08.02.2006 masa's picture book

He wants to move around riding such a helicopter.
It's a cool way to travel through the sky, he discovered this when watching 'Company man'.
The helicopter is lightly and it moves swiftly which feels great as well.
It resembled a Jet Coaster, he wouldn't forget the chilly feeling in the belly.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Well, go masa go! But not with the rock-slippers please XDDDDD

08.02.2006 Super Sonic Order

I have been looking:
CD Japan / DIZZY DRIVE - Super Sonic
There you can pre-order your Copy of Super Sonic, i already did so, now you go and do the same!

08.02.2006 News plus new schedule

CD Release
Title : Super Sonic (SSCA-1001)
Release: 01.03.2006 (Wednesday)
Songs: Super Sonic / Monster / [es] / Love Tricky / DC~DestructedCreatino~ / Driving High (6 Tunes)
Prize: 2100¥
The Album will be sold in Shops all over the Country. For event details please look at the 'Schedule' page.

22.04.2006 (Saturday) NOIZ Shinjuku & HOLIDAY Shinjuku Shop (In-Store Joint Meeting)
Content: Talk, Handshake Meeting
START 18:00
Questions: NOIZ 03-5363-6972, HOLIDAY 03-5292-1118

18.04.2006 (Tuesday) I.D.PILOT DEAD ONE (In-Store)
Content: Talk, Handshake Meeting
START 17:00
Questions: 06-6258-5186
Appearance: Masa, Tak, and AKITO

18.04.2006 (Tuesday) HOLIDAY Osaka Shop (In-Store)
Content: Talk, Handshake Meeting
START 13:00
Questions: 06-6364-6072
Appearance: Masa, Tak, and AKITO

17.04.2006 (Monday) OSAKA MUSE
Tickets: 2500¥(Drinks excluded)
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Questions: 06-6245-5389
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE, others

16.04.2006 (Sunday) HEAVEN 'S ROCK Kumagaya VJ1
Tickets: 2000¥(Drinks excluded)
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Questions: 048-524-4100
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE, others

08.04.2006 (Saturday) Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE
Tickets: 3000¥(Drinks excluded)
OPEN/18:00 START/19:00
Questions: 03-5911-2777
DIZZY DRIVE(One-man Live)

02.04.2006 (Sunday) Shinseido Ikebukuro Alpha Shop (In-Store)
Content: Autograph Session
START 18:00
Questions: 03-5954-9475
Appearance: Masa, Junn, and AKITO

26.03.2006 (Sunday) Nagoya E.L.L
Tickets: 3500¥(Drinks excluded)
OPEN/17:00 START/17:30
Questions: キョードー東海052-972-7466
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE, メトロモーム, グルグル映画館, others

25.03.2006 (Saturday) HOLIDAY Nagoya Shop (In-Store)
Content: Talk and Handshake-Meeting
START 17:00
Questions: 052-259-2075
Appearance: All members

18.03.2006 (Saturday) Mayutaca Music Toyohashi Headquarters (In-Store)
Content: Autograph Session
START 15:00
Questions: 053-255-5750
Appearance: Masa + AKITO

18.03.2006 (Saturday) Mayutaca Music Hamamatsu May-One Shop (In-Store)
Content: Autograph Session
START 13:00
Questions: 053-452-6888
Appearance: Masa + AKITO

12.03.2006 (Sunday) Shinseido Kumagaya Shop (In-Store)
Content: Talk + Autograph Session
START 14:00
Questions: 048-525-4508
Appearance: Masa/Tak/AKITO

11.03.2006 (Saturday) Yokohama Arena Sound hall
Tickets: 2200¥(Drinks excluded)
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Questions: 045-474-2020
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE, others

07.03.2006 (Tuesday) Takadanobaba AREA
Tickets: 2500¥(Drinks excluded)
OPEN/17:30 START/18:00
Questions: 03-3361-1069
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE, Red Carpet, duraluMin, others

03.03.2006 (Friday) Club ZaX
Tickets: 2300¥(Drinks excluded)
OPEN/18:00 START/18:30
Questions: 04-7168-8822
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE, others

I want some autographed stuff too LOL...

