09.08.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
The outlines of マァマァサ・ムゥ steadily came into sight!
Working on the tunes, there are of course rehearsals, the other day they took photos.
He thinks that the photos turned out very lovely in a way (laughs)
Since the publishing of the photos is still a little while ahead, he added mosaic for now (laughs)
↓ pic:

That mosaic effect looks evil it kills my eyes XD! Woah.

09.08.2006 News

Live Goods
On August the 19th and 20th at the Spiky Live venue (Akasaka L@n) they have a DVD for sale.
It's documentary from the first Live in 2002 to the year 2004, a collective choice of not yet published material.
Vol.1 and Vol.2 will be sold for ¥1500 each.

Well, FUCK. Excuse me (._.)
Since my dear connection to Japan is currently absent, is ANYBODY there and close and willing and able to get those both for me? D:
I am desperate. I am already starting to get the *must.have.that.* collector's twitches hmpf.
Well... there is no mention of a limitation, so maybe i am lucky and i can buy both in September T___T oh please please.

07.08.2006 General stuff....

I added the Live-dates of マァマァサ☆ムゥ to the biography and i also changed some other parts. More changes are to come when more is known about the new band!

05.08.2006 masa's picture book

The sparkling plans for Muu are in midst of advancing.
He smiled at the pretty finder.
↓ kirakira pic

"Muu" lmao... however, good to see that! Go ahead! ( ^▽^)b
[edit] I mean the plans for sparkling Muu. Sorry XD!

03.08.2006 masa's picture book

Summer is passion
It somehow resembles the strong rays of sunlight, however, we are in the middle of summer, aren't we?
Soon one month is finally completed, the countdown to the start of マァムゥ. Every day is filled with plans for the new band.
Since it becomes a performance of full enthusiastic rose colored passion, watch masa the absolute favorite person go wild? And can he be seperated from the person who is anxious?
Enjoying oneself, he's happy, getting into a trance, the more hot it gets.
↓ picture:

Yes i already feared that, the abbreviation of the new band name. Maamuu. Ma mooh. Mother cow? *cracks up*
Well i am waiting, waiting...
PS: Everyone, enjoy the summer as long as it lasts. Over here it gets strangely cool and wet boohoo.

03.08.2006 To the news...

Yeah ok, マァマァサ・ムゥ, the new band announced in Seventh Heaven's news update to start activity in September, is masa's new band (or, rather the old band with a new name and style)!
So, let's be curious about their start in September.
What's with that name? Maamaasa muu? The e-mail says marmarsa_mu LOL i'm not sure what to do with that name.
It's sounds like 'hm, it's like okay'... ( ̄▽ ̄)!
Anyways, i will keep the domain '' now at first until i am sure that this is something to stay for longer and masa doesn't plan to change name and/or band again next year or so. He is so unpredictable ^^;
I am curious about the new and reinvented band coming up, i hope i get a chance to hear something too! Go go マァマァサ☆ムゥ!! がんばってよ☆
Now let's wait for further announcement and the start.

01.08.2006 Update ~☆★!!

Ok i am done, i uploaded the best of the photos we took at the Calmando Qual Live in Nürnberg (31.07.2006) to ImageShack. I used their thumbnails this time since it there were a lot of pictures!
I put them into the gallery and marked them as 'new', click on the thumbnails to get to the large versions, they are very large and not as blurry as they appear on the thumbnails.
Most are Tak since we stood at his side. So, as there is the break until masa and companions return with the new band, meanwhile enjoy lots of Tak! (and the others as well of course!)
↓ some small examples :D

01.08.2006 News and some

New Band. Concerning マァマァサ・ムゥ
マァマァサ・ムゥ Start of Activities!!

※Saturday, 02.09.2006 Roppongi morph-tokyo
OPEN/17:45 START/18:15
Tickets: presale ¥2000 sale on the day ¥2500
Appearance: Z旗 / t.b.kingdom / Nega&Possi eyes/ マァマァサ・ムゥ
Info: morph-tokyo 03-5414-2683

※Saturday, 30.09.2006 Yokohama Soundhall
OPEN/17:15 START/18:00
Tickets: presale ¥2500 sale on the day ¥3000
Appearance: ScApegoat / RISKY / ACID / マァマァサ・ムゥ
Info: Yokohama Soundhall 045-474-2020

[Edited due to the fact that i settled the second Live in 2005 XD did anybody notice? No? Good.]
Questions related to the Lives of マァマァサ・ムゥ go to
For more information on how to get the tickets and all, as always go to Seventh Heaven!
And no, i don't know who 'marmarsa mu' are though i bet everybody in Japan does (=_=) LOL

Ah, i also were on the Calmando Qual Live here in Nürnberg which i enjoyed very much, i only wish more people would have come. We took pics there, and i will post them as soon as i uploaded them all!
↓ me and Tak 8D (who seems to have no eyes =O)

31.07.2006 BBS

Entry by masa:
Rehearsals started for the new band. There are interesting tunes en masse.
There weren't any similar tunes until now. masa hasn't presented himself in such a way until now.
From now to the future, the evolution comes to bloom. As it was expected.

Sounds good. Go on, go on XD!

30.07.2006 masa's picturebook of rare entries

Strategy conference
When thinking about the new Band planned for autumn, he chuckles unintentionally.
He thinks that it's a lovely type of evolution from what was DIZZY until now.
As it was expected.

