25.04.2006 Thank youuu ~☆☆

I looked at my counter and decided that it is time to say thanks to all of you for staying tuned here and visit for new information, you all make all the work worthwhile!
☆ I even made a banner ☆

It's DIZZY DRIVE on full speed racing into the next phase woohoo XDDDD!
(and just to add that i have no rights on the JETBOY, i shamelessly stole him for this u///u)

25.04.2006 masa's picture book

What reminds me
Comparing Santa Claus and Coca Cola, both have red and white outfits. Is it true?
While having the same meals with the members at the Evolution Tour, he came to drink a lot of Cola. It's true.
Coke please, it can be refreshing.
↓ Santa Cola =)

Hm yeah especially when it's really cold, yum!

24.04.2006 BBS + masa's picture book

Entry by AKITO:
He says he is very thankful to everyone who participated and super sonic evolution and the super sonic in-store events!
Thanks to everybody it was possible to finish the whole passage with out any problems.
The second DVD was also decided to be sold starting from Yokohama (14.05)!
What could the unpublished material be?
As it is, he hasn't seen it yet either.
...he's somewhat anxious (laughs)

Entry by Tak:
The tour of newborn DIZZY has now ended successfully. This has been a shining tour with many experiences ☆
He now became a good chatter thanks to the many the instore-events (laughs)
He would be happy if it was possible to have fun at the many places o(^-^)o
Now the next development of DIZZY is starting bit by bit. He thinks that again each member will bring in their favorite stuff and so the change will be done properly by all means ☆

Not yet published.
The second DVD shot comes out!
The not yet published stuff is a thrilling thing to mention. Yeah, it can be exciting!
Do you want to see it? Wait in anticipation.
↓ the masa:

Yes i want to see it u_ and i really hope i will.
About Tak's and AKITO's entries, they sounds exciting! (^_^)b

23.04.2006 Update ~☆

I updated the Calmando part of the other projects section with the live-dates i got from Tak's page, the tourdates for the next Germany-tour are not fix yet though, plus i roughly guessed that he means 'Hamburg' when writing 'Hunbulg' _?

23.04.2006 Tak's diary of 22.04.

The DIZZY tour final has been decorated with the NOIZ sponsor in-store event.
Thanks to all for so many participation! Naturally it has been a fun tour ( ̄ω ̄) they rolled up the memories and talked about them in the instore event (laughs).
The staff of the various live houses, us and Seventh Heaven staff, producer KG-san, and everyone who came to the meeting places, he feels gratitude to each of them ☆
The next DIZZY revolution is coming up, there are lots of new plans!
Ah well, at the final in-store the upcoming 'gamura twist' knowledge has been an amazing surprise (laughs) everyone, look at this message!
He's happy!

That was a nice entry =)

23.04.2006 News

Due to popular demand they made a second DVD which will come out at the Yokohama Live on the 14.5. and it will be limited to 200, there is also a possibility to order it per mail from the 12.5 and that is limited to 100.
The content will be:
-Image of Day of Amuse Vol.2 (21.1)
-Image of Super Sonic Evolution Tour One-man (8.4)
-Not yet published stuff
The above mentioned will be reduced to about 50 minutes.
It will be ¥1.800 (plus in case of mailorder ¥800 for the postage)
Infos on how to get it are on Seventh Heaven who repaired their news-section which now looks great. Just wanted to mention that. Haha. Plus, yeah you guessed it, i want that thing.

22.04.2006 masa's picture book

Bubbles bubbles
How so?
The small bubbles are very cool.
There is still more to come, still more to come, they continue, as far as the bubbles are jumping, right.
↓ [edited the pic was changed o_o]

Uh, that was interesting haha!

22.04.2006 masa's picture book

Tour final.
It was a tour on which there were various experiences to be made.
Tonight they drink on it. They emptied two bottles of the beloved Champagne.
They still go on. Alcohol and DIZZY still have some way to go.
↓ corks:

Cheeeeeeeers XD!

21.04.2006 masa's picture book

Talk show
Tomorrow is the tour final talk in Shinjuku.
Let's talk about how the evolution is having good results daily.
Though he thinks there can be various questions, he is going to reply them with seriousness.
The favorite drink?: Champagne
The favorite color?: Purple-pink
The favorite underwear?: Temptation Bikini of close line (tight fit i think?).
↓ strange picture:

LOL it seems those questions get asked quite often? Maybe he should publish a masa-FAQ XD poor guy.
And sorry for the weird translation of the underwear but i don't really know what he means, if that is a brand or what.

20.04.2006 masa's picture book

Stitches removed
He could see his left foot after a long time.
The thread got out and now the rehabilitation started.
Though the wound did hurt those ten days no matter what, this is also a miracle since it feels good again.
↓ the poor foot _o

Don't ask me what had happened but ok if he is better that's fine!!
I only know from Tak's diary and what he says now.

