohama Soundhall they will sell the second Demo CD with another masa's promo pic (¥1000).
As it seems it will not be allowed to get more than one CD per person, did i get that right? If that is a rule with no exceptions, then this means the end of collection for me until they do a public release which certainly is sad but hell, i was lucky until now so why complain, i just hope for the best.
I will try my best to keep up with everything.
See that guys? You won't get rid of me THAT easily >P
Btw, sales start after MaMu's performance again.

17.09.2006 from masa

A new trend appeared with the next concert coming closer.
Since the next マァムゥ concert is on the 30th September, he has to celebrate beforehand.

The Champagne is cooled with ice and it's poured into glasses for two.
The bubbles rise when toasting a roughly beautiful sound of collapsing.
The crystal sound of glass hitting glass is a very lovely harmony.

There was a bit too much strength when he put the glass on the table as he toasted.
It's a punishment wanting to be soaked only in lovely feelings though there is no partner.
The Baccarat glass collapsed to the floor, the sound that hasn't been heard up to now was made audible.
The sound was beautiful until the end.

He abandoned the golden bubbles and while watching the round ice in single malt,he enjoyed the evening alone.
↓ the Whisky

What was it now, first Champagne then Whisky? And getting drunk alone and smashing expensive glasses while pretending not to be alone sounds a bit lame hm? Dear masa, i would come over and hold the other glass for you XD! Cheerio Miss Sophie haha!
I bet the Live Concerto on the 30th will make up for the loneliness!

16.09.2006 Share

I've got something for all of you.
What is this? ← click there!

Am i gonna get sued now? (T_T)
I am a chicken about things like that, i know. If i do something wrong, i will take it off again.

13.09.2006 Question?

Since there is nothing new atm i thought i can ask a question perhaps.
After i've been eyegasming over my new sparkling and elegant layout for a while now, i start to get the sinking feeling, that i used the wrong glass for the champagne, could that? D8
I was surfing the net and suddenly realized that all the people on the internet drink it from the round glasses while i used the big straight glass (Straight glass? Maybe there are also gay glasses? Haha, well ya know what i mean).
↓ that is what i own:

I have tried to search but mostly the round one seems used though i also saw the other. So which one is correct now? Or do both go? And what is the difference anyway? One keeps bubbles in, the other let's them sparkle out? Why? Argh? And yeah, i have to go to the internet to see people drink champagne since my origins are based in the infamous 'cheap bubble-wine in plastic cups and the glasses only for the special occasion' fraction *coughcough*.
Thanks lol...
Also, to stay on topic, i have changed the profile of MaMu since Junn is labeled guitar too now, plus i will most probably get my copy of the Demo CD in a little while, i will post about it then and it also has that funky fruity gay promo-pic shown in the latest live-report,so , watch out everyone ^__^!

10.09.2006 Holidays ♪

I am looking through my holidays pics and i found a nice greeting with a reminiscence to former DIZZY. Those were the days LMAO. The second band of masa that splits up before i get the chance to actually see them perform (well sorta after all it's not THAT much different and people are also the same... but you know what i mean). Next year i will come. Maybe i will be lucky then with MaMu haha.
↓ i am not sleeping standing up, it's uhm, yoga, yes u_u

Yeah, Erik still holds the flag up high for his JETBOY XD!

10.09.2006 Tak's diary

I looked there too and got what i thought might be related.

[Change of pace]
Today he was hanging around with AKITO at some place (laughs) They both have the preference in common that they don't drink any alcohol. He knew there is a person who understands because the subject was lightly touched in the Instore-event of former DIZZY but~ Tak is pretty private and not with the band members (bitter smile) However, he could share some conversation other than about music with AKITO, he respects him, it's surely a stimulation for both to hang around occasionally, it is fun~☆
They'll do it again soon (laughs)

[First Show of confusion, laughter, tension and anticipation]
Finally マァマァサ ムゥhave done their Debut Concert. Daring an explanation is unnecessary he thinks (laughs) It seems a show where likes and dislikes clearly divide but still, how was it? He was surprised reading the questionnaire everyone filled out with all might (laughs) Many people liked it and he feels very glad and relieved☆
It's lighter compared to the aggressive Rock of DIZZY, making tunes to support entertainment and struggling to consciously do arrangments people like isn't that enough? Yet nevertheless, from the debut they still have much more steps to go.
Of course Tak has to loose his former hard nature and stand firm creating the tunes changing to マァムゥ's own style.
By the way, the new song of the limited sales was his song, he thinks it turned out quite lovely, please listen to that!

Is it? I am curious now!

10.09.2006 Update of fun ~☆

After a long time i could add a Live-report again by Sabrina, thanks a lot!! It's from the マァマァサムゥ 'Debut Concert'.
I added it to the Live-reports section, it has a section for マァマァサムゥ now too. I recommend you read it, it's VERY entertaining LOL i wish i would have been at their debut too.

09.09.2006 Another thing...

Due to the dissolution of the Fanclub, the old mail address for fanmail won't work anymore, since the post-office-box has been closed too. So for now fanmail can only be given at the live-venues.
I guess that will change after some time. After all, if masa can afford to live on champagne and caviar, he can also afford to rent a post office box. Right? Haha insane logic senses.

09.09.2006 Some gayness

Moin. I am back already. I was wrong! I can't go on a holiday until the 11th because i am poor yo! However, this is what i could get together from the latest stuff:

dear angel (members BBS)
02.09.2006 morph-tokyo
from masa:
To my important angels.
Thank you for the lovely smiles today. He is still excited. It's been a captivating moment.
Let's meet again on the 30.09.

from Tak:
Thanks for coming to マァマァサムゥdebut concert!!
Such a prince how was it?
The live after this will also be joyful, he wants to deliver good tunes to the fullest!
He's waiting for the next time with joy too because they do limited sales at the live for the sake of everyone remembering the sound source☆

from Junn:
The weather supported マ~ム~ as well. It's been hot~!
The next マ~ム~ he will also enjoy to the fullest.

from AKITO:
Thanks everybody for coming to morph-Tokyo on the 02.09~!
Finally マ~ム~ did their debut.
They were also blessed by the finest weather on the first of the month which is rare.
He's waiting for the next time in Yokohama!
↓ picture:

masa's diary
He starts to move on turning towards the next now that the debut is finished.
Once in a while he gets nutrition eating at the chef's cuisine and with the autumn wind blowing he went dining out.
Though he can always enjoy the champagne no matter where and when he drinks it, it's different depending on the dish and on what is served.

He got the tasty eggs of the sturgeon he was poor at.
Though according to the chef the Sevruga is overflowing, he had the genuine Beluga.
Grain, color, flavour. This is the only caviar for sure.

The genuine taste sliding down the tongue is captivating.
Becoming also a fascinatingly elegant and beautiful singer, he could enjoy the good taste, it was a new determination at that night.
↓ the caviar:

マァマァサムゥ Debut.
Everyone spent the time excited and cheeful singing and dancing.
Later again.

Phew. Well, that's odd. How can he state that he is a vegetarian when he eats fish eggs? Does he think fish is a vegetable? Or did he only look at the caviar? Btw does anyone remember Barbie and Skipper? masa reminds me of skipper on the MaMu pic, i cannot say why but he does lmao. And, finally, thank you guys for making us other fans feel so... unimportant? Hmhm.
Ah, yeah, Seventh Heaven's Homepage is closed! Finito. Byebye, it was a nice time.
I hope there aren't too many mistakes or typos but i am a bit groggy.
[Edited because i overread half of a sentence in one of masa's rambles. Sorry.]

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