11.07.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Although a bit late, thanks to everyone for coming to ZAX on the second of July, thank you very much!
He's been really very thankful to everyone for giving support to the formation of DIZZY DRIVE through the period of one and a half year!!
Now the preparations of the next activities are steadily advancing.
Also, one by one new tunes are being created.
Please look forward to the 21th, since then they might be able to do an announcement that's a bit more definite!

Hmmm that sounds really interesting and makes me curious LOL... It's the date of the second Seventh Festival... i hope they will also post about the announcment!
( ^‐^)b

11.07.2006 Update of bigness!

Wow i finally finished putting all my screencaps on the page. They are in the gallery under DVD part 1 - 3 and they are quite a lot. I hope you like them! In the first part i couldn't really capture anything from the Live since it was too blurry and too far away so i only captured masa doing comments. The second i had better chances. The camera mostly focused on masa though, so there is little Junn and Tak and well AKITO has the bad luck of being the hidden drummer. The third is of the photoshoots which is a very amusing part. You can see Tak destroying the couch and AKITO plus the photoguy nonstop trying to fix masa's scarf with him looking a bit desperate in the end LOL. Well, enjoy anyways!

10.07.2006 Pretty...

A pic they took on the event where masa performed on the guitar with 'JET STREAM ATTACK' where they played those BUCK-TICK songs and masa wore those funky clothes and stuff LOL

I found that on AKITO's diary, i am neglecting that too much. It's from last month ^^;
And look... Tak's on there too as a visitor ^o^!
[edit: i forgot to write who they are LOL... from left to right: AKITO (dr), masa (gu), masanori (ba), GAKU (vo) and the guitarist i don't know... sorry. And the little person with the cap in the back next to GAKU is Tak of course hehehe.]

09.07.2006 Updates ~☆★

I added another drawing done by Honey Blade to the fan art section. It's a pretty nice protrait of masa, check it out!
I also finished preparing a whole bunch of screencaps from my 'Evolution' DVD. I will have to upload them all, so watch out for that!
PS: I haven't gotten lazy with the translations, there is just nothing to translate at the moment ^^;

04.07.2006 New stuff

My DIZZY DRIVE calendar and the missing photo-set and the DVD arrived (yeah it hasn't been stolen this time, so, hooray LOL) plus i also got another old 'chronicle' ^_^!
I scanned the stuff and added it to the gallery, it's marked where there is new stuff. If it doesn't show up at once, you might need to refresh the pages.
Enjoy ☆

↑ Teasers, go to the gallery for the big sized.
I will also go and make screenshots from the DVD.

02.07.2006 News

More info about the Spiky Live:
19.08, 20.08.2006 Akasaka, L@n
Limited to two days, a special Live
"Bon-fest -To The Final Spiky- Start → Breakup"
For information regarding the ticket reservation and stuff, go to Seventh Heaven, News-section.

To everyone who can go and see that, have a lot of fun! It sounds as this is the final Live.

01.07.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Tomorrow's ZaX finally became the last Live of DIZZY DRIVE in that name.
There are many things that will become a turning point for DD in one way or another at the ZaX...
It's like rain tomorrow (laughs)
This one and a half year is filled with various memories!
For the sake of the memories and the following evolution, everyone should enjoy with all might tomorrow!

It's been short but nice! I am curious how they will advance now and i am also curious about the new name. Maybe they choose a symbol like Prince? Hahaha...

01.07.2006 masa's picture book

Tonight it's this!
The second july, this day is the DIZZY DRIVE LAST LIVE. Hearing 'LAST' will surely cause sad feelings but still there is nothing but enjoyment when thinking about the time after this.
With that sort of joy the bags that should bring good fortune were created tonight.
About the present from his private property, he will give the see-through underwear he is so fond of, a leopard print thong straightened with the hands, however, if his underwear which is for men could be an enjoyable present, or if it's simply perverted, those thoughts remained.
Then he took the first clothes close to the underwear (Good fortune?), tanktops!
He prepared five pieces. Two used ones worn by him and also two new ones he had never put on (didn't pass through the sleeves). Moreover he gives the DIZZY t-shirt he wore at the one-man Live as a present.
To which angel's hand will the lucky-dip bag go in the begin of last half-year of 2006?
He waits at the ZaX!!!
↓ tanktops:

Btw i HATE man thongs D: LOL... but well. Events like that are a good opportunity to get the crap out of the closet huh? Just joking. The tops are really pretty! I am already jealous to the person who will get that T_T though i have no clue what i would do with that incredible piece of underwear ^///^!

01.07.2006 masa's diary

Apology about the notification
When the notification was transmitted with the mail the other day, there was a mistake which caused trouble.
It's his mistake and he's sorry.
Though he himself would like to increase the point of contact where he could get personally in touch with everyone of the fanclub, he couldn't understand the system and a simple mistake has been made.
He's really sorry to everyone he annoyed.

So what, shit happens.

29.06.2006 Calmando related

I updated the 'other projects' section - Calmando Qual with the latest Tourdates from Tak's page, now the dates of the European Tour are confirmed too as it seems, good!!

