03.03.2006 Finished!

Ok of course it was a persimmon he had in the room!
The CD goes out to 'Moonchild' from Italy!
You've got mail!

03.03.2006 Little Treat

As i ordered two copies i have here one left over all sealed and brand sparkling new ^_^
↓ there there
Image Hosted by
I know you want it.
I will give it away as a present but to make things more interesting you have to answer a question.
What did masa put into the room instead of a pumpkin to get into halloween mood?
That should be an easy question if you follow the diary.
The first one who gets it right will be the owner of my leftover copy :D
Way to take part:
Go to my contact form and put 'SUPER SONIC' as subject.
Then give the answer and make sure to get the e-mail adress right ^_~
I will then reply and ask about your adress.
Then i will send it out as soon as possible!
So hurry if you want it =D!

03.03.2006 Update ~☆★

Today my copy of SUPER SONIC arrived yay!!
I added some scans i made from the CD to the Gallery.
About the CD:
I love it. I have to say from all masa's talking i expected the song 'Super Sonic' as such to be much faster though ^_^ but i like it. My favorites so far are Monster and Love Tricky. DC is also great. Tak does a good job in writing music, he did the music for both Monster and DC and those are noticable the fastest and hardest songs on the CD.
But Love Tricky is really sexy :D
Driving High is completely new done and sounds more funky now i think ^^;
All in all great job!!
Now i am waiting for my DVD for the live-impression XD! Patience...

02.03.2006 masa's picture book + BBS

In a sparkling trance
Tomorrow is the first day of the tour!!
Dancing and singing in front of the mirror, putting on tomorrow's outfit and imagining it was the performance.
It's comes! It's sparkling. The performance will be more in front of everyone! Sparkling.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Aww ^^;; hm shiny shiny. ♡

Entry by masa:
The sound source did stream until now, when they are able to play the tunes live; those tunes are the sound source of the future.
He wanted SUPER SONIC to be heard by everybody in the whole country at the same time, so it would be known before the live.
Well, what kind of image getting bigger?
It's destroyed.

Sorry i didn't quite get the last part _ help as always is appreciated (though never received -_-)
I bet everything will go fine for the guys!! It's going to be a great and sparkly and shiny and what not tour =)!!
As said. Kirari XD!

01.03.2006 BBS

Entry by Junn:
Congrats for letting out SUPER SONIC!
For listening, for storing, but for the best pleasure three more people are needed.
He soon wants to perform SUPER SONIC live.

I hope i got it, i have to get used to Junn's writing ^^;;

01.03.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Congrats, SUPER SONIC is put on the market!
It has been raining until the day the album was put on the market, DIZZY DRIVE-ish ne (laughs).
By the way, from the compilation of six tunes, which tune does everyone like best?
As it is for him, with the drums sounding in the style of the eighties, 'Love Tricky' would be his favorite.

This is a busy day here haha!
Sounds interesting!

01.03.2006 BBS +masa's picture book

Entry by masa:
Already heard SUPER SONIC?!
The title came up when playing last year in summer at AKITO's house.
Terribly fast, advancing at a speed faster than a JET, what comes to mind when seeing this scenery?
He'd like to experience it with the whole body.
Seeing that he thought of SUPER SONIC.

じゃーん (dunno sorry u_u)
It's SUPER SONIC!! It's been a long way, now he is happy as can be.
First of all listen with headphones, then at full blast, in the end it will have you want to dance to it.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by

I want it!! *waits impatiently for the copy to arrive*

01.03.2006 So...

Tak now also joined the band Syaranosui. He is the man with the many many many jobs on the guitar =)

01.03.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
Super Sonic is available!!
Did you look forward??
It's the beginning and compilation of Dizzy in one, also containing the ups and downs of one year.
It's nice if it would be handed down for generations until arriving grandchild, being able to be everyone's favorite CD.
He wants everyone's direct impressions, given in letters or any other way ☆

Hm i still have to wait for a little while...

28.02.2006 masa's picture book and BBS

He is in an exceptional mood because tomorrow is a special memorable day.
From now on it's the contest.
What comes after this is really important.
↓ serioussss!
Image Hosted by

Entry by AKITO:
Tonight he introduces two recommendable goods.
First of all!!
Tomorrow on the 1.3. the sales of DIZZY DRIVE 'SUPER SONIC' start.
It's a compilation of the one year starting from the begin of their activities but still this ALBUM is a fresh start for DIZZY DRIVE.
Sure, sure, try and listen!!
Then, the other recommendable thing, the latest most favorite bath oil!!
Since he is careless he slips almost always in the bathtub being drowsy and slippery (laughs)
Try and use it for once if you see it anywhere!
↓ pic of the CD and the bathing stuff ^^:
Image Hosted by
(I didn't quite get the sentence about what is going on in the bathtub help is appreciated)

Entry by masa:
Now, 28.2 22:20.
Only two more hours until it is the 1.3.
Then SUPER SONIC will be let out into the world!!
He's feeling somehow faithful. It's the feeling of a new age...
Some time ago he took a bath and cleaned his whole body from head to toe and he also took care of putting on new underwear.
Waiting for tomorrow, he wants to line-up at a CD shop from now on for all night.

