20.05.2006 Info

Seventh Heaven has been taken down aprox. until the 22th for some renovation work.
I have no idea why they have to take down the site for that O_o maybe they work on the server? Well we have to wait and see.

19.05.2006 ^_^

@ladylike3yn, yes sure you can comment on my livejournal LOL. I tell you here since you did not leave any email. So yeah.

19.05.2006 masa's picture book

Takeshita Street
Today there was a meeting of DIZZY's members.
For some reason they gathered in Harajuku, Takeshita Street at night. Furthermore in the rain.
Four messy people working on future plans. He pretty much enjoyed it.
↓ with umbrella:

Sounds like a nice meeting, i wonder what the plans are up to now. I guess we have to be patient.

18.05.2006 masa's picture book

In June
Urgent Live decision!
You didn't just think that June is finishing with only the guitar, right?
This day is going to be a pretty hot night as well. Don't miss it.
↓ image:

He talks about the shortly announced Live in Takadanobaba AREA on the 11.06, right after the event with masa at the guitar.
Well that's good then!
[edit: Uh my comment was ment for another place and i just realized that in here it looks somewhat stupid since the announcement is right under the translation *snort* ah well...]
( ^o^)b

18.05.2006 News

■Urgent Live decision DIZZY DRIVE!
Sunday 11.06.2006 Takadanobaba AREA
Tickets: 2500¥ (Drinks excluded)
OPEN/17:00 START/17:30
Questions: Takadanobaba AREA 03-3361-1069
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE, ACID, others

For further information about the tickets and stuff go look at Seventh Heaven!
[edit: it is Sunday not Saturday, that was a typo]

17.05.2006 masa's picture book

Guitar guitar guitar
For the 8th of June it's guitarist-mode SWITCH ON.
Even if he thought of only touching it a little, the night arrived in the blink of an eye.
Since until now he hasn't covered this band it's fairly original.
This might also be done in future play. It's art.
↓ picture:

Uh, when he writes in english and japanese at the same time it's difficult for me to understand. So sorry if there are mistakes m(_ _)m
[edit: I forgot to add i also got my DD-Poster today ^_^ i scanned the guys. It's the same pics as on the CD but bigger and more sharp so i added them to the gallery.]

16.05.2006 masa's picture book

Gazing at the wavering smoke and drinking coffee.
Two people talking together at ease, isn't it such a rate at which that special time flows?
He has seen 'Coffee and Cigarettes' directed by Jim Jarmusch.
He i liked the individualistic conversation between Tom Waits and Iggy Pop very much.
Those two persons mingled feints and real intention in the back and forth of the conversation, that was an overwhelming vital point.
↓ picture:

The official movie site: Coffee and Cigarettes
I'd like to see it since i love both Tom Waits and Iggy Pop. They are both great musicians and i've already seen Iggy Pop perform with Johnny Depp in 'Dead Man' (also by Jarmusch) wow he's creepy XD!
( ^。^)b

15.05.2006 masa's picture book

Reaching the whole country
Today about the country-wide mail order of DIZZY, the sending out of the DVDs has started.
The jacket is designed, printed out and cut out. The lyric card is handwritten, the copies are folded. The record title is printed out, dried and it's packed up to be mailed.
Plain work, however, it's done well by oneself.
And then gratitude to the staff and members who compensated for insufficient cooperation.
The heart was put into it when doing this work. It gets delivered country-wide! It's that feeling.
It took so much time because it's hand-made, it should arrive at this week.
Wait doing a neck like a giraffe.
↓ picture of the DVDs:

Wow that's quite a lot of work if they did it all themselves @_@!
I'm impressed.

15.05.2006 News

■DIZZY DRIVE's second DVD is sold out.(from 15.05.)
Please see that both the DVDs sold at the meeting place at yesterday's Live and the DVDs sold at the mail order are sold out.
Also, the mail order have only just started to be prepared for sending out, so please wait a little while. The notification about the sending time will be up another time.

That honestly sounds very good! I only hope i have a copy saved too!
( ‥)v

15.05.2006 Taks diary

[Two days, second day] (14.05.)
It's CLUB 24 after a long time, with the metronome of the Nagoya shop-appearance, and then the DVD sales there have peaked many joyful things ☆
Since he had only a short time to recharge energy before the Live he only could regain a little strength but still it was a very happy and easy going performance.
Unusual opening (?) masa appears, choking on tears (?) there is also a cover, breakup Live? It was that feeling (laughs)
By no means, there is still much more to come!
He thinks the evolution of DIZZY will give a lot of surprises and confusion, however, look forward~
Because they also do ☆

The first day of the two is not of particular interest for us now.
And i was scared for a little moment O.o''

14.05.2006 BBS + masa's picture book

Entry by masa:
Yokohama yes!
Since last year's christmas eve, since Junn's first DIZZY, he was happy to be able to do a supreme live at the location again, putting all their heart into it.
He's super happy about the DVD being sold out on the same day.
It was a troublesome work they made being tired, but that's already blown off.
Were everyone's expectations met?
If everyone who supports them could be made happy, then he's incredibly happy.
The next will be done too!

