マァマァサ・ムゥ Concert (12/10 CLUB 24 YOKOHAMA)
The next band was now to be MaMu (or Marmarsa☆Mu), previously called DIZZY DRIVE. Thus I come closer to the scene, on the first row between Tak and Masa. The princeís show can now begin!

I liked a lot Dizzyís sound, but didnít know MaMuís yet and didnít really know what I will face. Indeed, Masa implied in his interview that the changing was quite radical. But this new band did not disappoint me! Here Tak gives free rein to his creative gift (a bit twisted, I must admit, but so good) and the band music gains in strength! Forget Dizzy, MaMuís sound is completely different.

The scenic performance is not put aside neither, not satisfied to make love with his microphone (and to his angels through it), Masa also make it with his stand. Masa is more sexy than ever and do not bother to show it, arching his back to present his splendid buttock closely fitted in his black pants or lustfully waddling on scene. The fans love! And me too.

At the middle of the set, the band take a little rest, Prince Masa helps himself a cup of (rose-flavoured) tea and began to discuss us of the good and bad weather while sipping his cup of tea. When this last one gave him out its last drop, he asked princess (or maid?) Tak to help him another one. This one will promptly comply with his request, with lots of cute mimics, stealing, in the same movement, a quick almost-kiss to his prince. After this, Masa went on his discussion, telling us of the importance to file off oneís nail in only one direction. And the concert carried onÖ for another break after one song.

Junn grabbed a big plastic phone and tried to make it work, shaking it to do so; with no results. And a phone ringing is heard on the live hall and, under the fan laughs, Masa hurried to another phone and go on with another speech, of which I didnít understand anything. Then like Claude FranÁois, his sang on the telephone. Do you think he was calling one of his lovers and got her daughter instead? I spent a very good moment with this brilliant band!

(Report done by Sorasama)

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