12.03.2006 News

AKITO couldn't go to the events today because he is sick they say (bad physical condition) =(
I hope he will be better for next week.
I hope that at least many people came.
And get better AKITO!

11.03.2006 masa's picture book

Yokohama tailwind
There were good feelings at the Live.
The Lives one by one steadily accelerate with the enthusiastic feelings.
Yes! They will go on racing towards the One-man like this.
↓ the venue:
Image Hosted by
Now does that sound good? Go guys!

11.03.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
It's false start on the first day AKITO special.
Such high spirits before make the tension rising!
Everyone show fighting spirit and push to advance forward ☆
Everyone show that they are united today!!

Sounds like a good plan!

10.03.2006 masa's picture book

After the rain
The rain did rise as well. Tomorrow he wants to come to Yokohama like the first storm of spring.
It's just the echo of spring's language, it's going to be the start to a new experience.
So tomorrow he thinks he will try the new tune at the performance.
He didn't tell the other members yet because he wants to keep it as a secret until the performance starts.
↓ wet picture:
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Hm well if one of them peeps into the diary they will know now though XD...

09.03.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
I did!!
AKITO was totally motivated to do the Live tomorrow until pointing out to masa.
He has been keen on it, even his outfit had already been packed.
Going to Yokohama alone, while confusing the other bands, waiting in vain involuntarily all alone endlessly (laughs)
Ah~, he was saved from that thanks to masa!
Thank you (laughs)
So he corrects the mark of when to leave and the prediction of the rainfall possibility as well.
18-24 o'clock, 40%...
Even if it will rain, this shouldn't become a loss, they will make it a fun Live!
With joy ~!!
About the above mentioned, mistaking the one day, you would have looked forward to AKITO (laughs)

Entry by masa:
There is too much energy.
The Live is on the day after tomorrow, on the 11th!
Akito already made a mistake for one day before, at a rehearsal, being all alone in the studio and talking by the phone 'today everyone is late ne'.
On Saturday the 11th, we will meet in Yokohama.

It was a bit difficult but really amusing. Thank god for the entry of masa! XDD!
*hugs AKITO ^^; and masa too of course ^^;;*

09.03.2006 masa's picture book

Health preservation of the eyes
He went for a stroll through Tokyo in search for stimulation.
In Shinjuku the colors and persons mingle, it became one scenery for the first time.
Individual colors melting into eachother naturally. Primary colors give the eyes a pleasant feeling.
↓ picture:
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Very stylish? LOL...

09.03.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
The other day the beloved car has finally arrived at 100000 km!
Except the air conditioning loosing efficiency in the summer of the year before last year, it's still standing firm without any major breakdowns.
Hold on a little longer!
Tomorrow there is the Live in Soundhall.
The possibility of rainfall is at 10% from 18-24 o'clock.
... if it's 10% it will still be safe, don't you agree!? (laughs)
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Well good luck ^^!!

09.03.2006 And...

...added the romanization of Monster as well now!
That was fast thank you so much Ayelet ^^!!

09.03.2006 Update ~☆★

I added Super Sonic romanization to the lyrics. It's done by Ayelet ^o^!
She will also do Monster, so that's great.
Thank you so much!! ♥

08.03.2006 Update ~☆

I added the lyrics for the album 'SUPER SONIC'.
To look at them you simply need to go to the release section. I linked the songs to the lyrics.
The japanese songs are still only japanese text though ^^ but i will start to work on translating and maybe also romanizing soon since i can get help now =)!
I will also add the lyrics to the Demo CDs as soon as i find the time so watch out if you want to sing along (well thank god that masa does most of his songs in english huh)