Yokohama Mother's day
Thanks to the many people for coming to Yokohama.
Blowing off the rain it was the greatest Live on Mother's day.
On today's Live he met girls and men and kids, everyone being born by a mother, thus he expresses his gratitude for having met by chance.
Thanks to the great mothers.
He sang with feelings like that. Thank you.
Next is the guitar yo!
↓ picture:


13.05.2006 BBS + Tak's diary

Entry by AKITO:
Tomorrows Live is getting closer!
It seems like it was a long time, though it wasn't even a month since the last Live.
Anyways, just enjoy it (laughs)
And tomorrow the sales of the second DVD shot begin!
Same as the Live, enjoy it, when you are able to get it he's happy!

Tak's Diary (11.05.):
Meeting after a long time
Today besides other work they did the check of the new must-have DVD of DIZZY in the office.
Due to heavy cooperation of producer KG-san this is going to be a live performance with quite some volume. For all those who cannot easily see the whole scenery of a Live this is certainly a joy☆
Oh, the bonus images are chokochoko (o^-^o)
Moreover there is also a selection added by Atari (laughs)

Nice, i wish i could go myself but hopefully i will get the DVD this time. Does anybody know how to translate chokochoko [ちょこちょこ] in that context?

13.05.2006 masa's picture book

It's Yokohama tomorrow
Tomorrow is the Live in Yokohama CLUB 24!
Please come to experience the exciting Live and the fun DVD!
The weather forecast seems to be rain..
So what. The eye of the typhoon builds up and is steadily advancing.
↓ picture:

Oh, i hope everyone will take care and stay safe.

12.05.2006 masa's picture book

Sleepless tonight
Have you seen? He watched it~DVD.
Yesterday he could only see a little but tonight he watched all the bits and pieces. It's interesting. Everyone will have fun with seeing that, the extra compilation has some amusing face of masa.
The commentary of the Live is talking about an energetic person, but the face after spending the sleepless night. This is dreadful!
Like living in a mysterious jungle, the face similar to a piranha lurking from some unexplored region, getting ready.
And then the special images of photographing scene, since refreshing the makup there is a perfectly straight face. The same person!? He does absolutely not want to dig into this.
There is selfconfidence after sharing frank images like that yo.
When DIZZY's projects, starting from there, are performed, it should become even more interesting. Though he thinks it is difficult how the expectation will become, it's seriously interesting.
Seeing the scary face in the DVD and thinking about plans in near future after that, it's very impossible to sleep..
↓ picture:

Ow.. ahem. Well i am even more curious now. Yo. XDDDD
(If there are mistakes please tell me >.>)

11.05.2006 BBS

Entry by masa:
DVD Information. Addition...
Not much, however, Atari will have the DVD.
You can mail the office of Atari, furthermore special privilege images are given to you only.
He thinks you can play the cool DVD many times and enjoy it.

Aha. Atari? Hm lol.

11.05.2006 masa's picture book

Have you seen?
The DIZZY DRIVE DVD could be made.
This is going to be the most essential must-have at this time.
You can laugh about the special images. It's quite delicious.
↓ picture:

Hm i hope i'll be able to see it!

11.05.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
Quite many DVDs are brought out for the 14th at Yokohama!!
The overflowing live feelings are subject but also rare usually not seen images are put in. Look forward to the live of this day in this place.
When after Yokohama DIZZY comes into new shape and formation, there probably will be only few lives, so come by all means.
But however, it's different from a pause in activities, don't worry!
In that period there might be events announced to the surprise!

Entry by masa:
It was possible. It's ready.
The quality is quite nice. He thinks it's satisfying.
He thinks there will be no regret. You shouldn't miss this DVD in your life.
It's good like this! It's fun.
As it is he goes to perform the rehearsal with motivation!!

I really can only hope that this is no nonsense. Spring hotness has put me in a daze LOL.

10.05.2006 masa's picture book

Lately he mostly wants to ride a tricycle. [Phiaro]
Isn't this motorcycle amazing? Tricycle.
Since the bank-angle is large, it gets pretty close to the ground when turning. Surely.
He wants to ride it. The tricycle today.
↓ picture:

Hm i have seen a couple driving around here but they look more rough and not that hm spacy? Dunno LOL.
A big pic of the thing

In the BBS AKITO tells about the tickets again. The chance of preordering tickets for the event in June is now over, there will only be tickets on the day of the events now. He says thank you for the many orders ^_^

09.05.2006 masa's picture book

Interim Report
They feel good about the sale of the DVD on the 14th.
The parts of the Fanclub-event are mixed, and various MC's from the Live are taken in, subtitled.
Wait in big anticipation.
↓ picture:

I hope that is correct, i have a cold and the headache of doom. Sorry.

09.05.2006 BBS

Another message of AKITO about that event in June.
JET STREAM ATTACK... they mean to entertain the people with their tunes on the day of the event, but perhaps everybody knows what Japanese band they intend to copy in the end.
A band made of a group of five people.
[Info from the organizers]
If you come in cosplay, it will be great and you can get a present!


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