06.02.2006 BBS + masa's picture book

Tak's entry:
Today he has meetings!
Subject is the own personal news about lives and such to be put out on an extra site for him..
They will inform us as soon as it is possible.
He now met Junn in another matter and after that he will meet AKITO.
Private interview (laughs)

Nice Rock
When searching for things good for the body he found 'the rock good for the body' at the health corner.
You might think those are the usual health sandals but those are really rock slippers yo.
It feels as if running barefoot on a sandy beach, a feeling as if your waist suddenly is over almost 10cm of scraggy rocks.
That feeling is a bit sadistic isn't it? Is this good for the body?
Yeah. Rocks are healthy at the feet.
↓ the rock shoe 8D:
Image Hosted by

Well... first of all HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... *wipes tears*
Really, who can now say that the man doesn't rock huh? He even wears rock-sandals XDDDDDD

05.02.2006 masa's picture book

The 48th
It's hard to make a choice because everyone who's nominated is just too amazing! The time for this year's Grammy is coming up again!
He already gets envious when only hearing the names of U2, Green Day or The Rolling Stones who started it all.
The Foo Fighters have been waited for but what if the Gorillaz win as it seems? Or regarding the power/influence he would say it's Franz (Ferdinand)?
Wow, it's really difficult to choose. It's impossible to choose a single one.
So now he tells us how he does enjoy the Grammy awards.
Whoever wins, it's good! (Becoming serious) We cannot choose and it's not about the first or the second in the music. Different tast should be respected.
To see the facial expression of the artist in the moment they wins the prize is mostly desired.
Neither failure nor stagnation are allowed, the superstars are supposed to keep their presentations at a high level, but in the moment when they would have won the prize and you see them overwhelmed with joy their human face shows.
Many of the comments they say after winning a prize are not understandable but however, to step on the Grammy's red carpet alone should be enough to make the day worthwhile.
This is admired from the bottom of the heart.
This year it is on the 09.02. It will be a joy.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
... =D well. That was LONG XDDD
But it was interesting. Well i did my best as always.

04.02.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
The HP has been renewed!
Many thanks to the staff~!
He feels relieved about the renewed bio and the exchanged squishy photo
*laughs as well XDDDDDDDDDDDD*

04.02.2006 masa's picture book

Due to a meeting he came to Shimo-Kitazawa today.
Whenever he is there he feels out of place?
He simply floating along by himself, not melting into the shops and houses nor the crowds of people.
Since this also appeared in the fashion, having the designers' peculiar world views appearing in it, he relaxes peacefully.
'If you keep on adding to the mis-match it will become the best match', after that sort of talk he got into dreaming about exiting new future plans.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Wahhh so difficult >.< i hope i understood the man u_u i tried my best!

04.02.2006 Oh....

I missed AKITO's birthday _.
Happy late birthday AKITO ♡

04.02.2006 Cooooooool ☆

They updated the members profile and the BBS pic! Finally! Woohoo! Apart from one typo in the profile, everything even looks professional, so congrats DD to your new webmaster =D (that was a wild guess but, but.. ne)
Now i could finally update my profile as well yay!!!
↓ new stuff:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Anyways, go to Seventh Heaven and take a look for yourself! New profile, new BBS and hopefully they will now soon fix masa's diary as well wich has the squishy masa still in it.
So, now i only have to wait for my own photosets to arrive _ so that is what they will look like? =D Curls on masa o_ or what is that? And Junn is alright isn't he? Very cute yeah.

02.02.2006 masa's picture book

Unexpected blind spot
Conscious about 'Dog Day Afternoon', 'The swordfish' is suprising.
As far as it goes, he barricades in a bank and escapes with a bus, the hero is strong. It also has many common features.
The bus flying over the building, the impossible concept is good.
↓ the flying bus:
Image Hosted by
He is married to his TV huh? XDDDD
But that movie sounds good. It's with John Travolta who's cool anyways. Hm.

01.02.2006 masa's picture book

The great scale of accurate details is amazing.
Though he already saw it twice he still wants to see it more often.
He would like to live in Howl's Moving Castle.
↓ picture of the castle
Image Hosted by
And aww i have seen that with erik in cinema. It's really amazing how you just switch that thing at the door and come out at a completely different place... and that castle... wow O_O i want to live there too. And that little fire-demon and all ^^;;; just, awww.
Is that out on DVD? I will get it for me erik... XD

01.02.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
He is glad about one full year!!
Now also thanks to everyone for the best behavior (i think ^^;)☆
It was the first period of DIZZY to sum it up, however this year also various things happened to DIZZY.
Masa already said it but this year was a challenge and a contest also for himself.
After this everybody should keep on staying connected!

Not much more to add to that hm? I know the guys will give their best and we'll keep on supporting as good as possible!

