08.06.2006 masa's picture book + BBS

The angels' nightfall
Truly the best! Guitar, yes. Firecracker, yes.
He trembled with excitement before starting the performance.
When the curtains opened, being fascinated with the shining colors and the angels, the playing was to the MAX.
Thanks everyone for coming. The following on the 21. 07 will be even more exciting.
As it is, he predicts that the excitement won't come to an end. He want's some hot injection by the nurse.
↓ what's this?

Entry by AKITO:
He's really very thankful to everyone who participated at the Live-session.
They spend the greatest fun time though there were also various mistakes.
Next time it will be DIZZY DRIVE in the AREA. With this tension they go and put all their power in it!!

Entry by masa (i suppose from the color, he didn't put the name in the subject o.o)
Wasshoi (just something called at festivals and stuffs)
The cheering did rise in the session.
It's been a good night where surprise and laughter didn't come to an end.
Thanks Makoto-chan for he had called to spin around.
While being in the same band, it was Mika wasn't it. He didn't know until the performance.

Ok, sorry i don't really understand what masa talks about in the BBS, i know the other guitarist was called Makoto and that's about all i get ^^;; but nice to see that it had been fun!

[edit: Pointing towards the pic. I have read that masa was dressed up quite interesting, with hair put up on both sides and red roses in it or such and a top that was wide open on teh backside and then he wore cow-patterened woolen short pants and black overknees with yellow roses at the feet? Wooh, sweet haha. Ah, and they played Buck-Tick, which was the 5-people band everyone should know, that AKITO had hinted to in an earlier entry. Aha.]

07.06.2006 BBS

Entry by masa:
I'll do it! It starts finally!
Tomorrow he aims at a number one guitarplay.
Everybody, cross the line as well like angels.

I would like to see that event, sounds like it's gonna be fun.

06.06.2006 masa's picture book (revived? =D)

Getting nervous at night
Tomorrow comes closer and closer. Being a guitarist.
He totally looks forward to that. Everyone has about the same hot passion.
He is waiting for the noise of the crowd of angels.
↓ picture:

Hm i guess over there it is already the seventh then? Well i bet it will be good!

06.06.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
The Session of the 8th of June is finally approaching in two days.
Since said day is a weekday, as a result of discussion with the organizers, he will now do the announcement of the time when they perform on stage.
Vo GAKU (ex-CRY<<MU>>)
G 沼倉真 (グルグル映畫館)
B masanori (ex-DIZZY DRIVE)
Ha, they are the second band and will be starting from 18:15.
Best regards!

How kind!
( ^‐^)b

05.06.2006 masa's picture book

The first to reach DM has been sent out directly.
It's a part of this summer's joyful surprise.
It should be a joyful surprise for sure.
↓ picture:

I suppose this is pretty much irrelevant for us though heh.

02.06.2006 masa's picture book

Elegant afternoon
Looking out of the window at the tumult on the streets while drinking coffee in a cafe.
To spend such a graceful afternoon, the aroma of coffee is requested.
Since he is more the tea party type, he's an amateur to all sorts of beans.
Waiter: 'Your order?'
masa: 'Mocha.'
Waiter: 'What size?'
masa: 'Big size.'
Waiter: 'Well then a mocha DD size, it'll be with no whip. Please wait under the yellow lamp.'
masa (It seems to be a loss being a coffee beginner. So he takes 'big size' like the regular customers. Yes.)
Waiter 'Sorry you had to wait.'
masa 'What's that! Mocha!!'
Is it an elegant coffe-time in the after noon when it's being this large? Is this usual?
It's usually useless to spend a sparkling time, huh.
↓ the mocha. No, TEH MOCHA:

Hmm that's certainly impressive XD reminds me of the big-size cola you get in the cinema. And well yes masa, big size is usually, well, large. It's common i think. Hahaha.
I hope the translations are correct i didn't know about the yellow lamp? Ramp?

01.06.2006 Tak's diary (30.05)

Strictly confidential meeting
Combined with minor tasks, there was talk about the prospects of the future with DIZZY's masa. Various mutual thoughts are thrown at each other and disclosed, it was a feeling that a nice conversation could be held. It feels really good to be able to trust your partner after all the time (laughs)
Many walls have been hit by oneself and as far as this is concerned it is a prove for turning to the better, it was a day were they were able to change feelings to positive.
There is no choice but to try the best with that memory☆

Sounds interesting.
( ^‐^)b

01.06.2006 masa's picture book

Beta though
One piece he wants to hear at the end of day.
He's addicted to the voice of Daniel Powter.
Although the other famous music pieces are good as well, song number six is recommended.
The transparent high-pitched tone goes deep into the bones.
↓ picture:

Isn't that the guy who was in the radio with 'Bad Day'? Hm.
Edited the post due to my confuzzling translation. I just found out that there is a song called 'song six' which is the first though haha i didn't know that. But what he talks about is the song number six i suppose, which is 'jimmy got high' or so. With falsetto in it. LOL sorry XD!

