27.01.2006 Question

I suppose i am not the only one who checks Seventh Heaven.
I wonder if it is just for me that the profile is still not updated? _
Sometimes i have cache-probs but for me it still only shows three persons.
Or, rather infos about the three including a pixelized masa, a non-existant Tak and a squished AKITO +_+...
Probably it is better if they don't update. Whenever they did lately the thing got messed up more and more LOL x__X

27.01.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
He uses pan-grilled noodles against a cold!
Of course he only wants to eat the meal when he has a little appetite and sleeping is a must.
AKITO what suits in your case?

That was a bit difficult but i hope i got the idea!
And i hope they stay healthy and masanori can use some of their tips =D!
So, what does AKITO do? He's the only one left. I'm curious hehe.

25.01.2006 masa's picture book + BBS

TD master
Track down is finished. Yes!
The mastering is finished well after all!! He says Yes!!
After this it will be put into the infamous CD jacket. Yes! It's an incredible joy.
↓ a pic! Yes! 8D
Image Hosted by
Ohh... hyper no? XDDD
I can't wait for the release!!

Entry by masa:
Though he's fond of fashionable things, the cold would be a 'no good' thing (or so).
Anyways, when he feels a cold approaching, Vitamin sleep (or vitamins and sleep? O.o) is the thing.
He also frequently washes the hands and drinks hot ginger water with honey.
Alcohol and nighlife are put on hiatus.

^__^; sounds good enough to me.
Hot ginger water with honey ...... nah i rather stick to the lemons.
[edited since i searched for NG =D yeah i am weird like that and yeah i didn't know it]

25.01.2006 BBS

Entry by Junn
TD done for today, it's a joy that it gets ready.
By the way, mister masanori has lately been hit by the cold that is floating around at the moment.
When he (Junn) feels a cold coming, he downs lots of sports drinks, and he cures it with sweating a lot.
How about everyone? In which way do you cure? This might also be helpful for saving mister masanori.

Yeah. Well, Grog, hot lemon juice, inhaling... of course drinking a lot.... sweating.... fresh air... vitamins... hmmm...
I hope the nori will soon be better!
Get well soon!

24.01.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Really~. Pathetic.
Everybody say 'yoroshiku' (something like best regards)!
When coming to see the next live!!

Entry by masa:
Photo detected! (? wasn't sure)
He fell asleep when he wanted to email masanori yesterday.
Although it was his birthday.

Entry by AKITO:
After a long time they met up with masanori for chatting.
The cold knocked him out.
↓ nori *___*
Image Hosted by

LOL that was amusing.

24.01.2006 masa's picture book

Somehow suddenly he wants to listen to that sound a lot.
To get into the feeling of the album, he puts on Junkie XL,and tried listening to it seriously via headphones.
Phew, after the listening until the end he finally calmed down feeling refreshed.
He doesn't want to stop. The sound is like a drug right?
↓ picture
Image Hosted by
Progressive House from the netherlands =O LOL.
Why not.

24.01.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
Uhm he likes eggs? Did i get that right? O_o'
He packed the presents night after night with all his heart, candy, postcards and old photos (laughs).
The postcards are from the old shining times together with the band and the photos show is impressing figure several years ago (?)
Cook or bake them for me (laughs).

Yvi dun get it o_o

23.01.2006 masa's picture book

He has seen Will Smith in Hitch.
People's dates are produced there (Will Smith is the Date Doctor who helps the men to land dates), he likes how Will (Smith >.>) performs his part and connects the feelings.
Though there's also some parts with hard action, he still thinks the many humorous parts suit him best.
Absolutely cool and charming, he is a wonderful gentleman. Or so.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Anyways, yeah right. Will Smith is pretty cool as actor and i suppose not bad as a musician either, it's all a matter of taste of course.
But right. He's cool.

23.01.2006 BBS

Entry by Junn ♪
Portable case and japanese radish.
He likes oden no tane (some food) best with radish. So therefore the radish.
Is it bitter? (That word also means cool. So hm =D *clueless*)

I found a pic of the radish ^^
↓ 大根:
Image Hosted by
I like radish too 8D i love it when it gets you to tear up LOL

22.01.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
He gave the outfit he was grilled in at the first photoshoot (?? i couldn't really translate sorry LOL).
The person who gets it will probably not find a use for it.
Well, use it as you like (laughs).

The first sentence confused me sorry ^^;;
And also, sorry for my impossible behaviour in the last posts ahem.
It won't happen again.

22.01.2006 BBS

Entry by masa ♡ *luvs*:
Hm he puts the feelings of gratitude into this for the first anniversary (well yeah, it is the second fanclub meeting since DD have been created), after the live they have been giving personal gifts.
As for him, he gave the clothes he wore last year at the first DIZZY DRIVE Live, the sexy DD T-Shirt of the first one man (JETBOY huh?), and as a gift the parker he wore off stage. Huzzah (Says me. not him XDDDD i don't think he knows that word).
What did everybody wear?

