29.08.2006 masa's diary (30.08) ← me translate backwards in time yo

He's seen X-MEN at the cinema preview (what is that called exactly? the earlier than average movie show... ugh sorry m(_ _)m).
The images were both intense and urging but the story was fantastic too.
When an urgent decision has to be made, the way how that class of people thinks comes into view, the purpose of living.
A love exceeding life and death is beautiful.
His enthusiasm is also rising when turning towards the next public performance.
Gender and age via music, he wants to break through the walls of the different ways of thinking to become one.
It's to be expected.
↓ image:

Is that a new X-MEN? I have seen X-MEN quite a while ago :O!
Anyway, i am off now for a holiday until 11.09, so see you all then!
Cheers, ではでは, winke winke!

29.08.2006 Info

20.10.2006 (Friday)
Takadanobaba AREA
OPEN/17:30 START/18:00
Time of performance is kept secret
Tickets: presales ¥2500, sales on the day ¥3000
(Drinks excluded)
Appearance: Heaven's/Prototype/マァマァサムゥ/ガアラ/dieS
Questions: Takadanobaba AREA 03-3361-1069
Reservation with mail will be accepted from the 24.09 - 12.10
To find out how to reserve tickets by mail, look at the information of マァマァサムゥ Official Web site

It's progressing. I am curious about their style!

27.08.2006 Update~☆☆

I did another of my humble masa's fanarts drawing with the mouse.
I added it to the fanarts-section, marked as 'new' so if you are interested, check it out!
↓ peek-a-boo mehehe

I am still practising on improving my drawing skill with mouse since i don't think i can afford a graphic tablet in near future haha.

27.08.2006 Tak's diary (13.08)

Rebirth of DIZZY
Though it's still half a month until the debut battle, they had rehearsal for that today. Everyone was doing arrangements for the new song that was incomplete before the setting off, it transformed into a clearer shape since then☆
With focus on rearranging the new song and also adding several other tunes, how will everyone react? Though expectation and anxiety mix day by day as usual, they wish to do a wonderful first performance~!

Yes yes i know that entry is OLD but there are so many places to watch for info, that i sometimes forget checking a few haha, sorry.

24.08.2006 News

On the 02.09. at the Live in morph-tokyo they will sell the first DEMO CD (with a promo-picture of masa included) for ¥1000. Sales are limited to the venue of the 02.09. Numbers are limited so please buy soon.
Sales start after the end of the performance of マァマァサムゥ.

Already? *grabby hands* MUST. HAVE. X'D

23.08.2006 Some Infos ☆

I don't know if you knew it (well if you are far far away like me, then most probably not =B far away from Japan that is), but well, i gathered some infos about the session band, masa was as a guitar with in the Seventh Heaven Summer Festival!
I found the info here: Monkey Rock Union and there: TATSUYA BLOG It's not that super much but a bit at least (^‐^;)

The session band was 'Sin After Sin' and they played covers of 'LUNA SEA'.
Members were:
Gu: hiro
Gu: masa

Setlist as it seems:

It was TATSUYA's first experience doing a cover band and also doing visual but he looked... interesting with the make up (though def. better without >.<;)
He and masa must have made a nice sight on the stage, i bet it was a good experience for all of them (o`‐^)b

TATSUYA before Live:

And at Rehearsal with 'Sin After Sin':

I couldn't find more but i hope you enjoy nevertheless. I don't know TATSUYA btw, neither hiro, nor do i know who else took part in 'Sin After Sin', sorry~!

22.08.2006 Another Update~★

I added the scans of the lyricsheets from DIZZY's Demo-CDRs. I will later all type them off and add them there properly but until now you already have this, so i hope it's ok! You find those in the release-section, where you also can find the lyrics of SUPER SONIC Album of DIZZY DRIVE. So now you have all the lyrics of DIZZY that are available so far!
If there is any problem and you have difficulties finding anything, just contact me and ask!
I have also rediscovered the site that had all the Spiky's lyrics, with romanization and translation, it's now at, i added to the link-section.
More to come and still no news on what happened to Seventh Heaven yesterday or why the web page of masa's new band is still nowhere announced though it's open since Saturday o_O veeeeeeeery confusing yo.

22.08.2006 Oh!

Well, as it seems, Seventh Heaven site is back on, after having the マァマァサ・ムゥ appear instead of theirs for like one day. It's confusing, since there is no news or anything on the new page or on what happened.
So, maybe this is not true at all and just in my head or my computer has reloaded cache LOL.
I will just go and watch on as always.

21.08.2006 Update!

So, now my page has moved over, my new domain is now so if you have bookmarked my pages, please change that. Soon the page will move over completely.
I have also changed my layout. It is sorta temporary now so i have something before i go on my holidays.
It has been a joy to create that though XD i have bought roses and champagne (ok cheap one) for the pic of the layout and of course drank it too haha.
Well i hope it will still be ok so far!
↓ the champagne turtle greets ya!

there is still a couple i need to fix, just be patient ^^

21.08.2006 masa's new diary and blah

Ok i have updated the links section but left in the links of Seventh Heaven until i properly know what goes on. I also updated the Profile of MaMu with the factoids mentioned in the マァマァサムゥ Official page so, well. Let's see how things go!

