17.01.2006 Update ~☆

I added another bunch of Calmando Qual's Tour-dates to the 'other projects' section as i found them in the Astan Magazin.
Thanks to Youki for making me aware!
And yes, they come to Germany! I will definately try to go to one of the places. It's not all announced yet so i still hope for a place next to me!
I am very happy now! Hopefully DIZZY DRIVE will do that too someday...

16.01.2006 masa's picture book

What a development! It was good to wait in anticipation.
Lately Ruffy has a good feeling of JET (O.o).
It's the powerful trust in his companions which doesn't break the strength.
↓ the picture:
Image Hosted by
If i was as far as him with reading i would probably know what he's talking about. But heh. Ruffy can't be defeated anyways. He's teh main character XD!

16.01.2006 News

Saturday, 25.02.2006, Takadanobaba AREA
Tickets 2500¥ (Drinks excluded)
OPEN/16:00 START/16:30
Questions: Takadanobaba AREA 03-3361-1069
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE and others

For application methods and more info go to Seventh Heaven!
It's progress and progress! I am happy.

15.01.2006 masa's picture book

Crazy about
He's seen the UK music festival 'Glastonbury' DVD.
The wonderful performance of the bands left him rooted with eyes and ears and also the number of people gathering there was amazing.
The wonderful power of the music attracts the people one by one.
He wants to stand in a performance like this (or so... i'm not really sure m(_ _)m)
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
That's quite a lot yup yup XD woooof.

14.01.2006 BBS

Entry by AKITO:
Facing the album release in march, the preparations are done steadily.
The CD-cover is pretty cool and the sound of course.
Everybody look forward!

Entry by masa:
It's there! This year's first dream!
A DVD showing DIZZY DRIVE live! Yes!
The performance is seen from one's side, you can see every small movement of the performance and therefore it is precious.
This is incredibly cool so to say!
He's already seen it more than 20 times.
The comparison of those two tunes are very good balanced.
Everybody please wait for a short while, until the 21!
↓ picture
Image Hosted by

LOL i totally didn't expect anybody to write into the BBS XDDDDDDDDDDD but there.
What is on the picture? Can anybody tell me? XDDD
And yay that DVD will be mine too if i am lucky! *Is hyper now*

14.01.2006 masa's picture book

Chorus party
The new song was in best tone at yesterdays all rehearsal.
At today's recording they record the chorus.
It's a nice feeling to make progress steadily.
↓ picture... from rehearsal? recording? =D
Image Hosted by
That pic looks weird LOL but it's nice to hear about the progress.
I wonder about that all rehearsal, i don't know that expression.
And what are they recording? Still for the CD? I cannot wait for march ♪

13.01.2006 masa's picture book

It's cold today.
After this there is all-rehearsal therefore let's warm up even if it's only the mood.
Chinsukou from southern island. (Some Okinawan sweet O.o)
Dark sugar and pine, makes you assosiate it with hot sunlight. He also loves the Beniimo.
↓ chinsukou:
Image Hosted by

While searching for the Beniimo i found several things.
It seems to be a purple-fleshed sweet potato from Okinawa.
↓ i also found a pic
Image Hosted by
Another definition i found was this:
A horrifying Japanese ice cream flavor that tastes like a box of Lucky Charms poured into a grinder.
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I just thought that was amusing enough to share.
And yeah i'm freezing here too. And i had difficulties with the rehearsal sentence -.-;
Oh well.
[edit: it seems to be an 'all-rehearsal' whatever that is O.o]

12.01.2006 masa's picture book

What kind of feeling this is when seeing 'Party Monster'.
Macaulay Culkin and Marilyn Manson on the same screen.
The unexpected co-acting was a big surprise. Both are still inexperienced/new (?_? uhm).
Did the movie's setting even be in the 'Limelight'? Don't miss it.
Was it the former Church turned into a Club, a sort of people different from the average, those things gave him a big adrenalin rush.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
I'm not sure if masa knows it but you might be interested, this movie is based on the real life story of Michael Alig (Creator of that weird Clubkids scene whatever >.>) who killed his friend in a drug haze and later started bragging with that.
Some infos on him.

11.01.2006 masa's picture book

Do you keep up with watching the new productions of Vincent Gallo after 'Buffalo 66'? He's seen it.
It's this peculiar world view Gallo establishes which makes masa like all work which has Gallo involved.
Yet however, it includes as well many slightly darker contents.
This time he (Gallo >.>) is co-starring with Courtney (Cox?), her bright and cheerful acting and Gallo's envolvement have been interesting.
↓ picture:
Image Hosted by
Is this a pic from the DVD menue or what? I have no idea. I know Vincent Gallo and Courtney Cox appeared together in 'Get Well Soon' but i never saw it i suppose. It's not that new anyways, so unfortunately i am not so sure what masa means (as always -.- XDD)...

11.01.2006 News

Concerning the Goods sold on the day of AMUSE vol. 2 on Saturday the 21th.
Since there is a great amount of goods they will try to sell as much as possible on that day in the hall too, so take advantage of that please.

