マァマァサ・ムゥ Concert (9/30 Yokohama Soundhall)
I'm Thuper! Thanks For Athking! (MaaMaaSaMuu Live At Yokohama Sound Hall)
Last night endless_aoi and I went to the 2nd MaaMaaSaMuu live at Yokohama Sound Hall. And in case you missed it the first time:
Masa is fabulously, unadulteratedly, undeniably...


The proof is as follows.
The card included with this show's demo CD:

scanned by sabrina
And, Masa with teacup:

The only thing gayer would have been for him to sip from the teacup with pinky raised...

Oh, wait. He did that.

Now, normally, you see, I would focus a concert report on the actual concert. You know, the important stuff, like the music. And the music was all well and good (Masa's vocals improve more and more with each show) but when someone as slinky as the mankitten comes out on stage in a blinding, white blaze of gay fabulousness, wearing a cream tux with tails, holding a fine-bone china teacup, sipping from it delicately, while wearing feathery angel wings... well, the music sort of takes a back seat to the sheer spectacle of it all.

Tak was even more of Masa's little manbitch this time, and Junn just looked alternatingly amused and embarrassed to be up there on the same stage and wearing a white tux shirt with a bowtie. Akito, safely hidden behind the drum kit, bowed out of the fairyfest and wore all black. lol

They performed the same set as the last show, but since it was Masa's birthday we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him, Tak presented him with a tiny little girly cake, and Masa got to wrist-flop all over the place in excitement about it. ~_^

1)Excuse / いいわけ ("Iiwake")
2)僕のエンジェル ("Boku No Angel")
3) MC -- Happy Birthday
4)不埒なプラチナ ("Furachina Platinum")
5) MC
6)情熱パール ("Jounetsu Pearl")
7)7 Colors
(Report done by Sabrina)

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