08.05.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Thank you very much for the many ticket reservations for the 08. June.
They received several inquiries about the time of performance on that day, but nevertheless, though he supposes that there are various circumstances due to it being on a weekday, similar to the intention of the organizer of the event, please let him keep the order of the performance secret.
Thanks in advance.

I hope this will stay now LOL. It has been there. Yesh.

08.05.2006 masa's picture book

He is getting into Tirapis little by little everyday.
In the activation of muscles usually not used and breathing, it is similar to Yoga though it trains the body to the core.
He will tell us when he reaches the point of being able to do some amazing pose.
↓ picture:

That sounds really interesting, but when i tried to google 'Tirapis' it asked me if i looked for 'Tiramisu' XD!
Maybe he did a typo and ment to write about Pilates? I never heard about 'Tirapis' _... any help is appreciated u_
[edit: i just found a good description of Pilates in a local woman's magazin :D however, it sounds like his, so i am pretty sure it is this *wanders off to try it out* XD]

08.05.2006 Tak summary

For the Calmando Fans, Tak said in his diary that eventually the Germany Tour in June has to be postponed. As it seems there are problems with the organization, partly because of the World Cup too. Well sorry Tak o////o football has taken over Germany u_u''... however, they also plan an overseas tour this year.

07.05.2006 masa's picture book

In her shoes
'In her shoes' with Cameron Diaz acting in it is as exciting as 'Charlies Angels' with the energetic westcoast style. About the end? As expected, there have been also many serious parts, the turns and conclusions were modulated.
Difficult to accept but still cool.
↓ picture:

Some more info on the movie: In her shoes
He knows so many movies LOL amazing ^^;;

06.05.2006 Add on to the entry of masa about the movie

Thanks to fujipuri i know got some info about the movie with the strange title!
That movie is a Korean movie. Played by Jung WooSung (Male lead) and Son YeJin (female lead)
The story is titled: A Moment To Remember [내 머리 속의 지우개]
A very2 sad movie. Amazingly, wikipedia has the info of it: A moment to remember
Thanks a lot again! Now the 'eraser in the brain' definately makes sense.

06.05.2006 Hm

Well ignore the last post. Either the ticket reservation stuff has been deleted or i just dreamed about the entry ROFL.

06.05.2006 BBS

AKITO did an entry but it's only about the ticket reservations for the event on the 08.06, just in case anyone is wondering what he is talking about. I don't think i have to translate that. None of us non Japanese fans can get a ticket anyways u_ *sniff* LOL

06.05.2006 masa's picture book

It's shortly after the Golden Holiday.
How is everyone getting along?
He spends everyday with improving his sensitivity.
He wants to show the taste others don't have.
↓ picture:

Well why not.

05.05.2006 BBS

Entry by masa:
Yes! The guitarist debut is pleasant.
He goes because he goes to win!
This year he does various things. Come to see please!

Various things? That sounds good and interesting!

05.05.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
It's a sudden information but still, on the 08.06. , masa will together with masanori, former companion in the company, quite densely (laughs), take part in a live session.

The band name is 'JET STREAM ATTACK'.
It's on a weekday though, it's completely different from DIZZY DRIVE, he thinks that might be an interesting Live to be shown, so come to have fun if you like please!

08.06. Ikebukuro LIVE INN ROSA
OPEN/17:00 START/17:30
Ticket: Presale: ¥3000, Sale on the day: ¥3500 (drinks not included)
Event-title: ワッショイZ revival [at night again]

 Vo  沼倉 真 (グルグル映畫館)
 Vo  カナブン (W.A.R.P)
 G   一穂  (ex-OVER DOSE)
 B   大作 (ex-KILLING SKILL 48)
 Dr  仏血 (ex-軍団種馬

 G Vo 福助 (メトロノーム)
 B Vo リウ (メトロノーム)
 DrVo ケンタロウ (BEE-315)

 Vo エイジ (コドモA)
 G  天野 鳶丸 (グルグル映畫館)
 B  ジュンロウ (SEX-ANDROID)
 Dr ダイ (コドモA)

 G Vo 前田一人 (SHAME)
 B   奥滝晃将 (SHAME)
 Dr   前田一知 (SHAME)(グルグル映畫館)

Vo GAKU (ex-CRY<<MU>>)
 G  masa  (DIZZY DRIVE)
 G  沼倉真  (グルグル映畫館)


VJ ニッパシ&NAC

My best regards!!