Oh the long fuzzy hair is gone? Pretty haha. And i am curiously waiting :D!
( ^‐^)b

28.07.2006 Update!

I added a bunch of icons on Tak done by Youki to the gifts - icons section.
The pictures of Tak were taken by Yokan.
Lovely, thanks a lot!

22.07.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Thanks very much to everyone for taking part at the summer festival!
He performed as "Woopher Looper" with KG-san and Koji-san, how was it?
He had a feeling of almost opening fully with pleasure because it was such a nervous and exciting thing but however it's been the greatest joy.
To change the subject, he's now arranging the tunes of DIZZY DRIVE for the use of the new band! Yeah they furthermore came into better shape.
Well it should surely be... (Right now at 3:30a.m. he's feeling a little high)
He's trying his best!!

Edited due to the fact that i totally didn't see the last sentence LOL..
"Woopher Looper" hehe.. funny name. I wonder about the new DIZZY.. i don't think their new name will be NewBAND huh? LOL...
I hope he will write further about the event in his own diary, and maybe tell some more about the new DIZZY ^__^; one can hope huh.

22.07.2006 Well...

Hello Lerissa, thanks for your e-mail i have corrected my mistake. I don't ignore people LOL but i cannot reply to you if you don't give me your e-mail adress you know, so i write it in here ^_^;;

21.07.2006 masa's picture book of tiny

Summer started.
He enjoyed today's summer festival!
There were lots of beautiful women in yukata among the guests, the tension of the performers got as high as could be, the call of the hot summer was felt when mixing with the audience.
Let's make the summer super-hot.
↓ pic:

Sorry if that is a bit sloppy translation, i am having my own summer festival at the moment LMAO...

20.07.2006 Update ~☆★

I managed to upload and code all the screencaps of Calimero and the Gang from my first DVD!
It's the PV to "Over The Window" and it shows parts of Live and rehearsal and all of them including AKITO in action! YES i'm a happy elf now ^__^!
Well, it's all up my page now and in the gallery, marked as new, so enjoy ☆
I am so good to you right? Hahaha just joking.
↓ one of my favorites:

The others are bigger yesyes.

18.07.2006 Tak's diary (16.07)

He completed the tune for the newborn DIZZY as a parting gift, the final work today before going on the journey.
Tomorrow night he will deliver it to masa, however, it's quite a good feeling! Up to now he has done a lot but a tune with character hasn't been among the work.
Because there were a few themes before the start, he finished the writing smoothly. Although he hasn't decided the contents of the lyrics yet, he's pretty sure that this parting gift will make masa, Junn and AKITO excited, right?
He looks forward to the members's impressions, it's also a sensation after a long time (laughs)

Aww. Well i am looking forward to see him with Calmando Qual soon, they even come to my hometown 8D!

16.07.2006 Tak's diary (14.07)

[Rebirth of former DIZZY]
Woops, the new band name is still kept secret.
After a long time they had rehearsal today all night long.
They met for the setting off before DIZZY's rebirth is ended and the performance they did was clattering with a lot of tension until dawn.
There is a number of new tunes, they advance while working on them ☆
By the way he advanced on playing the bass at the studio for the song ☆
Junn can play either instrument and since everyone is also skilled in the songs, various techniques can be worked out ☆
Yeah, he's happy anyway. When everyone is skillful and has a lot of experience, they can spend the enhanced time and conversation can be done early.
These basic band duties are not easy to be done though, those days with many bands and members...
More endurance is needed.

Sometimes i wonder, how does he manage not to confuse all the different tunes and songs and styles and member's names and what not... such a workaholic.

13.07.2006 masa's picture book part 2 (o_)

So now, Summer Festival
A CD-fan was created for the 21. July.
The CD is tightly attached and the performers of the 'Summer Festival' day are singing enthusiastically. The male voices are hot.
The performers sign the fan and it's put on sale with a bang.
Who's name is written there? You can look forward to that on the very day.
Since there is also a funky karaoke track included, you can sing it together after returning to your home. The festival gets continued anywhere.
↓ the fan

Ow... i want one too. That's a funny idea. Plus it's so hot! I want a fan! And CD! And masa signature! (Though with my luck i would probably get a fan signed by someone i've never heard of hahaha)
Well who goes, enjoy! And... buy one for me (>.>) XDDDD

13.07.2006 masa's picture book (rare lately ^^)

He's getting deep into the rehearsals for the 21th. The effectors are getting more as well.
Lately he has 'wah' prepared under his foot.
When this pedal is used, the sound of the guitar goes 'wowow'.
That's the best way naming this sound. Getting teased, the impression gets doubled for sure.
He will make the angels and nurses go 'wowow' at the next Live.
↓ picture:

Stomp box infos including the Wah-Wah
Na that sounds interesting hehe. Psychodelic rock stuffs. I want to hear him on the guitar too though. Well, well.

12.07.2006 Updates again ~☆★

I added a new icon of masa by Youki to the gifts section (icons) and a fanart by Shinjimura to the fan arts section. I also added some icons and a wallpaper i have been doing lately to the gifts section and cleaned the icons part a bit up haha.
In the next days i will try to finish another part of the translations of the FC magazins with which i started quite a while ago, i still have to do 1x masa, 1x Tak, 2x AKITO and uhm.. 4x masanori o///o yeah... I will work on that.
Also i will surely keep my eyes open for any sign of life regarding the boys!

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