02.04.2006 beltane33 BBS (DD related)

In the beltane33 BBS KG talks a bit about being in Nagoya to assist DIZZY DRIVE.
He talks about the, well 'talk' event ^^; in the record store and about the Live. He also talks about the guys visiting the Osu Kannon temple which was near the ELL hall and go there to pray for assistance at the Live i believe.
Osu Kannon, a little info
He also talks about DD's second one-man coming up, asking if everyone thought about getting the tickets.
He also of course talks about the next beltane Live on the 6.4. in Shibuya, Deseo and tells everyone who hasn't seen them yet to get a ticket. At once. XD
← click on it for the large Version.

01.04.2006 masa's picture book

Such lovely place.
The barcode is designed new.
He wonders if after that an even more interesting design will come out. Enjoyment.
He looks forward to meet somebody tomorrow at the in-store event.
There is also an announcement of joy aiming at the one-man.
↓ the barcode:

Wow really very cute LOL.
Btw there is also a change, instead of only masa, Junn and AKITO, now tomorrow all the members will be at the event.

31.03.2006 masa's picture book

Jacket purchase
Not a CD, he bought the cover jacket of a magazine. (However, the 'skin' of a magazine is called cover)
Reading the interview with Bono, there was a fundamental thing which had made him think deeply.
Work and life should both be enjoyed shouldn't they.
↓ picture of the magazine:
Image Hosted by
What that weird lesson about the cover jacket skin was.. dunno XD but we all know that he loves the Bono. So, i hope he has a lot of fun with the cover and the interview =D!

30.03.2006 masa's picture book

It was quite hard to approach Omotesando Hills because the opening was amazingly popular.
There are still many people, however, with the whole design being excellent it's possible to come into a celebrity mood.
His favorite angle there.
↓ pic of the angle:
Image Hosted by
And he sais 'serebu' but in japanese the celeb isn't necessarily a famous star or such but more a person famous for having a lot of money, so as it seems you can feel like the big spender in all the luxury? LOL
Omotesando Hills Site

29.03.2006 masa's picture book

Pink night
The pink flowers bloomed, that is his second favorite color.
Strolling on the 'cherry tree highway' at night, people are in wild joy, he guessed the reason is this sexy color.
It was really beautiful!
Image Hosted by
That's really very pretty. But sexy? LOL...

28.03.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
Thank you everyone for participating in the Nagoya in-store event & Live.
His own impressions...
Event was ok, guests were ok, performance was ok, the interaction was ok, it was fantastic ~!
The Super Sonic tour will pause now, at the following on-man Live please rage again!
Everybody let's once in a while get hot and shout ☆

I hope it's all correct and good to hear that everything went so well!

27.03.2006 Update ~☆★☆

I finished scanning the spiky magazins and put the scans up in the gallery (spiky part five). All places where there are new scans are marked as such. Enjoy!
I also added some lovely new stuff from Youki to downloads /icons and downloads /wallis, so have fun with it! And thank you so much Youki =)!

27.03.2006 masa's picture book

Captivating things
He cannot sleep despite of being sleepy. He can't help it, he feels uneasy.
The reason is this book. It's 'the DaVinci Code'.
Knowing that it's certainly captivating , he finally touched it though it has been more than one year since his eyes got to meet with the book.
And now sure enough.. He wants to understand the secret of the smile.
↓ picture:

Oh i had heard about it at a cinema preview and it's really exciting but i forgot about it >_<!
Now i am jealous hahaha.

27.03.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
To all who came to the in-store event & Live in Nagoya
Thank you~!
On the day of the instore-event they again abandoned the car due to the large congestions of mystery and for the first time took the train to Nagoya.
↓ picture:

Well better i suppose than them always coming too late huh. XD...

26.03.2006 masa's picture book + BBS

Nagoya ELL
It was a performance of too much excitement but he was happy about the gentle visitors that welcomed them.
少しコワレすぎたかも。←(what does the koware mean in that context? _o)
That's also Nagoya magic, it was charming.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by

Entry by masa:
Live in Nagoya, he didn't write for a while, however, it was great to be able to do that Live.
He started to fall in love at everybody's warm and teary looks.
Starting to improve (or polishing up), they return with increasing shine.
He is happy if they meet again at the one-man.

Sorry i couldn't get it any better for now, i think i will look over it tomorrow again.
Tomorrow i also will put up the rest of my magazin scans so far.

26.03.2006 masa's picture book and a bit Tak

In Nagoya
Yesterday it was the Talk-event in Holiday (the shop).
It was the first talk with all four of them together, did you enjoy yourselves?
Sorry for being late. Sorry really.
Today they are not late! Since they are right now backstage.
CD release tour. First Kanto sphere escape.
He will do it!
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Good to see he's having fun.
I just heard my DVD obviously got stolen or just fell out so i don't really have fun.
Anyways i looked in Tak's diary and he says that a second tour of Calmando Qual in Germany is decided though date and location aren't yet but it's good to hear.

25.03.2006 Update ~☆☆

Today i added the scans from the little Chronicle Magazins i got (those seem more huge flyers ^^).
It's DIZZY DRIVE, it's in the gallery.

25.03.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
He did return to the country in safety. He will be in Nagoya.
He feels like desperately wanting to exchange his head.
Before the in-store event all the members meet ~( ̄▽ ̄)
He wonders what kind of battle talk will unfold.

I hope i have that correct...

24.03.2006 Update ~☆★☆

I received the photosets of DIZZY DRIVE today and much more.
To start i scanned the photosets and put them in the gallery (DIZZY DRIVE), much more is to come!

24.03.2006 Wow...

masa in Wikipedia
masa now has his own page in, cool isn't it?
It's not up to date and stuff but it even advertises my page hahaha! I'm proud. And i think it's cool enough that he got a mention there!

24.03.2006 masa's picture book

Tomorrow is Nagoya
The tension has been rising considering the travel to Nagoya tomorrow.
There is an article about DIZZY DRIVE to be discovered in a free magazine limited to the Nagoya district.
With the memories you got from the Live, visit the CD shop and try to get it.
His best regards to everyone from there for the promotion.
↓ pic of the mag:
Image Hosted by
He writes 'get shitemite' hehehe. Now he even starts putting the entries in half english-half japanese?

23.03.2006 masa's picture book

Cafe in the afternoon
He spend a little while reading in a cafeteria. A peaceful afternoon on a weekday.
Being in a daze he didn't come aware of it, however, he noticed a perfect couple facing him.
A wonderful purity appeared in their innocent eyes. It was heart warming.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
LOL yeah they look harmless. But after six years with a kid i know that looks can be pretty deceiving hahahaha.
I hope he was allowed to take that photo ^_^ very cute.

22.03.2006 アップデート~☆

XDD yeah update.
I added two drawings to the fanstuff section, one is DIZZY DRIVE and one masa playing the guitar, both done by me, though DIZZY DRIVE look as if i painted them when i was six years old. I don't know why.
Enjoy? LOL...

22.03.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
The other day they did rehearsal with three people due to Tak's absence.
The ideas for the one-man come one after another,
some even are already about to come to shape,
it has been a very pleasant situation.
The landing in Nagoya at this weekend comes closer and closer.
It starts with all members being together at the in-store event,
speaking of four people becoming complete, that's a relief of course.
They certainly also do their best with all energy at the live!

I bet so!

22.03.2006 masa's picture book

He watched it with his heart beating faster because it seems to go towards an unexpected end.
It can't be this person can it? He is scared while observing the characters, constantly doubting.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Taking Lives info about the movie and DVD.

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