Oh and before i forget it, just a general mention, i don't claim any of the pictures i have scanned or otherwise published here as my own. Of course i also don't have the allowance of the artists to put them here, how would i ever get into contact with them? Maybe someday i will gonna be sued for millions? I don't know it ^^;;;

30.05.2006 Hmmhmmhmm...

I really like the new page design and structure of Seventh Heaven!
(Well of course i do like the structure, looks quite like mine, copycats i say. Hahaha. Nah i guess it's a funky coincidence and after all they use a frame-set)
However, i think it would be much nicer if the inframe-structure wouldn't only appear on the top page but the other pages would be loaded into the inframe too, so they would have to change the name of the target in there menu-links from 'main', name of the main-frame to 'sample' name of the inframe. I tested it and it works.
And moreover, i suppose they wanted it that way, because when i tried it, suddenly the text of the mailorder pages appeared! W00t!
[edit: the invisibility has nothing to do with that though o_o in fact i don't understand the problem. or maybe they fixed it but it's stuck in my cache. Why do i even think about it? It's not my job LOL...]
(And no worries i didn't hack into their server, i tested it all at my place ^^;;;; blahblahblah. I will shut up now.)

30.05.2006 masa's picture back

Rehearsal start for the 08. of June.
The first meeting also started like late at night. It burnt fully from the bottom of the heart if starting the sound.
The members' watchword is 'Now that we do it, it becomes the best!'
Next is the outfit. It's cosplay. Everyone, are the preparations of the angels good or not?
↓ cannabis picks?:

Why doesn't he go as angel himself? LOL i wanna see that.
( ^‐^)b

29.05.2006 Oh and...

Seventh Heaven have almost all of the site back on now, except the STAFF and Beltane33 sections. The only problem i have with it though is the 'mailorder sites'. I don't know about everyone else or maybe the Japanese just have skillz i don't have but i am somehow unable to read black text on a black background.
[/sarcasm end]
... Sorry ^^;; but hell. Someone should fix that.

29.05.2006 Tak's diary (28.05.)

New song recital
At the business meeting of DIZZY from this morning they did the rehearsal that also included the recital to the new song. Though the tune Jun and himself delivered seemed to be two tunes at the first sight everyone handled it skillfully. It seems to get very interesting with this tune that is linked to the image pointing to the new standards of DIZZY.
The Theme is the athmosphere of New Wave and Techno Pop that came into fashion in the eighties, the sound that gets adopted nowadays and since Jun, AKITO and himself like the music scene of that generation very much they are all suddenly very happy (laughs)
There are still much more new songs to come ★

Hm interesting and yet a bit scary. Techno Pop? Wahhh!
I wonder what masa is up to those days though ?_?

(Plus i hope this translation isn't too sloppy or something but i am horribly busy those days +_+ sorry i still do my best!)

29.05.2006 Calmando related

As it seems, Calmando will take part in 'The Orkus Open Air 2006' in Cologne (? well Kln >.>).
They won't be on the mainstage. They will be there on the 22.06. from ca. 9:20p.m. - 10:05p.m.
Let's wait and see if this is going to be true, it's neither confirmed on Calmando's pages nor on Tak's site.
They have a new drummer called 'shio' as it seems. I will include him into their profile in the 'other projects' section as soon as i know more about him ^_^!

27.05.2006 BBS

Entry by Junn:
Tak-chan's difficult delivery gave birth to a good piece.
His own part it was an unexpected easy delivery (laughs)
Let's raise it to a good piece with the parts of all band-members.
Which would remind him of the older movie 'Three men and a baby'.

What a rare pleasure! The master of wordgames is back! XD! He writes 'KO' which can mean piece but also child.

27.05.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Today since the early morning they had rehearsal at a certain place.
They could make the new song with each member giving there individual input.
Yeah. It was a lot of fun!!!

Sounds as if they make some progress. Good! ( ^―^)b

25.05.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
Right now the conception of the new song pointing to the rebirth of DIZZY-chan was praticed... They are doing a good job even though it seems to become a hard delivery ☆
Yeah, yeah...

Aw. Well if they keep on like that, it should be good.

25.05.2006 masa's picture book

Did you see it?
It's a big topic all over the world.
He saw it on the first day in the 'Six Hill' movie theater.
Though there are various discussions, he has an opinion, to him this work is the ultimate love story.
Previous riddles get solved and the truth is pursued. Yet now after this, what to believe, what should be protected? Is it the meaning of love what this person exists for?
↓ picture:

Well i haven't seen it yet but i will soon :P
'The Da Vinci Code'
[edited since i accidently posted something ment for my private journal LOL woops]

23.05.2006 masa's picture book

Masa has transformed while the HP was being renewed.
On the next Live session at the 08.06. the guitar play and the clothes are essential.
It seems cosplay hasn't been tried until now. Flashy and beautiful.
And all the innocent coming to see, please make sure to come in 'angel' costume.
Watching from the stage he won't seperate.
For more adult people the erotic angel in white robe, 'nurse' costume is OK too.
Come here ahead of time to raise the undying flower.
↓ image:

Sorry that was difficult... i hope i have it somewhat right but i had most difficulties with the last sentence. Can anybody tell me what 'gugutto' means?
I couldn't find it anywhere. Apart from that, this entry was interesting hahaha...

22.05.2006 Info

Seventh Heaven site is back on and quite alright ^_^!
The links for beltane, mailorder, staff, mail&link are still under construction though.

21.05.2006 Calmando related

Tak wrote in his diary on the 19.05. that there are eventually new plans for Calmando Qual's Europe tour, it might start in Germany on the 22.07. on an open air festival. He did not say though which festival plus the plans might be changed again.

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