The first entry in the new diary of masa (from 19.08):
Welcome in the world of マァマァサムゥ.
Enjoy the rose colored life like the golden popping bubbles.
He looks forward to the time when it's possible to meet at Lives.
↓ picture:

He's spend the night with the champagne again huh o_! However, i am excited now, and looking forward about how things will go on from here!

(somehow i get the sudden urge to dig out my 'pogues/red roses for me' album now XD duhhh)
Well, i will change my domain-name too now of course. I will inform as soon as things are fixed.

↑ the entry pic of the new page... kirakira disco lalala.

21.08.2006 Update...

I added the URL of マァマァサ・ムゥ Official Hompage to my links-section. It is i will go and check that now. What is with Seventh Heaven? I have no clue since i didn't see any news or anything, so i will check that new page and see.

19.08.2006 Update~☆★

I did screencaps of the PV to REAL! I added them to the gallery and marked them as 'new' so it will be easy to find them. Enjoy!

19.08.2006 masa's picture book

Spa Night
Tonight it was Acoustic Night with Spiky.
He enjoyed the amazing feeling of considerable freedom. Now is the best though various memories came up while singing.
Both the reflection of the past and masa of tonight were seen.
When he now thinks about the future he feels terribly glad.
↓ the DVDs:

I hope it will be possible to get the DVDs through Seventh Heaven as well, i want them (T_T)!

19.08.2006 So today...

it is Junn's birthday haha! I didn't forget it yay!
☆★Happy birthday Junn keep on getting smiles on peoples faces =D★☆

17.08.2006 Update~☆

Hello everyone =D!
Nothing much happening no? Well i did a fanart, of masa (again -.- yeah i am boring), it is done with the computer and mouse, so it might suck due to the fact of my non-existant graphic-tablet (T_T)..
However, i added it to the fanart section!
↓ snippet, peek-a-boo XD

I spend hours on it and now my hand is cramped my eyes are teary and my mouse is slippery so please go and look XD!

15.08.2006 Update~☆

I added the latest Spiky-Live-dates and the DVD sales to the other projects-section, Spiky section.
Yes, in contrast to popular believe there is a complete Spiky section on my pages LOL, it just doesn't seem to get any attention.

14.08.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
Everyone, it's been a while. He returned back home from a reckless Europe Tour~!
And then, immediately jumped into the rehearsals for マァマァサ, however, a number of new songs of before he left have been made a pretty good use of and he was surprised about the arrangements done (laughs) and, they do a re-make of the previous tunes...
Little by little the whole story will be getting clearer he thinks☆
There is still a little more time to wait for a Live~(>д<)

I am so curious! And nice for them to have the Tak back :D!

12.08.2006 masa's picture book

How do you prevent against summer's ultraviolet rays?
They are a lot green goods in the latest lucky bag.
Those sunglasses being also of a bright green masa has been wearing when going out during the Spiky era.
The attractive green eyes that shine brightly are a favorite.
Green-eye means "Envy" in english language.
The one who does the lucky hit will be envied by everybody else.
Do you want it nevertheless? There you go.
↓ the glasses:

Yeah well so many nice things and i don't even have a chance to get them haha! I haven't heard about the "green-eye"-expression yet but i am definately turning green with envy D': yesyes.
However, i hope those who can go have a lot of fun at those Lives and good luck with the lovely goods of green.
And to edit, i just heard there is the expression that you turn into a green-eyed monster if you let envy get to you. Eire, thank you for explaining! (^~^)/

11.08.2006 News + picture book

Spiky Live
The live contents of Spiky performed on the two days.
19.08. is the Acoustic-Night and 20.08. is the Electric-Night.
The tunes performed and the members also differ according to the day.
Though it's depended on the situation in the venue on the very day, there is a little possibility that same-day ticket purchase will be offered too.
Enjoy yourself as good as you can in the summer with Spiky.

masa's diary
Green Tee
This is the only one in this world, the handmade green T-Shirt.
He wore it during the shooting of the n.e.w.s. PV.
He's giving away.
↓ the unique shirt:

What n.e.w.s. PV? Me want T-Shirt and PV.
Ah well. Good luck to the happy person who will get the cute shirt T_T!

10.08.2006 News + picture book + BBS

Live Goods #2
They put Lucky-bags on sale at the Spiky Live venue (Akasaka L@n).
The assortment of various Spiky goods is limited to 150 Lucky bags that are sold for ¥2000.
With a lucky hit you might get one with something of masa's personal things. Look forward.

masa's diary
Lucky 1
He's doing preparations for the Spiky Live. Which makes him get nostalgic.
He sings the era back into life. He received so much happiness from everyone until now, so he will repay the kindness of gratitude.
Those sunglasses that he was wearing at the time of the photo-shooting for the Silver cover are *drumroll* THE PRESENT.
Even though there is Giorgio written on it, they are masa's sunglasses.

Oh really? Damn i thought they belong to Mr. Armani. LOL.
That's cute. They made him look like a fly.

Entry by masa:
The outlines of マァマァサ・ムゥ came into sight!
When trying to put it into words, it's little devil fallen angel rose color music or so.
Look forward to the mischievous high spirited fancy eros.

Well, that sounds certainly very amusing XD interesting.

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