Entry by Tak (so there... he is.. XD ♡):
Thank you all for participating at the 'chronicle' (fanclub-event) ☆
So they also call together the fans in snow, not only in rain and typhoon...
He was glad to celebrate with many people in midst of something like that!
Changing from enthusiasm to gratitude, on this day the second period with new four people started ☆

Oh and Junn has a color now in the BBS. He has masanori's color. That is not nice >.<
And sorry. Lately i get pissed easily. It will get better soon again sure ^^ just ignore me.

22.01.2006 masa's picture book

Bingo for private property
He has recovered from yesterday's Live ^^;.
Every member gave a goodie from his heart, wrapped up and they shuffeled them or so i understand.
Well... what is on his mind...
The lucky person who won that bingo gets to wear that private property of the members (is that you? >.>) and he would be glad if there was a print club letter. Or so.
Well he will wait for that. He wants to see that print club thingy.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
So there. Whoever won the stuff, enjoy!
*pretends not to be pissy*
Awww so nice. So happy.
Is it possible to roll up a print club letter thing and shove it up a person's ass? Woah yeah. I am human after all. And jealous. Duh. XDDD

21.01.2006 masa's diary + BBS

Picture book:
Snow festival?
They called together for doing a festival in the snow, it was a day on which they could become defiant in a good sense.
Thank you.
Let's meet again!
↓ smily face :)
Image Hosted by
Awww. It seems they had fun. Great!
I wish i was there.

Entry by [drumrolls] Junn!
This is to everyone
it is the first time Junn is being seen in the BBS.
This day today had been the greatest day. Thanks to everybody who came to the Event.
The people who could come today in the snow and such he would like to meet at the next sparkling live as well.

Entry by masa:
Thank you all for coming in the cold snow.
They were able to announce a new song, the new member and the first DVD, he feels relieved and now takes a rest.
Tomorrow it will be a drive at high speed again. Keep on waiting!

Entry by AKITO:
Thanks to everybody who participated in the Fanclub Event of today ~!
Unfortunately it wasn't possible to make one's rounds due to the heavy snow, first in 8 years, but still they spend a very enjoyable day.
Take care on your way back home everyone!

Ohhhh hello Junn *___* well.. shouldn't he get an own color too? =D
It's good to see them complete. Well ok Tak hasn't written yet but we know that he's there so... haha.

20.01.2006 masa's picture book

It's the club Phase Live!
It's not only a Live but an Event as well so therefore be welcome in a party mood.
↓ masa's party face?
Image Hosted by
LOL haha what's that face? XDDDD
Anyways, i wish i could go there too. I hope i will get my stuff though, so i have at least a bit of the party feeling when it arrives 8D!
Everyone who goes there, enjoy!

18.01.2006 Another update ^^;;;

I updated the Spiky part three in the gallery since i somehow forgot to add all the pictures of the diary and such. I suppose now i have added all the nice and worth-to-add pictures i collected in the net. At least i believe so LOL.

18.01.2006 Update ♪

I completed the Calmando Tourdates in the 'other projects' section with the infos i got from the Astan Magazin.
More details will be shown later i suppose.

18.01.2006 masa's picture book

He's watched 'Blade 3' because he wanted to get thrilled without having to think.
Wesley frightened him as expected. It's a great series.
Aside from that he also had an amazing hairdo.
↓ teh hairdo =O
Image Hosted by
Wasn't Blade 3 the one with those mutant Vampires with those big big mouthes? I don't remember.
Those Vampires that looked like Crack-addicts? Hm.
I also don't really remember Wesley Snipe's hairdo in that movie to be honest LOL I always miss the important details as it seems...
[edit: Ok that was Blade 2 yeah right. I don't have the Blade 3 XDDD so thank you Yasmina for alerting me to my mistake ahem]

18.01.2006 Update

Further info about that Calmando Tour in the 'other projects' section.
One location added, the one in Vienna already cancelled. Hm lets just wait and see.
I hope it won't end up with them not coming at all. But then how can they be all the month away with Tak anyways?
Doesn't he also have to be on Lives with DIZZY DRIVE?
So where will he be?
I'm confused as always.

17.01.2006 masa's picture book

It's Madonna this evening
He has watched his favorite Madonna video.
Unconsciously he wants to sing along caught by the tune and he also raises his hat as this enchanting performance is entertainment at its best.
As expected Madonna! Cool ne.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
[edit: i seem to have slipped with the letters. I have no idea how i could mistake that for a 'ge' O.o. It is 'Madanna' of course which probably is just another way to pronounce Madonna. XDDD.
Ahmagad! It's Madanna. XDDDDDDDD *coughs*
Cofusing masa.

17.01.2006 BBS

Entry by Tak:
They are in midst of working on the new album which is to be released soon, he gets excited as it steadily gets into shape!!
After all they are working on the final touches (hehe).
The cold is floating around horribly atm.
On the latest rehearsal even all the members had a cold.
Take care everybody.

Aww. Did i get that right? O.o I rather hope not.
But if so, get better guys.

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