XDDDDD wow. He should put some more clothes on then. And did he use AKITO's oil?
Anyways, right from now on things will get serious, thumbs up.
And my copy is already underway yay!!!
\(^~^)/ ★☆★☆∴。・゜。☆∴゜.。

28.02.2006 News

Concerning the DIZZY DRIVE goods.
On the 3.3 they will bring out new merchandise.
A3 Mini Poster ¥600.
Also, the photo-set from the 25. 2. (I) will be sold. Please add that .
This time preselling of tour-goods will only be done at the One-man Live on the 8.4.
Information of the exact time will come later.

D: did i already order this set?? *wonders*
And i want to have the poster =/
I will ask Sabrina when i next contact her XDDDDD shit.

27.02.2006 BBS + masa's picture book

Entry by masa:
Whatever he does and no matter what, he feels cheerful because the release comes closer and closer.
It's in two days. He got to be very happy.
Today he went to YOKOHOMA CLUB 24 for doing promotion.
Even though it was late all of the Staff had a certain energy. As was expected from Yokohama.
↓ promotion ^o^!
Image Hosted by
Go masa! XD! Promote as you can!

Oh why is it this way
The cheerful feelings remain.
The burning inside doesn't cool down, therefore he takes a walk in the late night. A little skip.
Being in the subway at Sakuragicho station, he saw the future expectations grow more and more.
↓ picture of the station i guess:
Image Hosted by
The excitement is infective and i am counting the days XD! Yohoo!

27.02.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
Unusual (?) they were blessed with fine weather in Takadanobaba. He is very thankful. This time the performance was somewhat short, however, AREA is a fashionable stage because of the easy arrival and departure.
The next meeting will be soon in Kashiwa.
Oh, the individual information site with news about Tak's personal activities could be fixed, so please after this go there and take a look~
Because he corresponds to inquiry about this site only there
【abstract prizon】

Hmmm Cool XD god what a busy guy!!

26.02.2006 Update ~☆★

I added the translation i made about the part on masa in the Gackt book 'For dears'.
I added it to the gallery where i also put the scans i made from that book so it's all in one place.
Look there.
If you have corrections to offer, please tell me ^_^!

25.02.2006 masa's picture book

Clear weather Stage
Being blessed with clear weather without exception, they could do the Live with good feelings.
He's glad to meet so many gentle eyes at the tightening stage before the Tour.
Thank you.
The next stage will be experiencing the speed of sound with Super Sonic.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Hmm only three days left until the release yay!

24.02.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Congratulations to Arakawa for the Gold Medal!!
He was pretty impressed by the incredibly beautiful performance.
He will connect those emotions to tomorrow's Live in AREA! (Against the others' will?!)
Tomorrow, he heard that it will stop raining just in the last moment.
It's going to be a joy to meet everybody!

Have fun you who can go there, and DD of course too! (^~^)/

24.02.2006 masa's picture book

The rain stops as well
Tomorrow it will be the Live explosion in AREA.
To see that is desired.
All the saved up stress is going to be burned.
↓ nice picture ♡:
Image Hosted by
How i wish to go there, believe me i have a lot of stress to burn!!

24.02.2006 Update ~☆

I added two wallpapers by Youki to the downloads section, very nice! Thank you so much!

23.02.2006 masa's diary of mystery >.> LOL

Beautiful sky
To tell the truth, he has been worrying for some days. (Past tense)
The style of voice, the sound, trial and error, the results that came out.
Somehow he stumbled over the CD of Lark San (ひばりさん).
Shock. Masterpiece. Amazing power of expression!!
The voice is totally better than anything else.
The way of singing, times, fashionable, Japanese language, English language, women, such experiences are not related to a man.
Truly amazing. He can see the scenery when closing the eyes.
Beautiful isn't it.
To be gifted with a delighting voice is great. That is a fairly high goal but he'll try and do.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Well if anybody could explain to me what that is about?? I am confused.
[edit] i found something: Click here (jap.) (__)v

22.02.2006 masa's picture book

Cherry blossoms blooming
Spring is coming with quick steps.
Day and night are captivating with the faint color of cherry blossom.
DIZZY will also bloom in profusion this year.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Awww how beautiful. And so nice about DD...

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