27.06.2006 Tak's diary (24.06)

[Isn't it wonderful? My life, the 2]
Tak is still doing a great amount of things.
He thinks back and forth about plans for the band image and sound now that the last performance of DIZZY carrying that name is due.
When he listened to the new release of a certain band which appeared surprisingly on the tv late at night and that in the olden days used to be his favorite, he could get a big hint.
Suddenly a vision came to his mind, fulfilling the character named Tak in his musicianship, he himself hadn't experienced it yet.
It is an incredible fresh thing he didn't experience yet before, the plan grew with the experience of the vision and insight that he himself was just born to perform that.
He kept on stretching out the antenna of his senses and after a long time got response!!
He will be in shape for the tune soon (>д<)

Alright, we are all curious hehe.

26.06.2006 masa's picture book

Prada casually
While he walked through Aoyama, he wanted to touch the beautiful thing.
It is absolutely his top favorite building.
The facade made of cubes in squares, with the roughness of the diamond shaped glass panels as a best match, he doesn't get tired of it no matter how often he touches it.
↓ pic:

Pretty indeed!
I found another pic of that Prada-building:

( ^。^)b

24.06.2006 masa's picture book

What's good?
Since on the 2nd of July there is the last Live of DIZZY carrying that name, they are organizing joy bags.
Stuffing the sack with the current goods, some private stuff is also put in that, it might bring luck. What do you want? Since it's hot something like cool underwear?
Those are quite see through.
However, it's also a male item you receive.
He wonders what it will be used for ~
↓ image:

Me too *stares* and i cannot see the undies on the pic just a hand >.O hmmm...
Well that will surely be a nice surprise, to find masa's see through underwear amongst the common goods 8D!

22.06.2006 masa's picture book

Water Lotus
He loves the beautifully blooming lotus flower.
It becomes a flower in any environment.
The rainy season is also refreshing when being in a room.
↓ the flower:

Pretty :D!

16.06.2006 masa's picture book

Fun at night
Hunting the night wind, he did a car trip to the coast and stopped at the Yokohama bay area around midnight.
The night view is beautiful. When watching from this place without any structure, even the landmark skyscrapers seem tiny.
Through picking them and rolling them with the fingertips, he could play monopoly with the night view.
↓ masa squishing the skyscrapers:

Bwahahaha yeah shake it! Make the people go "AAAAAHHHH HELLLLP" XDDDD!

15.06.2006 masa's diary

Yesterday he went to Daikanyama to see Lucy.
The sexy guys' rocking is an irresistible drug.
↓ pic:

Aha fine, i'm not so surprised he likes them. Plus i hope i translated that right >.>''

13.06.2006 masa's diary of awesome

Tonight's dinner is salad.
Tomato, mizuna (potherb mustard), tofu, wakame. With this he has a vitamin charge for his health.
He doesn't eat any meat.
↓ salad:

Random. Over here it's so hot we only eat salads too, though it's not the seaweed. And even drink juice. Wow huh. XD!!

11.06.2006 Add on

Just before anybody starts to bitch at me, of course i don't mind them having a break and getting rest, they have been working like mad lately. It's just that the combination of the break and a change of name after the rather short period of existance doesn't really convince me, that's all ^^;;

11.06.2006 masa's picture book

Joyful surprise
Today's AREA Live is the announcement of the epic battle of this year's summer.
Number one to start with. It has been utmost interesting on the other day, when he went to to the Session event. He himself made many discoveries when standing on stage as a guitarist after a period of 3-4 years.
"He wants to do it once more. It should be the plus of masa from now on", feeling like this, he will do it again at the start of summer, 21. July, "Ah, the holiday of flowers (Well the event seems to be called that way, it's the Seventh Heaven fest)". The members will be different from last time, there'll be new songs, he will be focused on the guitar.
The second. Spiky, the band he was in before, have not found a new vocalist, so the activities have stagnated. Since it's not nice if that situation will continue this way, there will be special Lives limited to two nights on the 19. and 20. of August in Akasaka L@n where he's going to sing.
Now number three. DIZZY DRIVE is doing an evolution both in their tunes and the member's speed of sound, the concept has changed in a big way. They want to make this clear and this concept should be separated from how DIZZY started. So therefore they decided to change the band's name.
There will absolutely not be a change of members. They will start with the new band name in September after a period of resting.
The next "02.07. Kashiwa ZaX" will be the last live as "DIZZY DRIVE". To a joyful surprise, the Live will be filled with a great sparkling aura going to change into the power of evolution.
Everyone, this summer is going to be busy. And then the autumn will be even more joyful. The delicious fragrance is sexy, let's spend the time together like the rose.
↓ picture:

Well... such a huge break and then even a change of name for the band? Is that good? What else can we do but wait and see. That's a surprise indeed. But joyful?

10.06.2006 News

02.07.2006 (Sunday) Kashiwa ZaX
Tickets: ¥2300 (Drinks excluded)
OPEN/17:30 START/18:00
Questions: Kashiwa ZaX 04-7168-8822
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE and others

For details about the ticket reservation and stuff go to Seventh Heaven!
They are not lazy, that's good ^_^!

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