31.01.2006 masa's picture book

When the winter is at the place then a warm and sunny spot is very much yearned for.
He came to the conclusion to buy the products that have the letters 'Okinawa' written on them if you notice.
The traces of the winter-atmosphere will end in one month. Declaration...
That's until Super Sonic will come out!
↓ picture of the Okinawan Stuff:
Image Hosted by
I can't wait for that. One more month and then it will be there XD and i will so get it somehow! I'm so excited!
And about that Okinawan stuff... no idea. Maybe it's the same like over here when i go and buy oranges with the sunshine of California in them (At least they claim that on TV)? =D

30.01.2006 Sorry

I am very sorry but due to massive connection problems over here my site appears offline a lot since it is running on my own server.
I realized the problem and i am working on it (i.e. i called the tech support ahaha x_x)
Hopefully in 2-3 days everything should be back to normal, just keep on checking!!
Again, i am very sorry for the inconvenience.
(In fact i am totally pissed off about that. If things don't get back to normal i will eat my router, change my connection and move the site. Groar.)

30.01.2006 masa's picture book

Fashionable things 2
There should be a reason for fashionable things to exist.
He wanted to check out reading Honey&Clover (though the cold has been cured...) because he's sorry if it doesn't try it.
He thinks the clear writing is irresistible. He's already into it, it's becoming the new trend.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Phew.. that had a lot of expressions i didn't know yet ^^;; i hope i got everything right so far.
Honey&Clover huh? I looked around a bit and there is also some anime-series out.
It's nice so far ahem.

29.01.2006 Congrats ☆☆☆

One year ago it was the first live. Now they are one year old XD!
Ok, now get ready for round two in the race XD we all keep on supporting (though they don't know this hahahaha...T_T)
↓ the usual banner of d00m =D ↓
Image Hosted by
(Yeah it's JETBOY. I don't have a pic of Junn yet, that's why ^^;;;)
がんばれよ! (^o^)d

29.01.2006 BBS

Entry by masa:
Thank you for DIZZY DRIVE's first anniversary.
Thank you to everybody who was supporting us warm and gently.
He will capture that as luxury, after this also keep on with the challenge, he now is going to cross the line.
Thank you. Let's met again.

Entry by AKITO:
Which reminds me that today we have DIZZY DRIVE's first anniversary!!!
Last year at this time it was the Live in Roppongi Y2K~. At that the tension got unreasonably high~. He was utterly pale.
But now he only remembers it as cool and easy.
And then the One-Man aiming towards the recent live with a tune arranged for that.
Junn's entering will become a pleasure just the same.

A happy first anniversary DIZZY DRIVE =D!!
I had some difficulties with the translation though. And i will make a banner yes u_u...

29.01.2006 masa's picture book

Fashionable things
Its one more turn for fashionable things to come around.
The cold is circulating among the members now he got it from Junn. Take care.
As a sound to become healthy, RIGHT SAID FRED is recommended.
It caught him once more somehow. The singing voice is beyond sexy.
↓ Freds CD, water and ze gackt drink
Image Hosted by
Ooooohhh yeah. They are just cool. XDDDDDD.
We are the freds.. we are, we are.. ♪
(Btw, VOLVIC work on a bottle that has a strainer instead of a hole to pour out the water, so it comes out looking like braids =). That was a lie of course.)

28.01.2006 masa's picture book (x2 even wow)

Revo 6
In six months also the World Cup will begin, so he took 'Revolution6' in his hands to get into the Germany-feeling.
Yeah. Somewhat subtle.
The way this place was projected was amazing. Still he can't deny that it's delicate.
However, he watched it to the end nevertheless.
↓ picture:

Infos (Japanese though)
I never heard about that movie. But it sounds interesting.
And yeah the World Cup... that means Hooligans all over my town T_T

Suspect Zero
Eh? How will it be after this?
It was a thrilling feeling of fright and his heart was beating faster because he has seen 'Suspect'.
So he went! The story was calling repeatedly.
↓ picture:

Yeah sounds thrilling.
Hmm Masa + DVD-Player + TV = Big Love huh? XDDD
Aww. ♡
And sorry for the mistakes ~ my son was asking me questions at the same time o_o;; i will look over this later today again m(_ _)m!

27.01.2006 BBS

AKITO's entry:
In general, according to Tak's statement about the bad condition
He wouldn't leave out the sweets...
Which reminds him of last year this time when everybody had caught a cold~.
He will now later see MINORITY REPORT!
Is this interesting~? He has seen 'War of the Worlds' the other day....

So that was. In Taks entry the question then has to be 'In AKITO's case it would be sweets?'
Well i was very tired this morning =D sorry. XD

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