(AKITO also wrote down the details about how to get the tickets and where, but that is not really that much of interest for us here i thought and it's already a huge entry of doom, so if you need details, go to the BBS ^_^ he has explained everything properly)

05.05.2006 masa's picture book

Even he was surprised at the amount of tears, more than expected.
The moment you hear the title 'Eraser in the brain'?
Though it's been sad, he thought it was lovely.
His mind was blown.
↓ picture:

I had to translate a couple of things freely again because it's sometimes hard to translate the blooming japanese to english, especially when your head is stuffed with snot LOL ahem.
The movie, it's called [私の頭の中の消しゴム] actually. I translated that as 'Eraser in my brain' i didn't find any summery about it though, only just that it starts happily and then gets very sad.
Obviously LOL.

05.05.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
I hope everyone was fine since the tour ended?
We of DIZZY all practice separately aiming towards the next stage. Compared to the time at the tour, we don't see eachother. Oh, it's difficult being not in relation (laughs)
When working on new things it will be a fresh feeling of a different atmosphere with eachother at the time when we meet.
As for that, my own current boom is to drink yogurt. The power of the lactic acid bacilli returns to DIZZY (laughs)

I hope that is halfway correct. I'm currently under the influence of some stupid summer flu LOL.

04.05.2006 masa's picture book

Day off in Cat Street
He went to the street on the golden holiday.
Harajuku's amazing Cat Street, people, people, people. (He uses several forms of writing that word hm).
Being near to the big crowds, he found it good.
↓ picture:

The last part is pretty freely translated, i hope i got it right.
And sounds like fun.

02.05.2006 masa's picture book

At the street corner
It's questionable after so much time, however, it's a vending machine which has sound and image added. Furthermore it is possible to shop with mobile, the purse is not needed.
How surprising, people can enjoy sound, vision and taste with that entertainment box. It's a really astonishing invention and easy to handle by people nowadays.
What seemed impossible five years ago is happening now, he wonders what way will technology go five years after this?
↓ the machine:

I suppose in five years the world will be taken over by the cyborgs. So lets enjoy what little time we have left LOL!!

01.05.2006 masa's picture book

Start of summer?
Today it was hot. The air suddenly resembled the summer.
To get refreshed he got himself chilled chinese noodles.
As a topping he mostly likes tomatos.
↓ the food:

Aww how nice it is arranged! It makes me hungry LOL.

30.04.2006 masa's picture book

Revealing the secret of the trick
Golden week has started. How is everyone spending it?
He meets old friends he was nostalgic about, making the flower of old stories bloom, the mischievous mind was ignited in the future.
↓ Einstein?

Hm i don't know those phrases but i suppose it means something like they will talk about the old days? For the rest, i am not really sure what he wants to say, maybe someone has a better translation or knows when things like that are said hm.

29.04.2006 masa's picture book

Tasty night
With the warm spring days, getting dried up a little at the arrival of random days where the wind blows chilly?
Today he ate 'crimson cheek'.
Name, color and taste are alright. Yes. Vitamin charge!
↓ 'crimson cheek' i suppose :D

Isn't it too early for strawberries yet? Over here it is still some time, and i don't trust in the hothouse-fruit, they are more water than vitamin... But those look good, that's for sure.

28.04.2006 masa's picture book

It's Japan this week
He wants to listen to the poetry of Japan so he wants to go and listen to the CDs of the Artists he has on his mind.
Buck Tick, ISSAY, 美輪明宏, hide. Being introduced to the words that are sung , he gets submerged with the mass, totally addicted to the expression and flavour those voices have.
By the way he borrowed those four things from Tak. Tak is all in all quite well informed about Japanese bands.
↓ picture:

Oh nice =D and i already thought those were his. I would have been surprised, no idea LOL.

27.04.2006 masa's picture book

No age
He now got addicted to Nintendo DS once more.
The memory game is randomly amusing, he will repeat it everyday until he reaches the perfect score.
He wants to do the above mentioned memory any time and any place at full throttle.
↓ picture:

Aha, good luck then LOL.

26.04.2006 masa's picture book

Time for changes
It's a change of season.
When changing the clothes for the season, in acceleration the room has been cleaned.
'VAGABOND' appeared sullenly from the interior of the bookshelves. Furthermore it seems the collection stops in the middle.
He wonders how far the vagrant story does continue? For the time being he will review starting from Volume 1 tonight.
↓ Vagabond half collected:

Well, well, i suppose in the end he'll remember why he stopped collecting, push the manga back into the depths of his shelves and that is the end of the story. But who knows LOL.

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