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01.04.2013 ☆~Happy Easter~☆!

I am currently living in a place with no internets but I will still try to keep up to date if something is there to be up to date to haha. Happy Easter and have a good time

31.10.2012 ☆~Happy Halloween/Samhain~☆!

I hope everyone is having a good time!

30.09.2012 ☆~Happy Birthday Post~☆!

So here we go again.

↑ Click to embiggen if you want.
A long life, happiness, health and all the best to the man ♥! Hope he's ok!
It's certainly an odd feeling to post a Happy Birthday post when you don't know how the person it's dedicated too actually is (^_^;)... Well. Good wishes shouldn't do any harm I believe.
The years seem to fly by in the blink of an eye lately. Getting old? (~`)>

05.09.2012 Update~☆★!

So I found a video of Spiky that I haven't uploaded to YouTube yet (I think...).
It is the performance of Confidence and Cage in at the Shinseidou event live (SUPER LIVE EVOLUTION) from 18.04.2003. Not the best but in comparison to the other videos you can see how much he improved ever since, so no hate please (^_^;)
※Confidence & Cage in:

Watch it here.
As always, if something is wrong with uploading those tell me!
And sorry for the pixelfest, I can't get it any better~

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