14.04.2006 News

New badges to be sold at the Kumagaya performance on the 16.4.
It's Tak's second badge design!
Two cost ¥400 (there is four different ones)
They are randomly put in.
The number is limited, so purchase in time please.
↓ the badges:

Awww how cute!

14.04.2006 masa's picture book

The wave of music of the 80's era is on the rise.
He thinks it's cool and he feels beyond nostalgic.
Instantly from where the intro flows, he cannot but dash out on the floor brilliantly.
Despite the little affair that developed he also liked 'Milli Vanilli'.
Including all there was various, those were the shocking 80's weren't it.
↓ picture:

Haha! Milli Vanilli. If you don't know them, don't bother. They were kicked out of the bussiness after it was found out that they didn't sing themselves but only mimed XD!
I thought they were funny.

14.04.2006 Update ~☆

I added the translations of Tak from the Chronicles to the media section, i tried my best with them!
Next will be AKITOS texts ^_^''!
Wish me luck or so LOL
Enjoy ~

13.04.2006 masa's picture book

Beauty and Food
There is already too much, not that much collaboration so the surprise factor disappears, however, that stopped the eyes.
Collagen came here. Furthermore it is tasty.
It's nice, delicious, beautiful. I wonder what comes next? The anticipation grows.
↓ picture:

I also wonder what comes next, really.
What the hell is that? Collagen to eat/drink? Do i want to know? LOL

12.04.2006 masa's picture book

And again me (well him -.-)
Giving a cackling voice, laughing until he got bellyaches and had the tears running, he finished reading 'Tokyo Tower'.
After he finished reading the pages are all wrinkle wrinkle.
He doesn't know what kind of person Mr. 'Frankness' Lily is, but this book is recommended.
↓ picture:

It's about Franky Lily again of course, he uses the Japanese name but so, he calls himself Franky.

11.04.2006 masa's picture book

Tokyo Sightseeing
When talking about Tokyo Sightseeing, only the Hills are being mentioned, but did you go to Tokyo tower?
He remembers going many times the time he was little.
Lately he only passed through the neighbourhood, however, with nowadays being crazy about Lily Franky's 'Tokyo Tower' he thinks about climbing up again when he is done with reading.
You can loose the sight when getting too close, that is the reason why that book is so captivating, after such long time you can be made to discover many places.
↓ picture:

Well i haven't even been to Tokyo ever T_T anyways, about Lily Franky:
Born in 1963 in Fukuoka prefecture, Lily Franky graduated from the Musashino Art University.
His illustrated book is made into animation and on air on NHK educational channel every Friday. Also his debut full-length novel 'Tokyo Tower, Okan to Boku to, tokidoki, Oton' is on sale.
He hosts a radio show 'NIGHT STORIES' on J-WAVE (from 24:30 to 27:00, every Thursday).
Home Page Address:
Got the infos here.

10.04.2006 masa's picture book

They covered tunes at the one-man Live, because he listened to the original tunes and they are lovely.
A ballade of Duran Duran, 'Ordinary World' and in an encore they performed '20th Century Boy' of T-Rex.
He put all his heart into both tunes!
↓ picture:

...DURAN DORAN の「ORDINALY WORLD」? masa needs to check the glasses?
Hahaha... _

[edited. it's original tunes of course not orininal. *goes to check her own glasses u///u]

09.04.2006 Update ~☆

I added a couple of translations i have done from the fanclub magazines and the gacktbook to the media-section.
All i can say is that i tried my best with that.
If any of you spot mistakes in those, i would be so happy if you tell me!
Anyways, enjoy!
The next that i will add there will be the comments of the other members in the fanclub magazines, i only have masa so far. It will grow!
But again and by all means, if you see a mistake please tell me, i am only learning ^^!

09.04.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Thanks very much to everybody who came to the one-man!
It's been amazingly nice.
Now everybody's energy and enthusiasm were transmitted amazingly.
Last night he couldn't get much sleep since he kept on being so excited (laughs)

That sounds as if it's been a really good time then!

08.04.2006 masa's picture book + BBS

Glistening one-man
We did it!!
After putting the CD on the market which he so desired to do, they now managed to do the one-man live of their dreams.
Being able to express what you want by instinct, that goes with everyone surely assisting.
Thank you really.
The memories of this day will be locked in the heart, the evolution will continue.
Thank you.

Entry by masa:
They finished the sparkling one-man five hours ago.
Well... just in the twinkle of an eye it was over, it was an intense time!
With full drive from the first to the last tune they burned out.
He wants to do that again. He wants to do that again no matter what.
After that he will write much much better tunes, and he will do a shining one-man!!

That sounds great, yeah go for it!!