08.03.2006 masa's picture book

Oh, amazing.
It was emotionally moving in a way that he couldn't stop sighing.
Having always been a hidden ballet-fan, he wanted to see the real thing by all means.
As a start he especially wanted to see his most favored man.
He kept looking forward until at last it happened.
He saw Vladimir Malakhov!!!
Coming out?
The beautifully jumping/dancing dancer is the biggest star, however, when he decided to see the elegant and refined dancing of Malakhov for the first time, the others didn't go and see.
It was good...
Masa didn't blink.
The dancer stopped the time.
He was able to enlarge it.
The art is wonderful.
This moment had the power to change the world.
Image Hosted by
I looked up about him and Vladimir Malakhov even has a website (in which he poses nude ._.) he seems to be a big star.
Well. I had a bit problems with the translation but the main point should be clear. I don't know what else to add ^^;
We love the masa don't we ♡
[edit: You can even see a bit of his dancing on that page and woof that guy can jump i tell ya LOL! XDD!] (^~^)v

07.03.2006 masa's picture book

Shining weekday
Since when is a Live on a weekday?
Thank you for staying until the end.
The fever was tamed while relaxing.
And then it burned out in pure white.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Sounds as if it went good, even though in the middle of a working week, so great ^^!

07.03.2006 News

Next DIZZY DRIVE LIVE decision!
Sunday 14.05.2005 CLUB 24 YOKOHAMA
Tickets: 3200 ¥ (Drinks not included)
OPEN/17:30 START/18:00
Questions: ART POP 045-650-2155
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE, メトロノ-ム (metronom), Others
(Three Bands)
At this performance the tickets reservation doesn't go by hand.
It's organized by ART POP with WEB reservation until 14.03. (Friday).
For details go to or please contact them at 045-650-2155(ART POP).

06.03.2006 masa's picture book

Additionally to the Tour-start the SE has also become new.
It's the time when the feelings get high bit by bit just before the performance.
Who's voice is analyzed?
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Yeah tomorrow is AREA? They will be pretty busy now wow!!

06.03.2006 Hmm...

I'm starting to think of putting up the lyrics (at least those of DIZZY DRIVE, not Spiky since my time is a bit limited atm. and this is a DD site after all) but i can only type them as original and try to translate since i have no idea about the mystics of romanizing.
If anybody would like to help me there? Just contact me and i would be happy.

06.03.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
He recommends all the tunes though (laughs) but if he dared to choose it might be Super Sonic ~ It is the Theme song of the Album in which every member contributed a good part of their individuality most simply, also was this tune the beginning of Dizzy's rebirth.
Don't you think ☆
But still all tunes are recommended (laughs)

Ok, now only Junn is missing, i am curious!

05.03.2006 Update ~★☆

I added a drawing of Tak to the fanstuff section, done by Jonna, it's very very pretty!

05.03.2006 masa's picture book

Sexy and Obscene
The underwear is favored → Yes
It was good being born as a woman →Yes and No
There is individuality in the faces and in the body the same way → Yes.
Recommended 'The favorite parts of women's bodys', he is fond of 龍 San's way of thinking (Well 龍 多美子 it's the name of the author?).
My thoughts. (Not mine. masa's >.>)
Sexiness = Understand yourself, express yourself.
Obscenity = Norm of average, get confused with all people being the same.
↓ picture of the book:
Image Hosted by
I am not really sure about this.
Hmmm, it's an interesting book from what i found about it in the internet one of those books for women though from what i understood o_o
Dunno _ XD...

04.03.2006 masa's picture book + BBS

Because of the weekend? The result of Turin?
The skating place was crowded.
Ice-skating hasn't been done for how many years? He will take care to go this time. In order to practice ジュンとバウワー (_ what's that?? Jun and Bauwa?! Sorry...).
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
LOL i think i went last with hmmm 16? x_x

Entry by masa:
And now to come back to the album, he personally likes [es] the most from all 6 tunes.
He wanted to sing about somebody being captivated by the desire for drugs.
SEX, SPEED, SLAVE, etc... become the keywords of that tune, the phonetic symbol for the first letter of those words, S, is [es].

Ah, that is what the title is about!

03.03.2006 masa's picture book

Fantasy becomes reality
It was a good experience when the performance became reality.
The happiness was explosive.
It was a pleasure to meet again in Kashiwa's Zax.
'Congratulations SUPER SONIC' ← from Masanori, he is the best!
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Aww well isn't that nice?
He's still with them and us somehow!
(^~^)d ♡

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