Start of Sales: 15.30 - 16.30
Sales after the Performances: 21.30
About the Sales before the Live, persons who won't actually enter that, can go and buy things too.
(For articles limited to the members you need to show your membership certificate)

New Goods:
DIZZY DRIVE Photo-sets (G・H) each ¥1,200
DIZZY DRIVE DVD (Over the Window / REAL2 recording) ¥1,000
limited to 200

Photo-sets (A-F) each ¥1,200
Limited Photo-set from the first Live (V) ¥1,000
Little mirror ¥600
T-Shirt (Kids 150・S Size) ¥2,800
Wristband ¥1,200
Sticker-set ¥500
CD (third issue・including two tunes) ¥1,000

beltane33 Goods:
CD (including Sticker) ¥1,000

Spiky Goods:
Poster (B-C) ¥1,000
Photo-sticker (red・white) each ¥700
Sticker-set ¥500
Memory Two T-shirts (Kids 150 Size) ¥3,800
Pick-Charm ¥800
Scream in the Sky T-shirts (S Size) ¥2,800
Silver Bracelet ¥6,500

Arrows Goods:
CD-case ¥2,000
Free case (? sorry) ¥2,000

7.fes. Event Goods:
2005.2.14 Memory T-shirts (S Size) ¥2,800

Goods limited for mailorder:
Cork-board ¥2,000
Photoalbum (We want Spiky 2) ¥2,400

Goods limited to the Fanclub-members:
Mug (blue) ¥1,300
Glass-set ¥2,100
Fanclub-bulletin (2-9) each ¥600
Fanclub-bulletin (10-13) each ¥200

About the Event:
For ticket sales on the same day, the opening will be at 17.30 and if you want to buy a ticket, please understand that you will have to proove the membership first.
Price: ¥3,800 (Drinks excluded)
You need to pay ¥500 extra for Drinks before you can enter.
Cameras and Tape-Recorders are not allowed.

For all further infos go to Seventh Heaven!
I will try to get some too...

10.01.2006 masa's picture book

He finally read the latest part of NANA.
This story is always full of ups and downs.
Though it has parts where he can sympathize with, it's also worrying because one exciting thing happens after another.
↓ picture of a page:
Image Hosted by
Uh that sounds.. uhm. Fascinating?

10.01.2006 News

Saturday, 18.02.2006, Yokohama Arena Sound hall
Tickets: 3000¥ (Drinks seperate)
Without arrangement numbers
OPEN/17:15 START/18:00
Questions: Yokohama Arena Sound hall 045-474-2020
Appearance: DIZZY DRIVE and others

To read more go to Seventh Heaven!
Things really advance, that is good!

09.01.2006 masa's picture book

On this morning
Yesterday they did work on the CD cover and now after staying up all night doing rehearsal he returns in the morning.
Both with very pleasing results.
The rehearsal was done for the Live on the 21. and the CD jacket was done for the release in march, it's surely starting to move.
↓ morning sun:
Image Hosted by
The CD will be released in the month of my birthday XD yay! What a nice birthday surprise ♡!
I can't wait for it. b(^~^)d

08.01.2006 Ok...

I guess we all heard about the heavy snowfalls in Japan which is quite amazing in a bad way i think. I don't know how or if our guys are also affected, lets just hope the weather gets better and not more people get damaged and of course lets hope that our guys are fine as well.

07.01.2006 masa's picture book

Aroma incense is famous for having healing effects but it seems it also rises the ability to concentrate.
Does the sensual experience of smelling the fragrance activate the brain?
Or else, because of breathing through your nose, does the oxygen spread through until into every detail?
You can be able to concentrate and both relax which is great, this is a 'must have'.
↓ supposedly one of the little lamps for oil and water:
Image Hosted by
I have two =P haha.
Plus my air-dampener has a spare to put aroma oil in as well. That's teh boost LOL and gives the word 'fragrance' a completely new meaning haha *dies* i don't use it very often it is hard to get the right dosage of oil (@_<) ahem.

06.01.2006 Update ~★

I added quite a bunch of icons to the downloads section during the past weeks without ever thinking of telling about that. So there i do it now haha.
I will have to rebuild the iconz-page XD it is growing huuuuuuuuuge x_X;

06.01.2006 masa's picture book

Today the snow was falling, though only for a very short moment.
Since the snowfall came in the lucky moment he's been outside, it was a very happy feeling.
It is the first snow of this season.
↓ beautiful:
Image Hosted by
Aww. Well we still have the snow of last season hanging around at my son's kindergarten. But i hope we'll get some new as well ☆
And i wonder about the pic. It's a pretty snow crystal but where is that from? O.o maybe he quickly took a picture with the microscope option on the cam of his cell? ok, ok it might just be snow on some christmas deko =D LOL XD...

05.01.2006 masa's picture book

Already got used to this? This coldness.
When alarm rings in the morning, the time the body needs to get started increases day by day.
Is that the start of the winter-sleep? Rising up early gets difficult.
The evening sun has been beautiful today, though he rather looked at it from behind the window, being on the inside.
↓ the pretty pic of the day:
Image hosted by
LOL yeah i do understand what he means XDDD it's horrible to get out of the lovely warm bed when it's freezing cold outside. Maybe i should simply close the window when sleeping? .. Nah. XD
[edit: He seems to live in prison x_X XDDDD]

05.01.2006 Calmando related

As it seems, Calmando Qual will take part at the Astan-Festival on the 18.3. in Germany. Thanks to Youki for sharing that info ^o^!
More Infos
I will try to go and see them if this is true! =D

05.01.2006 News

New Year's greetings
A Happy New Year to everyone.
This year, DIZZY DRIVE and beltane33 devote themselves to the aim of becoming even more acitve.
We hope that you all keep on supporting them.
Your Seventh Heaven Staff.

Well, well, our support they have.
LOL that sounded like Yoda x_X
May the force be with them, always yo. XD sorry.

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