07.04.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
It became 19 hours until finally the one-man happens.
Preparations! After that he'll just go to sleep.
Tomorrow the possibility of rain is 50%.
Uhm, dicey (laughs)
Neither rain nor wind will stop them, they will stand firm, therefore have fun everybody!!

That were all of them phew XDD
Our weather man AKITO huh? He always posts the rain percentage haha.

07.04.2006 masa's picture book + BBS

Tomorrow it is Supoer Sonic Evolution Live in Club phase.
Everybody's attendance is eargerly and sincerely awaited.
Have fun to the fullest extend.
↓ the professional promotion sign XD!!
Image Hosted by

Entry by Junn:
Tomorrow it is the one-man.
Being too excited he collapses, therefore he is already doing preparations to go to bed.

Entry by masa:
Tomorrow's Evolution gets closer and closer.
He is quite full of anticipation.
上げ上げでいくよ。(it is quite impossible to properly translate that _o, age age seems to be something like dancing all along being completely in the celebration mood or something.
Sorry m(_ _)m)
At the moment the curtain opens snap and destroy, come there in the battle T-Shirt will you...

Entry by Tak:
Tomorrow is the one-man!
He doesn't know about the weather condition, however, the members tension is quite great, they are willing to rage (o^-^o)
As for the sequel and end of the Super Sonic Tour, everybody have fun on that day, which becomes an important point regarding the future of DIZZY from now on.
Oh, each of you please make this Live unforgettable.
He's hoping for everybody's support.

So, tomorrow is the day, good luck to them, i bet they will do a GREAT job!!

06.04.2006 News #2

They will have backstage invitation and photos with the members after the one-man with the fans.
To participate you have to purchase the Stickers i believe.
T_T now i envy everyone who goes even more T_T

06.04.2006 beltane33 diary, DD related

There is another picture of DIZZY DRIVE at rehearsal in the diary of beltane33!
They have met DD at the end of rehearsal for the one-man, working on some ideas. KG says that he thinks the recording at the one-man will be good (they record the second DVD there) and that those guys are fully motivated!
beltane will now have a live too, the first after two months, i hope it will be very good too!
↓ picture (click on it for larger size):

Very nice! (^―^)b

06.04.2006 News

※About the Goods that will be sold at the one-man Live of DIZZY DRIVE in Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE.
Presales: 16:00 - 17:00
After the end of performance sales are in the hall so you can only buy with a ticket.
T-Shirt (backprint) Size: Kids 150, S ¥2.800
Table Calendar: ¥1.800
Poster (A3) ¥ 600
Photosets (G-I) ¥1.200 each
T-Shirt (JETBOY) Size: Kids 150, S ¥2.800
Wristband ¥1.200
Sticker Sets ¥500
Mini Mirror ¥600
DVD ¥1.000
CDR (the third) ¥1.000
※The majority of goods are being limited so please purchase in time.

Oh please everyone wish me luck that my DVD won't get stolen again!!

06.04.2006 masa's picture book of spoilers XD

Did you read Ruffy?
At last Robin's true character has been understood, she was considered to be an awful betrayer.
Even her sad past was understood. Tears...
Laughing at the pain DERESHI, DERESHISHISHI. It's the favorite.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Well i couldn't read that yet since it is not out here yet. But curious as i am i had to find out about her saying DERESHI and now i already know all about Niko Robin's past. Great.

04.04.2006 masa's picture book

Cherry blossoms like a snowstorm
When lying down it was the cherry tree planetarium because of the lovely way the pink petals flutter about.
With being spring the streets have become beautiful, he sensed the beauty of the four seasons.
It is a season of deep meaning.
↓ cherry tree planetarium:

Awww very beautiful!

03.04.2006 masa's picture book

Six strings worker
Today he was silently playing the guitar.
Playing silent and intense like a craftsman, he is in conversation with his inner heart, a little time of self satisfaction.
The phattest good feeling.
↓ the guitar

Yo. Well anyways. I don't know what to write this time XD sorry.

02.04.2006 Update sort of

Everybody empty the cache i changed the layout XD!

02.04.2006 masa's picture book + BBS

Let's photograph
On the one-man Live they make the photographing of the second DVD!
Put on the DIZZY T-Shirt on that. Let's do a photographing of a stylish performance for the historical production.
We connecting with everybody, this is a day where the future of DIZZY DRIVE gets build.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
He always says that so nice XD really.

Entry by masa:
Thank you for the attendance in the Ikebukuro In-store Event.
When running there after finishing rehearsal, he was glad that everybody waited, he was relieved, he felt happiness.
The following one-man will be burning, bursting into flames. Be welcome in a battle state.

Hmm, i suppose he wants to tell us that it's going to be a hot Live and that they shall rage and create a moshpit? XD
Japanese is so complicated sometimes. But it's going to be a great one-man, i am sure!

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