20.04.2006 News

They added new goods to the mail order:

Poster A4 (various designs) // DIZZY DRIVE
DD-016 ¥630 (tax included / postage seperate)

Table Calendar // DIZZY DRIVE
DD-015 ¥1,890 (tax included / postage seperate)

Super Sonic Tour T-Shirt (size: KIDS 150) // DIZZY DRIVE
DD-014 ¥2,940 (tax included / postage seperate)

Photoset (I) // DIZZY DRIVE
DD-013 ¥1,260 (tax included / postage seperate)

Photoset (H) // DIZZY DRIVE
DD-012 ¥1,260 (tax included / postage seperate)

Photoset (G) // DIZZY DRIVE
DD-011 ¥1,260 (tax included / postage seperate)

For more details about the ordering and stuff go to Seventh Heaven!
(I wonder if they really want to leave the news with black background and dark grey text. It's a bit hard to read methinks >.O!
Plus.. i was sure they had a poster of A3 size? I'm a bit confused now ^^;

19.04.2006 BBS

Entry by masa:
Though it's really the beta, thank you.
He expresses their gratitude to everybody for having shown them the future and for coming here.
Now the next curtain opens!
↓ again the masa:

Well, thumbs up for them!

19.04.2006 masa's picture book

Evolution now.
To everyone taking part in the journey of the evolution of the speed of sound. To everyone who gave enthusiasm with their frank letters. Thank you.
They were able to finish this tour in peace.
They had a good harvest. 50 days from the release of the CD they are able to experience the position of three years and he wants to express his gratitude to everyone who assisted.
The next talk event is about the evolution period.
Probably nobody will expect the following, it's going to be the fantastic, reborn DIZZY DRIVE!
↓ a pair of sunglasses with masa attached to them.

Well, that sounds good. They get reborn and stuff quite often huh. I hope they do another CD soon!

19.04.2006 Tak's diary sorta summary thing XD

I've been reading through Tak's diary (whereas there is nothing on DD's page his diary is full of short-stories for all three days -.-) However, since i don't have time to type all his personal adventures too ^^; i will just do a very short summary.
It seems that everything went well except that masa had his foot or leg injured as it seems, before the first live already? That's what i understood. Therefore it was not possible to perform with perfection but they take care to get their revenge! Good. Poor masa though.
And the hall they met in for the HOLIDAY instore-event was similar to the public hall of a multi-apartment-complex, very far from the rockstar image LOL hm.

Well, well, but it was all very fine and the talk was great, so good to hear. Now i only wait until Seventh Heaven finish destructing the homepage AGAIN and the guys make entries u_u

18.04.2006 Tak's diary

from 15.4.
Everyday band concentration
Today it was rehearsal with DIZZY.
Tomorrow the repetition of the tour?
Stopping in Kumagaya, they did various discussions in addition to the rehearsal for Osaka while being in a ramen-shop (laughs).
After experiencing this tour, there might be also a fresh breeze going through DIZZY.
Though there is nothing more but secret plans yet, there are four fighters who will burn for the sake of everybody enjoying the music ~☆

I just thought that was a cute entry. I cannot translate all of his personal diary since i just don't have the time but i will watch out for the ones affecting DD as good as possible from now on.

17.04.2006 News

Tomorrows instore event of the Osaka Holiday (18.4.) will not be done in the shop but in a different place.
Please ask for details there: HOLIDAY OSAKA(06-6364-6072)
They hope for many people coming.

16.04.2006 BBS

Entry by Junn:
Four travelers leaving Kumagaya behind and heading on Naniwa Highway at full speed, cat at full speed, Guri and Gura wiggling.

Entry by Tak:
Here i am, the Live in Kumagaya just ended! Today it stopped raining in the last moment... what?
Arriving and departing full of tension, Dizzy drive to the west now ~~
Everybody wait because they will come with safe driving ~~~★☆

Entry by masa:
Heavens Rock yes!
With the uplifting tension remaining from the one-man, it was a hot night after the rain.
After this they go to Osaka-Kobe. It will be a sparkling Live tomorrow.

Entry by AKITO:
Today we had the Live in Kumagaya! Thanks to everyone for coming.
After this they make the trip to Osaka. They will punch hard tomorrow!!

Guri and Gura are two mice from a kid's book. But to be honest, don't know what he talks about haha...
[edit: now that i think about it i guess it's just wordgames -.- LOL]

16.04.2006 masa's picture book

Kumagaya night
Thanks for coming to see the Live in Kumagaya.
It was a time to change sorrow into joy.
Did you see the badges?
Want to be a human...
↓ the badges:

I don't know what the last sentence is about. I just literally translated it but i guess it is some phrase that doesn't really exist in english.
[edit: maybe it is that he does not want to be a calimero chicken? XD]

15.04.2006 masa's picture book

Stage night
And again excitement at the last night before the Live.
Tomorrow it is Kumagaya and Osaka the day after tomorrow.
When thinking of it, he starts feeling tension and joy at the same time.
masa will be blooming on stage. You'll see.
↓ pick flower:

Aww. Well they will have fun i bet!

15.04.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
He is very late but still thank you to all the many people who came to the one-man.
Tomorrow the tour will be started again in Kumagaya, then will be continued in Osaka coming to the climax there ☆
And then after this he will be going to have rehearsals!

I bet it will be a great final! (Though i wish i could see that too (;_;))

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